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Vacuum Food Sealer with 36m Vacuum Rolls 28cm. $84.55 Free Delivery. RRP $179 @ Avancer


We've put a special Ozbargain discount on our popular Food Vacuum Sealer and Roll Combo.

If you buy the Sealer and the Rolls separately you'd be looking at $179 for this deal.
We're doing it for only $84.55 with Free Delivery when use the coupon code OZBARGAIN


Keeps food fresh for longer

By storing food in oxygen-free packaging you can inhibit bacteria, mold and yeast growth resulting in fresh, tasty and healthy ingredients that last much longer.
Great for storing food like left overs or meats where real estate is prime in your fridge or freezer which means less shopping trips during the week.

Easy to Use

We've designed this Vacuum Sealer with your busy life in mind; it’s extremely quick and simple to use. Simply open, place your bag in the seal and with one touch you'll be on your way to fresh and healthy refrigerated, dry and frozen foods!

Seals your Bags too

You can also use the heat seal feature to cut your bags to the desired size and seal them to lock in the goodness. It even has an extended seal function for tricker bags.

With 6 handy 6m rolls you'll have plenty to make a start on reducing your household food waste!
* Functions: Vacuum & Seal, Pulse, Seal, Extended Seal.
* 6 x 6m Rolls - 28cm wide
* Does not include drip tray or internal roll holder

Item is in stock and ready to ship. Deal ends once stock is sold or by midnight Saturday (whichever comes first)

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  • +3 votes

    is the plastic BPA free and safe for sous vide cooking?


      That was last week so can't see the details. How much was it and was it 28cm? Cheers


        i bought one a while back, and i believe it was $70 for the sealer and $15 each for the rolls, so $100 for a similar package (depending on size - not sure of the size of the machine/roll).

        this looks like a good deal. a friend of mine bought this unit recently…not sure if he's used it or not.


        I saw it at Aldi last week and it was only $15 for the machine. Not sure of the size.


          are you sure the machine was only $15, and not just the extra rolls? (the extra rolls are usually $15).

          if the machine was $15, then it must have been on severe clearance, because they were $70 at aldi when they had them 6 months ago.

          edit: here you go:
          -sealer (with 1x 5m roll) $69.99
          -2x 5m rolls $14.99

          edit: oh, i just realised this deal has 6 rolls! so that would be roughly $107.5 at aldi for a similar amount of rolls ($115 with 7 rolls)! so this is a pretty good deal! :)


          I saw it at Aldi last week and it was only $15 for the machine. Not sure of the size.

          no it wasn't..
          Rolls were $14.99 for a 2 pack (i bought some for my sealer of a different brand)

          machines were something like ~$70


        The ALDI 'deals' pop up often. I posted that link because quite a few people (including myself) have purchased one and overall seem pretty happy with it.

        I don't know how much I paid for it but it was definitely cheaper than this one.
        28cm sounds right. It is definitely not smaller.


      so the aldi unit can take the 28cm bags??

      I just ran out of bags for mine


    Rep, what kind of deal can you do on just the 36m of bags?

  • -2 votes

    this thing majorly sucks


    "* Does not include drip tray or internal roll holder"

    As someone who does not have a vac sealer, are these important?


      Mine doesn't have either and it's fine, just a convenience thing I guess


      Fill up the small wash basin with water, put stuff in a sandwich bag, but bag in water ( the water presses out the air ) and seal bag. Easy as that. Not my idea, but doing this since 2 weeks. Better then those sucking machines.


      If a 'drip tray' is what I think is, it's a must have in my opinion.

      If you have any liquids in your bag (marinade, etc) some get squeezed out when you vacuum your bags. The drip tray is where the excess liquid goes. If theres no tray for it, it will just seep out into/onto the sealer and would damage it.


    Don't care how cheap it is, does it actually work well?