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Eastbay - 17% off $120+


I was eyeing off some potential purchases and went looking for a decent discount code.

Not quite the normal 20% off, but its been a few months since its been offered, so 17% off isn't so bad if you're desperate for new gear.

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  • I've been tempted to buy from Eastbay before, but have always found their shipping to be prohibitive. Something like US$40 for a pair of shoes from memory, which really ruins the deal.

    Or is there a way to get free shipping?

    • a lot of people use freight forwarders.
      with the AUD as it is, that's becoming even more prohibitive

      • Really? From my experience the cost would be about the same.

      • Agree with Aids above. Even forwarders charge a certain minimum amount for each shipment don't they? I would think this to be around US$30-US$40, which doesn't make much difference. Might as well get Eastbay to ship directly in that case.

        Does anyone have any specific forwarders that might be economical for getting shoes over here from the US?

        • yes they do charge a minimum, but a lot of people who use freight forwarders will combine with other purchases not necessarily from East Bay. The forwarded can consolidate etc.

      • Commgateway have a minimum shipping cost of $24. That's still $16 cheaper. Sign up and get it sent to them and they will repackage and send it to you.

  • lol.. 30% to 20% now even 17%…