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Radox Oxygen Shower Gel 1.0L $4.24 was $8.49 @ Priceline


Inspired by nature. Radox oxygen is filled with beads of moisture to leave your skin feeling hydrated, with a smell that'll leave you feeling fresh and clean - so you're ready for the day.

A blend of natural herbs. Soap-Free, so it's not harsh on your skin.


Palmolive naturals shower gel was $5.99 SAVE $3.00 NOW $2.99 - Hydrating
Palmolive naturals shower milk was $5.99 SAVE $3.00 NOW $2.99 - Rich Moisture

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  • Beads of Moisture ????
    You're under the bloody shower… The whole thing is Beads of Moisture!

    Blend of natural herbs…
    I really want to buy the first product to advertise a Blend of unnatural herbs.

    Good saving though.

    • Also many "natural" things kill you, hence anything claiming its better because it's "natural" is full of shit.

      Hemlock (used to kill Socrates) is natural for instance.

    • beaten, by just 7 hours, 46 minutes :(

  • Go into priceline or pay $10 postage….

  • Great. Need some more shower gel at work

  • Good price - Costco has 2 Pack for $13.?? from memory.

  • Is there a slow-motion TV ad for this stuff? Full of gorgeous bare-shouldered people who are already sparkling clean? Or perhaps they could be diving into a waterfall. Otherwise not interested.

  • wtf…been doing some chemistry (REDOX reactions)…opens up ozbargain and sees radox oxygen(read it as redox) …thought i was mad!

    • Burns' Grandfather: Come on, men! Smash those atoms! You there, turn out your pockets.

      [Two goons seize a waifish worker and turn out his pockets]
      Burns' Grandfather: Aha - atoms! One, two, three, four… SIX of them! Take him away!

  • +3 votes

    Yeah. Good price.
    Also same price for the other Radox shower gels:
    Radox Invigorate
    Radox Energise
    Radox Stimulate
    Radox Citrus

    The descriptions of these sound so dodgy:

    Radox invigorate is blended with zesty lemon to clear your head and keep you focused, and rosemary to cast away tiredness, no matter how late the night before was.

    Radox energise is blended with lime to perk you up when your brain feels zonked, and peppermint to get your concentration back when it starts to wander.

    Need a boost? Radox stimulate, with an exhilarating blend of black pepper and ginseng, will help stimulate your body and mind. Just the thing to make you ready to take on the day!

    Radox citrus boost blended with mandarin to boost your energy, and lemongrass to stimulate the soul, helping you feel like new again

    • Geez it's like reading horoscopes. These descriptions sound like they're targeting 12 yr old girls.
      Soap is soap…

  • Great price but Morning fresh is way better value - especially when on special

  • Pretty sure i saw the same prices reduced in Woolworths yesterday too, you might want to check there.

  • I have bought this before - but not again even at that price. Its quite a low quality product. You use more than others for less effect. Really does not lather effectively.

  • It might be a bargain but any product that contains microbeads ("beads of moisture") is harming the environment.

    Microbeads slip through sewerage systems and can be consumed by fish.

    I used this product for a couple of years and will never use it again.

  • Just in general I never pay full price for Shower Gel because its so often on special… so not really a bargain in my book…
    And the microbeads… :(

  • Thanks OP. I need more moisture when i shower, I dont get enough

  • Aldi everyday price is $4.99 for 1ltr and it's made in Australia :)

    • The Aldi face washes/scrubs are the same as or very similar to mid range ($10-15) stuff and good enough compared to to high end stuff and they are $5.00.

      Same with shampoo. Nearly all face wash and shampoo have "Aqua" (errr, water?) and sodium laureth sulphate or sodium lauryl sulphate, ie water and soap, as the two major ingredients. After that it's just bullshit to make it smell nice or maybe lather more.

      "But this has jojobo acai quinoa kale microbeads blessed by the buddha himself! That's why it is $50 for 50ml!"

  • It says it's oxygen. But when I connected it up to Nanna's oxygen mask foam started coming out of her. Pitty. I'm sick of paying too much for oxygen.

  • Don't buy anything with microbeads in them. They're going to be banned soon because they're clogging up all our water treatment infrastructure since they don't dissolve or degrade for AGES.

  • +2 votes

    It appears that some of us will be paying twice for this product - once to purchase it, and once (at least) - through tax to clean-up the damage caused by this (or similar) product(s).

  • the 'beads of moisture' don't appear to be plastic microbeads (like you'd get in facial scrubs), they seem to be just bubbles in the mixture. Microbeads usually are polyethylene or polypropylene - nothing like that in the ingredients list. Should be safe?