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Pebble Steel $174, Pebble Smartwatch $89, Garmin Vivofit + HR $98, Samsung Gear Fit $106 @ Dick Smith

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  • Great price for the Pebble Steel

  • anyone else get a 404 on the Black Pebble Watch? For some reason it doesn't work when clicking on it on the website, if you google search for it, it does work. http://www.dicksmith.com.au/unlocked-smart-phones/pebble-sma...

    • Cannot check it out either. When I go to my cart, and enter the post code and choose the suburb, I get a popup stating- Please select a product and the page stops working..

    • Try getting the Red One


    Good luck getting a black original pebble. I've ordered twice from DSE and both times they process the payment and then after a week of phone calls etc they admit they don't have stock.

    • I think it really depends on local stock - I am guessing click-and-collect is more likely to be honoured as they have to reserve the stock at your chosen store for you to collect, whereas the delivery option goes through a different, more lengthy process (e.g. stock queued up for statewide delivery)?

      I got a black original Pebble in early December 2014 for $69 click-and-collect: I ordered Pebble + AA batteries ($89 + $10) to qualify for the discount, but I got lucky because they ran out of AA batteries at my local store (Highpoint Shopping Centre, VIC) but the discount apparently still applied so $89 - $20 discount = $69.

  • whole site seems to be down on my end.

  • Such a joke. All pebble is out of stock.

  • I'm still getting Pebbles in my search and the links above. May depend on location?

  • I placed an order for a Pebble Steel this morning also. Got a call back this pm saying out of stock and they are cancelling my order. DS needs to fix their website re: stock levels

  • Pulled the trigger on a black pebble yesterday. Fingers crossed they'll have stock.

    • Received acknowledgement from my store that they have me Pebble ready for collection.

      • No stock in Melbourne stores so I chose delivery. Just got an email confirmation that it's despatched. Hope that means it's locked in and I won't be getting a call that they'll cancel my order or offer me the red one instead.

    • Great time purchase a Pebble if you're an Android user. Wear notifications left beta last week.

      • Thanks for the heads up PainToad. I haven't really looked up much about the pebble. I only know it's a smart watch with long battery life. Will enjoy discovering what it's capable :o)

  • And everyone who ordered a Pebble for the first time, and is on Android, will immediately start with Actionable Notifications (iOS users just have to put up with only being able to dismiss notifications), and Android Wear compatibility. Arrived here today and it rocks. Don't even need the phone now!