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Sunglass Hut Family and Friends 30% off One Pair 40% off Two or More Pairs



  1. Voucher is redeemable for 30% off single pair of full priced sunglasses, 40% off when two or more pairs of full priced sunglasses are purchased or 40% off polarised sunglasses when one or more pairs are purchased at any Sunglass Hut store, APEX by Sunglass Hut store (excluding Myer Sunglass Hut stores and discount outlet stores) or online at www.sunglasshut.com.au.
  2. Voucher is redeemable for 40% off only when a person purchases two or more pairs of sunglasses in a single transaction or if two or more people purchase one or more pairs each at the same time. Voucher is redeemable for 40% off polarised sunglasses when one or more pairs are purchased in a single transaction or if one or more people purchase one or more pairs each at the same time.
  3. Voucher is not redeemable on Chanel, Maui Jim or sunglasses purchased on layby.
  4. Voucher is not redeemable on accessories, gift cards or any product other than sunglasses.
  5. Voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount from any other source.
    6.Voucher can be used by up to two people at the same time, with a maximum of one transaction per person.
  6. Original voucher must be surrendered at the time of purchase.
  7. Offer is valid between February 16th – 8th March 2015 or while stocks last.

thanks fryandlaurie for pointing out the cashback offer as well.

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  • If anyone has a link to the printable coupon PDF (like the one from last year - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/163812), would be much appreciated!

  • funny clause
    "7. Original voucher must be surrendered at the time of purchase. "

    Since we get it through email.

  • Got this deal when it was on late last year. Got a great pair of polarized wayfarers for about 140, very happy with that. They are sick.

  • A recommendation for the Cancer Council sunnies. They might not look the most fashionable or have a fancy logo on them but do note this:

    • the lens is made by Luxotica which is the same company that manufactures the lens for Ray Bans and other brands. I.e. Made in Italy

    • most of them are polarised and come with excellent eye coverage and UV blockage.

    • They are incredibly cheap compared to the rest and can safely say the lens is top notch

    • You support cancer research with every purchase.

    I currently own the Cancer Council Bondi sunnies for well over a year now. Still going strong and I get compliments on it all the time:



    edit: with the coupon the bondi is a mere $30

    • the lens is made by Luxotica which is the same company that manufactures the lens for Ray Bans and other brands

      You mean they manufacture lens/glasses for 80% of the worlds brands. They pretty much control 90% of the worlds 'legitimate' (ie. not fakes) glasses/sunglasses market.

    • +1 I currently own a pair and they are the bees knees. Great lenses, solid frames, and the cheapest non-fake/servo sunnies that are polarised.

      I don't understand people who pay $100+ for non-polarised sunnies because they have a little O on the frames…

      • -5 votes

        Oakley is more than just a designer. Do your research.

        Frames are made of O matter - a virtually indestructible material. Lenses are plutonite - again, virtually indestructible and injection moulded. Why should you care? injection mould means the lens is made in one go so there is no distortion in the vision and the lens can be stronger and crisper vision.

        • I don't often throw my glasses into an active volcano, so, I don't really need indestructible frames :P Also, for 1/3rd the price, I could just buy a replacement pair

        • -2 votes

          Let me put it like this: This situation is like buying a used car for $10000 then finding a similar car for $2000.

          At first glance you might think - hey, it's practically the same, i might as well save 8k and buy a hottub aswell. You do that. Then after a year or two you realise that the constant trips to the shop, shit milage and broken pieces you wish you had bought the better quality version instead of being a tightass.

          Being frugal with your money is different to being a cheapskate.

          In the long run, buying the $10000 car is a better and cheaper purchase than the similar 2k one. It will work better, be more comfortable and last 10 years. The $2000 car was uncomfortable, didn't work too great, fell apart and was stressful to own. You thought it would be alright, and you could just ignore the issues to make yourself feel better and try and justify your decision. Screw that.

          You could but a cheap pair and replace them every 6 months when you get angry and how shit they are. or you could buy the most cost effective pair ie. Maui Jim and be looked after for life, have a crazy good viewing experience and probably never have to buy a new pair of glasses again (really all you would need to do is buy another pair if you lose it, or you just want to add to your collection.)

    • -6 votes

      They're such a waste of time. You just feel how cheap and shitty they are.
      With real sunglasses i wouldn't even bother with even the cheapest ray bans as they're pretty trashy.

      Do yourself a favour and buy maui jim. They have the best lenses in the world, best customer service in the world and you will be blown away by how much better they are than trash like cancer council. They have a few things wrong with them. Mainly, to make them so cheap they use a cheaper adhesive to distort your vision through the lens which messes with your head and vision

      • I've heard good things about Maui Jim. However, I just can't justify spending that much on sunnies when the cancer council ones have a good uv ratings and are polarised and cost $~30. As I said, for my needs they are lasting quite a long time and have had no issues with vision. Then again, I haven't worn any expensive lenses/brands on a daily basis.

        • -1 vote

          Let me try and make the world of sunglasses a bit more clear.

          Back in the day we used to think 100kbps internet connection was all we'd ever need. You right now are still using dial up. A cheap pair of ray bans are like the first "broadband" adopters who sat at a speedy 100kbps. Maui jims are like a fibre optic highway breezing at 20 MEGA bytes per second.

          Sure, if you keep using dial up and don't have the exposure to see what downloading movies in seconds is like, you'll still probably think you have the fastest internet on the block, but when you start using the good shit - fibre optical cable based internet - you then think to yourself 'how the (profanity) did i spend so much time using dialup'.

          I did used to be like you. I thought sunnies were just something to accessorise my style and just buy the cheapies - the stuff i thought was just ok and would do the job. Then a friend bought me a real pair. He is well into his sunglasses so he got me maui jim. Never have i ever had such an intense moment of 'god i was so ignorant'.

        • @thegrimripperoffer: but do you like them? :)

        • @thegrimripperoffer: Nice brand, but bad example. In context to broadband, you could have compared cheap modem and super extra expensive modems. But at the end of the day, they are used to run internet. Expensive ones have some some extras, but both does the job.
          Or comparing cheap cars with luxury cars.

          But that does not mean other brands are shit.

          Whatever you wear, just remember to wash your eyes before wearing so that you can see clear :)

        • @thegrimripperoffer:
          I would have used the analogy of cars rather than internet:
          Things like Ray Ban, Oakley, Bvlgari, etc. are like Ferrari's, sure to turn a few heads but incredibly over priced and often severely lacking in features such as polarised lenses, not to mention prone to spontaneously bursting into flames (unconfirmed).
          Cancer Council Sunnies are your Toyota 86 or Subaru WRX, will certainly do the job in 99% of circumstances for 10% of the price, lots of fun and great value for money.
          Maui Jims are a specially designed track car, top of the line, built for purpose, but come at a price that is unjustifiable to the average sun punter.
          Just like crashing any of the above cars into a wall is likely to write it off, any of these sunnies can easily be sat on, scratched or lost. And for that reason I stick to mid level sunnies such as "Local Supply" or "Polaroid Eyewear".

        • -1 vote


          cancer council is more like great wall or zotye

          maui jim is more like the mx5 or other cars that fit that prestige (im not much of a car dude)

        • -1 vote

          @Vakarian:more tot he point. ray ban is like your toyota camry. Generic, does what you need but everyone has it and it's boring. Sometimes they come out with interesting stuff but generally it's just to please everyone.

          Oakley is your subaru wrx. The sporty tough as nails car that takes everything. sure a few styles are cool, but you can't stop to view a subaru as the rally car its pedigree suggests

          You're delusional thinking CC is anything but poorly made, poor quality chinese trash.

      • Maui jim's are the best sunnies I have bought.

      • Do yourself a favour and buy maui jim

        Dont necessarily agree with the rest, but this part is true. Maui jims are just fantastic

    • Too bad the style range for cancer council doesn't include the ones I like.

    • They are not made in Italy. Almost NONE of Luxottica's glasses are made in Italy any more.

      • My bad. Luxotica is leaving more of a bad taste in my mouth as I find out more about it.

        • I wouldn't say they're bad, just that they are a dominating multinational that owns MOST of the brand "names" in eyewear, and they own OPSM and Budget Eyewear and Laubman & Pank and like any multinational "leading" company they are not afraid to leverage their "influence".

          • Take into account my bias/disclaimer that I am an independent optometrist!
        • Thanks for the different view. As a frugal consumer it looks quite bad for me as it's close to a monopoly I suppose :-)

          All the best.


      Hi there, I'm looking at the bondi female range based on your recommendations. It says it polarises as green. How obvious is the green, if you don't mind explaining. Thank you :)

      • Not too much. Some really dark black pants might look a very slight shade of green but I've never had any complaints and only notice if I'm paying attention. You can return them for free if they don't work out for a full refund :-)

    • I just ordered the same sunnies you linked, and by applying both the codes I was able to knockdown the price to $23.97 :D.

    • Thanks ordered the one your link plus a rayban , it's ozbargain ..%40 off ,

    • Last week, I ordered a pair of Cancer Council sunnies from Sunglass hut.. got 40% discount.

      PITY Sunglass Hut has removed Cancer Council Range from their website.

      Any sunglass hut store selling Cancer Council sunnies? Would like to order few more pairs

    • If anyone from SunGlass Hut reading this, please put the Cancer Council range back on your site!!!

    • I rather wear gucci and get skin cancer then wearing those ugly cancer council sunnies.

  • damn they don't do lenses anymore
    I wanted Oakley lenses for my flak jacket xlj

    does anyone know of a cheaper place for polarised flak jacket xlj's


  • Is Sunglass Hut still selling their sunglasses for double the price compared to everywhere else?

  • Woohoo just ordered some Oakley Badman xmetal glasses. $400 US on the Oakley US website $499 AU on sunglasse hut less the 40% because there are polarised bingo bango $299 delivered STOKED!

  • Two pairs of Cancer Council sunnies for $48. Thanks OP!

  • +1 vote

    Guys i know we like cheap discounted shit, but the most cost effective brand of sunnies in the world is MAUI JIM (then probably serengeti ). They aren't a part of the deal because they are independent ie. not owned by the giga corporation that is luxottica who own everything. So you don't get a discount first up, but over time when they replace shit for free it'll be worth it.

    They have the best lenses going around and customer service that will actually repair your sunglasses and replace lenses - as opposed to luxottica/SGH's "oh you broke them? too bad. buy another one. sucker". From someone who has about 10 pairs of different glasses, mauis are standouts for everything. i'd still go oakley if you're a tradie who wears them at work, but for everything else (except if you're a rich fashionista who is stupid enough to buy bvlgari glasses) maui is the way to go.

  • How liberal are Maui Jims with returns? I snapped the frame of my waterways after leaving them in my pocket and bumping the steering wheel. I assumed they wouldn't cover that?

    I bought a replacement pair of Serengeti Nicos off amazon for $115us (delivered) a couple of days ago which was over 50% off and appears to be very good value if you like the style.


      Maui Jim are the best when it comes to returns. Lifetime on replacement nosepieces and screws. Two years on the frame. Also they are some of the best lenses. Serengetis are good too. They are independent of lux brands

      You can ring them and they'll post replacement nose pieces and screws to your house for free. They also have a department (which is MAUI JIM, not some liscenced vendor) in Sydney that handles the warranty and they are very good(tip: a warranty doesn't exactly exist for the Luxottica owned companies, they just write them off and give you a new pair).

      I'd never buy cancer council. Crap optics, the clarity is shit with high refraction. You don't need to spend the world on sunnies but there comes a price point where you get quality. Maui Jims are awesome. Oakley still make their own lenses and are the only lenses that can filter out 100% UV A/B and C, whilst the others only manage 100% with A and B and around 90ish% for C. I'd never buy cancer council because I avoid buying shit made in China or third world Asia for any of my purchases. That being said, I also avoid Luxottica products. Oakley is a bit of an exception, Oakley have a strong lense and A LOT of research goes into their development (they're still made in the US and not by Luxottica). Ever seen a person get hit with an IED and his eyes were saved because the ball bearings in the explosive didn't penetrate his Oakley M-Frames (his cheeks were (profanity) however). I have…and that's why a lot of military wear Oakley sunnies.

      Luxottica had a penchant for buying all the companies out, they even buy all the businesses and keep trading under their names or create new companies to fly under the radar, the company is absolutely massive, you think they care if you don't buy from Sunglass Hut? They own pretty much all the damn brands people buy anyway. Wayfarers used to be made in the US, and they used to be sold in petrol stations coz they weren't popular…now they're made in Italy with everything else. Best marketing team going and a very aggressive business. Sunglass Hut owns the the manufacturing ;). $100 may be wholesale is for the companies that aren't Luxottica…1 pair probably cost sunglass hut around $5-$10 ;)

      edit: to answer your question…Maui Jim will probably fix it, but you'd need to be a smooth operator and change your story somewhat ;) because breaking them due to your own negligence is not covered by warranty. They'll also assess it based on the overall condition of the glasses itself

      • and another reason military might wear them is that Oakley has a contract to supply the military with their eyewear (not sure if still current, but was true a while ago)

      • Wayfarers used to be made in the US, and they used to be sold in petrol stations coz they weren't popular…now they're made in Italy with everything else.

        They also used to be like 20 bucks haha. Now they 200+. Just god like marketing, gotta give them that

  • +6 votes

    If I'm reading correctly you can get 40% off ONE pair if they're polarized. Nice!

    • FE1 code will only give 30% first pair. Need to use FP3 code to get 40% off for one pair of polarised.

  • Thanks for the post mate, got wife's B'day gift

  • Do they do prescription lenses? Does anyone know a decent place to get prescription sunglasses lenses put into frames?

  • Yeah need the PDF pls? I took advantage the last time this was on and they asked me to provide the piece of paper. At the time I signed up for their mailing list and have received a few offers in email but I didn’t get this one, must not be in the exclusive club.

    I suppose you could go try everything on in the shop then order online if they won’t give the discount.

  • Doesn't work with Tiffany & Co?

  • I just purchased a couple pairs and they just put the code FP3 into their point of sale system, after which knocks 40% off each sunglasses prices.

  • So, printable voucher?

    • No voucher required. I did print out the codes at the top of this thread with the conditions (which "FP3" code was used to get 40%) but they did not need a printable voucher handed to them.

  • Thanks OP!

  • Thanks OP, so happy i didn't buy a pair or two last month!

  • Don't need any vouchers, just went into shop and they applied the discount to my 2 pairs~

  • Man.. I just bought Holbrooks from the Catch of the day sale…. But these guys have the colour I originally wanted and for $20 cheaper =/

  • HALT:

    Don't forget to use cashback if you order online!

    $14 on cashrewards after the 90 days return period has passed.


      First time using this cash rewards. It says $14, is it regardless of amount purchased? Because I bought a pair of cancer council sunnies as recommended by one of the ozbargainers for $23.95. Thanks.

      • Don't worry, I didn't realise that the cash back might not be applicable with the code currently on offer. Seems it would only have worked on selected promotions if any at all.

        • +1 vote

          Thanks for your rec with the Bondi sunnies. I just received my pair and I love it. Also got an email from cash rewards that $14 will be credited into my account once the return period of 30 days is over. You should see if you received the amount in your cash rewards account. Thank you once again champ!

        • @Yogapants: Anytime. I was so glad to find out about the cancer council sunnies and it deserves to be known by anyone in the sunglass market. Mum received hers today morning as well and her smile was worth it (she got some slim womens glasses). So good for $30. I am glad you got your cashrewards though. Quite surprised it worked.

        • @fryandlaurie: Yeah i also surprised that cashrewards worked. I have not seen any updates from cashrewards yet. Wait and watch..

  • Thanks ordered 2 pairs… Wife very happy

  • I just thought I would make a comment for all those other people out there with big/wide heads, that the Oakley Holbrooks work a treat :) Especially if you have quite a round head.

    I also added 2 pairs of glasses, added the FP3 code, removed one pair of glasses and it seems to be letting me put the order through. I will let you know how it goes…

    Order Subtotal:
    Order Total

    Order confirmed… now I wait…

    • FP3 gives you discount for 1 pair of polarised at 40%. Don't need to purchase two. FE1 code is the one where you need to purchase two pairs to get 40% off, or else it 30% off for one pair.

      • Yeah, I was half asleep when I typed that up hahaha. But still, I got a great discount, so I am happy :D

  • dosnt work anymore?