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Google Play $20 Credit for $13.80 Redeem before 26 Feb 14- Credit Valid for 1 Year @ Phonebot


Yes sadly its the last Google Play Credit deal. Use coupon code "26feb" to price it to $13.80. Add the product to your cart then goto view cart and apply coupon code. They need to be redeemed before 5PM AEST 26/2/2015 on play.google.com/redeem. Once redeemed they stay for 1 year in your account.Use the credit on Music, Movies, Apps, & More. Works only for electronic purchases.For more info check out

You cannot buy nexus devices or any other hardware from your credit

Vouchers will be sent within 1-3 days :) xoxo

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  • got 1 , thanks OP

  • If you send it within 3 days, that may give people only a few days to use it. Bit risky….

  • I'm no Mod (And for good reason ;)) But something along the lines of:

    Google Play $20 Credit for $13.80 - 12 Month Expiry - Coupon Valid Until 26 Feb 15

    • Just a query. I thought once a coupon is redeemed and the credit is in your account, it is valid as long as you keep your google play account active?

      • When I redeemed from their last promo (before the Valentine code) yesterday, it stated it as valid for 1 year.

        So I can confirm that once redeemed = 1 year.
        It tells you when you redeem it.

        To check your credit, you need to go to google wallet to check what your current balance is, which took me a bit to work that out.

        TIP: Add the date to your calendar app so you don't forget about it.

        Maybe they (google) changed it in the past?

  • Thanks OP. Almost used up the $40 earned from Google Rewards last year.

  • Hi OP - will you post the vouchers or send an email with the voucher code?

  • i just bought like 2 hour before for 15$. :(

  • done, woot. didn't think this would come down cheaper than $14!

  • Awesome deal!

  • Only 2 of 5 codes worked for order 4273. I have replied back to the email and am awaiting a response.

  • how long does it takes to deliver?

  • Hi Rep, I just got both of my code in email, i reedemed one and the other one says already reedemed.

  • Rep gives out dodgy codes that have already been used - fix your system.
    Still waiting for a working code from the deal in January.
    Please respond to my emails and rectify Order ID: 3211

  • I got one with your other deal. all works well.

    why do you say its the last deal, aren't you getting Google play codes in the future?

  • Got one, thanx mate.

  • Hello rep, are you still sending out these codes tonight?

  • Hello rep, I have just registered to purchase but price is still showing $15. At what point do I enter the code for the discount to $13.80
    I'm at the point where the only option to move forward is 'Confirm Order'

    • In shopping cart you will see circle box you click on says enter coupon code. Look for what you would like to do next. Under that. Took me while find it.

  • I think my first comment/neg was valid at the time, as their previous deal was still marked as active and this deal was a bit dearer, also I had no way of knowing that it had expired at the time I neg'd this deal and now its too late to unneg it.

    I was only trying to bring this to the attention of others & be helpful, so much for that.
    I have no problem with the OP & have redeemed 3 credits from their deal before their last deal with no issues.

  • Bought it last night.
    Got it just then.
    Happy customer.

    • Now I got all this credit, I can't choose what to buy. It's like I'm at Subway for the first time again.

  • yah all bought yesterday will be sent today. and any bought before 2pm today will also be sent.
    any bought after 2pm or tomorrow will be sent monday


  • Great service…purchased 1pm today, received vouchers around 1:30pm, redeemed and all working ok.
    Happy customers…thanks OP

  • Can I activate in NZ? If so, does it convert to NZD?

  • Replacement code worked a treat thx. Instant response to my issue too. Great work

  • Just purchased awaiting code :) Hope this works all good.

  • I just ordered the last 5 from your ebay store. I would like a couple more, do you have more in stock?

  • Hi Rep,

    Whats the ETA on delivery? Still awaiting mine, I know you said 1-3days but some people have got theres.


  • +1 vote

    sending it today


  • Just ordered, Order: 4592.

  • Ordered as well - Order #4593

  • Hi erroorfree,

    I just tried to order, but putting in the code only gives me a discount of $1.60 per card??
    Am I doing something wrong?

  • Ordered as well - Order #4625

    waiting for code only got 1 day left!

  • Order ID: 4289
    Date Added: 20/02/2015
    PayPal receipt says paid on 20/02/2015

    Hi Phonebot,

    I have not recieved my Google Play credit voucher yet. On OzBargain it says that it needs "to be redeemed before 5PM AEST (TODAY!!!) 26/2/2015 on play.google.com/redeem". Please let me know if the code is on the way.

    It seems like not many others have had this trouble.

  • Very misleading title. Saw the bit about Credit valid for one year and thought that I had one year to claim the credit.

    Didn't even check my e-mail until it had already expired.
    Very, very unhappy about this.

  • Judging by the comments above, I was not the only one to "misread" it.
    Phonebot should have emphasised the VERY short expiry date.
    Anyway I'm the customer and I feel cheated. Paid real money for NOTHING.
    It's only $13.80, but it's left a sour taste now for all Phonebot products.