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Samsung 32GB EVO UHS-I Micro SDHC Card $16.95 FREE Shipping @ Shopping Square - Cheapest Online


I dont see good deals from Shopping Square but this is definitely one.

Cheaper than Shopping Express's recent deal by $2


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  • Thanks.
    Ordered 2. Just don't know why I should buy them when I still have spare ones from previous deals. But I did

  • Still deciding if I need extra card, if my camera id's 16mpx,and I shoot jpg highest quality, how many picture I can get with 32gb card? Camera is omd em10

    • A lot

      • Um going for three weeks holiday so I want to know if I should buy one or two…
        How many (picture I can save) roughly?

        • Pro tip:
          Never take one card, regardless of size. Card gets 'frozen' (software), lost, wet, anything… you're cactus.

          2x16gb better than 1x32gb

        • You don't need to bring two SD's… just 'Empty' your card of it's contents by transferring it to the internal storage of your laptop, phone, tablet, whatever electronic device you bring with you. Get yourself a OTG USB card reader and you will be able to transfer your camera pictures into any USB capable device.

          Or upload to the cloud with free wifi at your hotel.

          I stayed at Vietnam for 2 weeks and took around 10gigs worth of shots and videos, using only a 8GB SD card. Whatever I couldn't fit on the card went onto my phone.

        • @scrimshaw:
          Your point doesn't cover any of my advice. No benefit in one 32gb over a 16gb.

          The advice given is common from pros, and I wish I'd listened… as it happened to me at a live UFC event. Card locked-up during first Aussie fight. Crap smartphone photos for the autograph signing & meets for the rest of the day/night.

          Another pro-tip is to carry a spare battery. Obvious, and I've suffered that too. For MachuPicchu I had gear, and needed them. Didn't have a laptop, wheely bag, or north face gear with me.

        • Professional photographers generally do take multiple SD cards, maybe not just 2 or three but sometimes up to half a dozen as they want to safeguard against possible 'bad card' scenario, or if they physically damage the card in someway and have to continue taking photos (as it's critical that they continue taking photos or miss the chance)

          However, if your SD card corrupts and becomes un-readable and not just un-writable, having a spare SD card is not going to resolve the issue — your data is lost. So, it's generally a good idea to offload and backup the data of your SD cards onto other storage mediums as the opportunity arises.

          But of course, having a spare SD card is not a bad idea, just in case your SD card gets damaged and becomes locked in a 'read-only' mode. However, cards are susceptible to ESD (electro static discharge) damage as well as bending (when placed in a pants pocket etc) so it's a good idea to keep these cards in their protective case and in your bag, rather than on the person.

        • buy a 64gb one

        • @scrimshaw: you use your phone camera on holiday? <shudder>

        • Only as a storage device and to upload data to the cloud using free wifi, not to actually shoot with.

        • @scrimshaw:

          Don't forget that most professional photographers shoot on cameras with double memory slots. Usually 2 Compact Flash or 1 CF and 1 SD … so in case one card is corrupt you still have the other one.

          Shooting with a camera which has only one memory card slot is not ideal.

        • @scrimshaw: My advice is that you shouldn't shoot anybody. Even if they make you very agitated. It's better to just walk away.

        • @scrimshaw:

          I agree - I have two or three cards, one in camera, and a spare one…

          Need a backup.. but I can say for one when you're busy on the go sometimes you just get lazy or cant be bothered uploading photos to a secondary advice. So i would go with the motto of not 2 x 16 gb or 1 x 32 gb, but rather get 2 x 32 gb!

          For the price of a sd card these days, relative to what you probably paid for your dslr, you can afford, and will be grateful having both the higher capacity and a double spare… becuase when you get full, switch and lock and load!

          For the lazy ones in us.. and once in a blue moon you will find you just need that extra space between when you can get to a computer.

  • Got one.Thanks.

  • Be aware that they ship from overseas, so it may take a while to get to you.

  • Thanks just needed one and there I go..I hope it gets delivered soon..
    does anyone know how many days it takes for delivery?

    • Says 8-15 days handling time on my receipt

      • you must be new to shoppingsquare, handling is one thing, shipping time is another beast

        • I was moving house on march 13th… contemplating what to do:

          Is the handling time guaranteed that slow (8-15 working days)? if so when you take that into account, and at the bottom of the page for this 32 gb model (and 64gb model) they quote the air shipping as: "•The items will be shipped directly from Overseas Supplier by Air Parcel. It take 1-4 weeks (plus Handling Time) to arrive Other areas in Australia."

          Do they ever meet minimum times e.g. 8 days handling, 1 week shipping? Would I be better off putting my current address, or given I'm moving on the 13th March there'd be no way it'd arrive by then and I should just go with entering my new address?

          Don't know if it would prove any liable problems/issues if it gets delivered prior to 13th.. i.e. they'll cop the blame on me if I say I never received it…Surely the one time I bank on something being late it won't actually come fast/early??

          Never used shoppingsquare though - so feedback from other users woudl be great. Particularly how their prices seem so low compared to other online alternatives? Legit?

        • @SaberX:

          i've using them for many many years since trading the name under Apus. (14 years ago?)

          their service from good to bad…….. never buy from them anymore.
          product is legit.

          shipping time is 8 days handling plus 4 weeks from china/ hong kong.
          so u get ur stuff normally in 40 days.

          local stock product from them is more ex. but u get it faster.

        • @edgar28:

          Hi edgar appreciate the feedback. Is it guaranteed to be shipped from overseas (hk/china) given the 64gb/32gb samsung evo models list 8-15 days handling? I assume if its local stock the handling time will list a few days only??

          I only ask to gauge if i order the 64 gb now if it'll arrive at my new house which we have asked to settle and move into on march 13th. Just wanted to see if they ever surprise on the upside e.g if they handled in 8 days or below the minimum quoted, and air freight arrived in at the 1 week minimum. Or perhaps they end up filling local stock for your order.

          Or does all this never hapPen and so i should be safe ordering with my new house address?

          Having ordered from them for so many years can you please advise with their signature only delivery, have others been able to pick it up from the post providing their drivers license. Or were you required to do it personally?


        • @SaberX:

          Unfortunately it's a bit of gamble. Overseas shipping really does range 1- 4 weeks.

          Handling time as well. As they source direct from big warehouse. They only accumulated certain amount of quantity before they go and pick it up or by weekly. Then pack and send to you.

          My advise would be get from shopping express if it's 2 dollars more. Overseas big warehouse likely is oem version too.

          Example of oem Kingston card live up to class 6 if advertised as 6. Where retail Kingston many claimed to get class 10 even it label at class 6

        • @edgar28:

          Hmm.. i'm abit lost at what you say? I assume by buying a samsung class 10, regardless of a grey import or from overseas it must still be an original, exact same quality samsung evo 32 gb or 64 gb class 10 device? Can you or someone please clarify?

          I ended up buying the 32 gb and adapter to send to my new house address, given ill be there march 13th onwards it's a likely gamble that it'll take too long.

          I paid $4 extra and got the aus stocked verison of the 64 gb samsung evo - $43.95 instead of $39.95. I figured that way I should get it before my holidays and in my current house.

          So hoping given handling time is quoted as 2-3 working days, it will be shipped by end of this week. And if it's australian stocked there should be no excuse why it isn't at my doorstep by end of next friday.

          That said maybe others have beter experiences to share about aus stocked items shipping time vs overseas? Is it reliable (domestic aus shipping) for being fast as per any normal aus shipped parcels?

          P.S. Never used shopping square. Why the recommendation - is shipping fast?

        • @SaberX:

          all are legit products.

          OEM - no box, no manual in most cases. quality pass normally at min requirement

          retail box. with box and manual (maybe not now - only refer to web). Quality normally pass one notch higher, from experience and work in semiconductor factory before.
          "olden days" of taiyo yuden CD and DVD always able to burn faster than rated speed.

          I got burnt by their "before christmas" promise of delivery before and got burnt, email and complaint, the staff is rude and just keep on telling me already shipped and can't be stuff even they promised that i will receive it before christmas.

  • Thanks alot EC, scored one.

  • Odd. http://imgur.com/Mj30ZrA

    Seems like it went through though

  • would this be good for a 3ds?

    • Yes (ASSUMING you mean 'New 3DS', regular 3DS uses a normal SD), which is why I bought one :P Class 10 is the best you can get for Nintendo's eShop games to avoid audio skipping/framerate issues. Its not listed on Nintendo's website for tested & supported 3rd party microsd's but they all behave the same way and Samsung is a reputable brand

      • Yep new 3ds, just watching a video of someone else take the back cover off making me not want to touch my 3ds… nitendo useless design

        • Its perfectly safe using a normal screwdriver but a very messed up way of dealing with something so simple & would frighten any kid (which is their target audience…). Imagine if that's how you changed game cartridges!

        • @backslashio:

          yeah would not expect a child to do this, watch my screwdriver slip and scratch the cover, it's a MM 3ds so something I really don't want to damage.

  • Would this include a micro sd to sd card adapter? Wanting to use it in my car…

    • Since it mentions nothing about an adaptor I'm going to say no. But you can get adaptors anywhere for cheap

      I could be wrong though, there are images on google showing that it does come with one but maybe it just differs and there's 2 types shrugs

      • Yeah looked up samsung website says it includes adapter. So given this is genuine I hope it comes with it! Thanks for your help.

  • how long does it take to receive a item from them?

  • FYI, picked up 32Gb micro SD w/ SD adapter today at Aldi, $17.99, with 2 yr warranty in store, https://www.aldi.com.au/en/special-buys/saturday-21-february...

    Perfect for tablets, digital cameras, MP3 players, GPS and video cameras
    Class 10 performance
    Includes jewel case and SD card adaptor

    • not sure about performance wise, but i guess advantage is availability option if you don't want to wait for order? (although i assume the evo transfer rate is better, can't seem to find much info on the medion)

  • Is this card ok to record 4k on my Xperia z3c?

    • Should be okay, Z2 takes 4K (although it overheats) and for a 30sec 4K video file, it's 200MB, so 200MB/30sec = ~6.67MB/sec

      Write speed from memory on this card is more than 10MB/s [Class 10 minimum]

  • just what i needed for my raspi 2

  • Bought one.

  • Thanks! I've been waiting for a decent price! Picked up two~

  • Avoid using cash back link ..http://www.cashrewards.com.au/shopping-square
    as via that link the price to pay is $17.95 and not $16.95 but the benefit only is that shipping is after one or two days so i think will be delivered in less than five days.Via cash back link the same retailer is offereg AU stock ??

    • Andrew here from CashRewards, if anyone else can confirm Shopping Square is doing different pricing from the cashrewards links as compared to going directly to SS we would very much like to know as this is strictly prohibited, keen to here from anyone else on this?

      • There appears to be 2 offers on the 32GB - one is $17.5 (shipped from AUS) and one $16.5 (Shipped from O/S). Surely the 1.6% off would apply to either of these.

      • confirm it yourself or get family/friends to do so

    • i think one is "on sale", the other is not, and it does not include additional shipping costs as its not on sale from what i tried?

      edit: the more expensive seems to be stocked in Aus, but the other is from other countries with longer times?

  • My Nikon Coolpix has an 8GB SD. This offer is for a micro SD, so is that too small for my camera as I'd like more storage space?

  • Wow. I didn't expect this deal would be in high demand. Shopping square will surely be surprised tomorrow morning start of business day :)

    Glad you guys liked it

  • Why it is always Micro SD cards on sale, not full-size SD?

    • Get an adapter.

      • An adapter I believe makes the card run slower.

        • No it doesn't, an adaptor is pure circuitry, i.e. all it does is touch the small metal contact and make it bigger. A full-sized SD card is usually cheaper than its equivalent MicroSD card if we're talking about exact same write speeds and same brand. However MicroSDs are usually more convenient due to their size (smartphones don't take SD cards).

  • I got an adaptor for $1 with this offer. Just hope it all works OK>

    • Browsing comments above does the Samsung already come with a SD adaptor it seems?

      Are brands cross-compatible e.g. a Sandisk adapter will work for a Samsung Micro SD??

      I assume so given the contact terminals etc should be same given they're all Micro SDXC cards?

      • Yep, adaptors are the same regardless of the brand

        • Ta!! Might pick up the 64gb for my phone to overkill and ensure i never run outta space haha…

          and the 32 gb if it comes with or you can chuck an adaptor on then it can easily double up as a spare camera sd card until another device needs a micro sd…

        • @SaberX: yep that's what I do, I looked at your other comment in regards to grey imports, another really good Australian company that sells grey imports but deals locally for warranty issues are pcbyte, their prices are reasonable though not always the lowest unless they're doing promos

          However their shipping time is 2-3 business days, as their warehouse is literally right next to an auspost sorting facility.

          So in essence, pcbyte are extremely efficient middlemen.

        • @cwongtech:

          Could you see edgar28's comments above about oem cards? Any thoughts? Surely a samsung must be a samsung quality, speed and looks wise - whether grey import or not? Or is there a differenc ein build?

          I thought shoppingsquare lists a local 1 yr aus warranty though? or is there a catch that seperates it from pcbyte?

          That's a fast shipping time. But how about handling? I would expect shoppings quare, while handling time is 2-3 days, shipping time should be 2-3 business days as any regular post within aus from capital city to capital city should be 3 business days around at max, i would think? By standard aus post rules that is… (letters etc) - unless parcels run on a diff ETA schedule?

          Nearly got tempted to buy those "smallest micro sd card readers" for the cards… haha they sure do try and tempt you to cross sell! maybe when im in the new house and no longer worrying about timing delivery.

        • @SaberX:
          Handling is 1 business day usually, for free shipping (or by normal snail mai) pcbyte feels like express post.

          "oem" may mean it's fake, however since this is shopping square and not some random ebay seller it should be okay

          I've never heard of retail underperforming so I'm not sure how Edgar's comments affect anything.

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  • As with the others, got one for my new Rasp Pi 2. Thanks.

    • I feel like i've been living under a rock as I have no idea what this Rasp Pi 2 thing is!

  • Made the purchase. Thanks OP!

  • Hi. Does anyone have somewhere that would sell a 64 gb version of this if not a SanDisk ultra model? Trying to get a deal before my hols on march 19.

    If i ordered this 16gb through this deal does anyone know how long shipping normally takes for them??

  • Bought 2.
    Thanks OP.

  • Can anyone confirm the reliability shipping times for this company or its quality? Never used it before.do they sell legit good quality products always? Sent via registered.mail?

  • Sorry for the multiple posts- but are there such thing as grey imports for micro sdXC cards liek this?

    I wanted to get a 64gb micro sdXC for the sony xperia z3 phone.. but noticed that it's $40 from this place… as opposed to $80 normally.

    A search on the internet/statice puts similar cards at $60-90 for most 64gb sandisks or samsungs at this class 10 level. Of course normal stores liek office works, jb hi fi come in at high prices of $100+++ easily…

    So the question i have is - are grey imports that much better.. is this too good to be true? Like really.. for these prices is shoppingsquare known for sending dodgy non-original items?? Would we be protected anyway if we buy, receive it and run it through crystal disk to test read/write speeds and capacity? If it has paypal i guess so? But i'm assuming not?

    Just worired.. as they say if it sounds too good to be true it usually is? And these prices seem good… real good :S

  • Normally the grey import things works well.the issue is when they stop working in the warranty period and one has go through the pain in claiming warranty.I thats why prefer for expensive electronics to be bought from local stores like jb hi fi,Harvey Norman etc …although some what expensive but peace of mind..

    • True but for half the price if legit it really does make it a calculated risk. That said being legit items and being samsung or SanDisk i assume the rate of failure is low and general quality quite decent?

  • Does anyone receive the item yet? Where so they send it from? China?

    • I think it comes from Hong Kong

    • Dispatched on 25/2. Still haven't recieved it neither.

      However dudos to Square Express, same deal but arrived within 1week of payment, albeit the $2 extra is worth it for the fast shipping.

      • Haven't received mine either.. dispatched 28/02… wanted to check cause i directed it to a new house address that i'm only moving into next friday haha.

        BehOhBee are you referring to buying the aus stocked item?

        I bought the 64gb Aus stocked samsung… arrived last week or so …. like a normal item purchase…

        looks like overseas purchases are alot slower. Was only a few dollars more but then shipping also brought it to about $48 all up, i think the overseas stocked versions about $39/40?

    • no =( still waiting mine.

    • Arrived! Sent from HK.

    • Finally, got mine from HK yesterday 09/3/2015 via Air Mail on 25/2/2015. I guess it went on one of those air plane that goes around the world.

  • Received mine today from HK. Thanks!

  • I have not rec'd mine … where the hell is it - still in HKG?

  • Mine arrived yesterday, finally.

  • My two cards arrived today.
    Paid on 23/2/15, they were sent from HK via Air Mail on 26/2/15
    They must be using slow planes…