what is your height?
What is your weight?

Who here is a Glutton? :)


Height - 5'10
Weight- 75 kg


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    Yes sir whatever you say sir!

    • Why won't you be a sport Sir?

    • Give them the info that they want. lol
      I am:
      - 12 inches
      - 1.5kg

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    Height and weight alone doesn't give you any information on whether a person is obese, overweight or underweight. Muscle weighs more than fat, so a short stocky person with loads of muscle could be classed as overweight on the Body Mass Index, when he/she clearly is not.

    Different BMI indexes also exist for different genders, races and body types. It's a pretty shitty method of measurement if you ask me.

    There's other factors to take into account, like the amount of adipose tissue the person has. More visceral fat percentage = more likely to be overweight.

    Also, wrong forum, so moving this to the Health/Beauty sub cat.

    • True that. I have gained fair bit of weight last year, resulting me to weigh the same as what I was before I went to the air force. I feel much healthier than 3 years ago though, because of muscle (Well what's left of what already was disappointing).

      At least according to my gf, I look like I've gained weight from last year, but I don't look as bad as what I was 3 years ago.

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      So.. pics with stats kthnx :P

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        They have to be without shirts and pants, because they might show up on the weight. We wanna be as accurate as possible.

        …Have I gone too far?

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          Dat lat flare O_O

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          @waterlogged turnip:
          I always smile at how asian OzB is!

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        You really are convinced he's a porn star aren't you? XD

    • Yep agree with all
      Just curious about height and weight :)

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        1.68cm. 47kg. Can fit into a zipped up suitcase.

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          How does all that personality and sass fit into that petite frame of yours?! o.O

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          Can fit into a zipped up suitcase

          Pic ;)

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          @wicket1120: Is that you? We should totally go travelling together.

          Wait, can two suitcases get on a plane without a ticket? (this could foil my plan..)

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          @waterlogged turnip: Nope not me. I didn't know you could get a live person into a suitcase. Had to do a quick google search and that pic was the result :) I'm 167 and weigh 50 kg. Does that mean we could swap clothes…because if we could, I erm love your ozbargain t-shirt ;)

          Edit: @JJB, I used your laptop to do that google search…just like I used your laptop to do google searches on BDSM and erm anal sex… it was all in the interest of the ozbargain community . I don't think that I should be commenting on topics that I don't much about, hence the google searches. Sorry:(

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          @Jar Jar Binks:

          I used your laptop to do google searches on B…

          Sounds like you're getting lucky tonight!

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          I didn't know you could get a live person into a suitcase.
          get a live person into a suitcase
          a live person


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          @wicket1120: Look it up on Youtube - few vids of people being fully enclosed in them. Though in that vid she's using a large suitcase. The only way the whole 'I fit in a suitcase' thing came about was a few years back, while curled up on a friends lounge watching a movie, their housemate commented on how tiny I looked (it was the dead of winter in Canberra - it was freaking cold in that house.. I was in a tight little ball for a reason).

          Then they jokingly said "I bet you'd fit into my sports bag", which I did but that was easy. Then came the luggage. Har har, amusement all round.

          We could share clothes with those stats, for sure. My OzB shirt is a small (men's) though, so it's pretty baggy. Tis a cool shirt though :D

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          Is that meant to be 1.68m?

        • @cheng2008: D'oh!

        • @waterlogged turnip: You're quite thin then for 1.68m. My cousin is about that height, and she's always been around 55-60kg. 47 seems to be a huge difference compared to that.

          Maybe you can be a model or something :p

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          Sounds like you're getting lucky tonight!

          I get lucky every night…what I would like to know is whether I'm getting even luckier tonight ;)

          edit: on second thoughts… probably not my thing. I have a very low pain threshold.

        • @waterlogged turnip:
          Did you win the t-shirt?

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          Turnip is Thumbelina.

          And why do you know the weight of your cousin?

        • @cheng2008:

          Maybe you can be a model or something

          Personally I'll go for the "or something"


          You have more to do
          than be weighed down
          by pretty or beautiful.

          You are a fiery heart,
          and a wicked brain

          Do not let your soul
          be defined by its shell :)

        • @Jar Jar Binks: The only modelling I'll be doing is with plasticine. Thanks JJB :)

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          @Jar Jar Binks: Begged for it desperately in the V-day comp.

        • @waterlogged turnip:

          You two could always DHL yourself to another country… wouldn't that work?

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          @Jar Jar Binks: Miz turnip can still be a model, a model citizen.

    • Height and weight alone doesn't give you any information on whether a person is obese, overweight or underweight.

      The nomenclature really needs to be changed to overfat/overlyfatty.

      There are plenty of people who mistakenly focus on their weight rather than their body composition.

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        The nomenclature really needs to be changed to overfat/overlyfatty.

        Then after that… this?

    • I agree BMI isn't particularly useful but I think a lot of fat or obese people cynically dismiss a high BMI to avoid accepting they are fat.

      Their logic seems to go:

      My BMI is high
      BMI is an imperfect system
      therefore, I am not really overweight or obese…

      Maccas anyone?

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    Who here is a Glutton? :)

    This should give you a good start.

    • add me to that list…

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      Ordered them twice and could never finish them in one sitting. I have shamed my family

    • Managed to get through 19 of the 24..

  • I have ambition to be a glutton. Kindly send you gluttonous left overs my way so I can reap the savings.

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    36" 24" 36", oh wait, thats the Mrs

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    7' – 8'
    1,040 – 1,400 lbs

    weight and high fluctuates depending on how angry I am

    • Confuses me when people use imperial for height and metric for weight…anyhow, I'm definitely a glutton…

      EDIT: sorry, this should have been a new post and not a reply

  • I'm 6ft tall ,weigh 88 kg and wear pant size 32 inch….what did I have for breakie this morning? :b

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      Vegemite Sammich 😐

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        Not even if my life depended on it :)

    • Did it contain oats in some form? Porridge? Muesli? and fresh fruit was involved?

      (guessing games are fun!)

      • I usually have porridge with fruits …but today I had muesli and half of my son's banana. I didn't realise that I was so predictable :(

        • lol I wouldn't call you predictable. Was a fluke guess. Untoasted muesli with almonds and fruit is my go-to as well. Nom nom! Figured that yourself and Wicket ate healthy wholesome stuff based on previous posts. What else would make the best vego breakfast? (assuming you're both still vego) :)

  • Here's another guessing game. My measurements are:

    Waist: 80cm
    Chest: 110 cm
    Arms/ biceps(flexed): 36 cm

    Do I have man boobs? If so, are they bigger than my wife's? :b

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      No, Yes :)

    • lol

    • I saw him use a tape measure last night, so the measurements should be accurate. Serious question, is it possible to tell if its muscle or fat, based these measurements, weight and height?

      • It's simple, if it jiggles, it's fat.

        If you'd like to estimate body fat proportion generally you need age and neck circumference too.

        • I think she meant, if someone who hasn't seen me can tell,based on my measurements whether I'm fit or fat.

          Age: 32
          Neck: 41 cm

        • @Jar Jar Binks:

          According to this your body fat proportion is ~9 % which is ripped.

          If you have man boobs at 9 % BF it's most likely gynecomastia.

        • @Scrooge McDuck: I must be blind. On that page you've linked - how does one find the BF% with only age and neck circumference (and height)?

        • @waterlogged turnip:

          + weight and waist circumference

          We're having a bad day for comprehension aren't we? :P

          Look at the column on the right headered: Navy Tape Measure Method


        • @Scrooge McDuck: Ohhh. Derp. When you change it to 'female' up the top, it changes abdomen to waist and adds hips.

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          @Scrooge McDuck: More like 10-11%. Whenever I fall into the single digits BF, my body starts rebelling and craves meat.

          We're mostly lacto-vegetarians, although we sometime consume fish and other seafood. Meat is not something I normally eat or even enjoy eating. So may be the meat craving I get when my body fat goes under 10%, is my survival instinct kicking in.

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          @waterlogged turnip:

          and adds hips

          How sexist! Dudes can have dat ass too.

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          @Scrooge McDuck: Tell me about it. A friend of mine looks far better in a pencil skirt than I ever will.

          and he's a dude.

        • @Scrooge McDuck: I gotta get permission first, then pending that, I may be able to post it tonight/tomorrow… lol

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      Do I have man boobs? If so, are they bigger than my wife's? :b

      Your wife has man boobs?

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        I know where this is going…

        Pics or gtfo!

      • The mrs nsfw

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      @JJB, your correct bra size according to this would be 22A .

      • According to that I'm a 16E…


        • @scrooge, 16E? That can't be right. Is this what your chest looks like ? o.o

        • All the better for motorboating!

          Wait, wut?

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          @Jar Jar Binks:

          Bad angle but you can't exactly shoot your own chest from eye level:

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          @Scrooge McDuck: Can't motorboat that. Would bruise face. Jebus.

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          @Scrooge McDuck: Now that's one nice chest:) No wonder women were literally throwing themselves at you on Valentine's day. So what's your BF% …and umm were you wearing pants when you took that pic? :b

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          By the Navy Tape Measure Method I have ~9 % BF. However, visually I'd say I'm closer to 13 %.

          I wasn't wearing pants, not sure how you could know that…

          I don't usually wear clothes at home when it's hot. I'm more comfortable and I save on AC + washing.

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          @Scrooge McDuck:

          I wasn't wearing pants, not sure how you could know that…

          If your avatar is anything to go by… you never wear pants…

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    • First there was what is your Age and Net Worth?
    • Then there was where do you live?
    • Now You want my height and weight!

    Might as well give my CC details to top thinks off ;)

    • *things (before the grammar Nazis arrive)

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        One should look in the mirror. :D

  • 6'6"
    110Kg, it sounds like a lot but its not.
    At my leanest I'm about 85 to 90Kg

  • 6"5 130kg

  • 5'9 80kg pure muscle

    • +2

      pure muscle

      How do you walk or even type?

      • Obviously he meant it metaphorically.

        No fat in your body means you cannot survive since nerve cells require sheath of fat, myelin, for them to work.

      • +3

        If he's pure muscle he's just going to look like a starfish shaped lump of flesh, since he wouldn't have skin, bones, eyes or brains.

        We can call him patrick

        • This was my mental image.

        • -3

          @Scrooge McDuck:

          I'm happy to correct your mental images with a pic of my guns ;) not really though, no free fap material for anyone! and I realised I'm actually 5'10 , so more win for me lol.

  • Height: 5'11
    Weight: 63kg

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    Why are people giving their height in imperial and their weight in metric?

    I'm 185cms and 83kgs

    • +1

      That was the only question going on in my head the whole time while scrolling down to the comment box at the bottom.

    • Hangover of the colonial days? My great aunt used to comment on her weight in stone.

    • Cause it looks cool

  • 180cm 115kg

  • 180cm, 75kg

  • 165cm, 60kg

  • 205cm, 125kg

    Most of my weight is in a single appendage. ;)

    Gets out popcorn, awaiting responses

      • I work in the resource sector… I like my job… is this link SFW?

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          If I was your boss, I wouldn't want you on OzBargain at all unless my name was Scott Yang.

          Having said that, the image is nothing you couldn't see in a PG film.

  • Pass on risking my employment over a link. I'll let my manager know thanks chief.

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