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Bridgestone Tyres Offers - 4 For Price of 3 (Ecopia/Turanza) & 4th Potenza for $49


Hi Guys,

Bridgestones March offers have come out. Not as great as last year for Potenza lovers, but still some good savings to be had!

Get the 4th tyre FREE.

Buy 3 fuel saving Bridgestone Ecopia passenger and SUV tyres or Turanza luxury touring passenger tyres and receive the 4th tyre FREE!

Super Value!

Buy 3 Supercat tyres and get the 4th for only $10!
That’s 4 tyres from only $229!

Potenza Performance Deal!

Buy 3 Bridgestone Potenza performance tyres and get the 4th for only $49! Total cost from $466!


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  • looking into buying 195/65R15 91, any suggestion? any brand?

    • Depends on the car, driving style and needs.

      It pretty much comes down to if you want high performance tyres (not great so in the wet), performance all weather tyres or tyres with a long life which are the most economical but have crap grip.

      195x15 I'm guessing would be on a older family car or a newer small car so I probably wouldn't be looking at high performance tyres.

      Also if you had a budget it would help, if its like $50 a tyre you wont get much but if its more like $200 a tyre then lots of possibilities.

      Cheaper long life tyres would usually be anything from a well known manufacturer in their lower price brackets, for a 15" that would probably be around $70-80 a tyre.

      Brand name performance all weather tyres would usually start at about $100 and up for a 15".

      If you have a budget and can tell me what car its for I can recommend a few good tyres for you.

      • Thanks, Toyota Corolla. No need for performance tyre. Just A to B trip everyday. Looking for reliable and longlife type tyres. if low noise will be great.
        Thanks so much for your advice.

        • Turanza EL64, fantastic tyre for just around town or even for the long ones. we have put them on alot of differentcars and get alot of great feedback on them, and i have them on my subaru liberty and love them

        • @johnsolids: Hi John. I have a Honda Accord Euro running on 205/55/R16 Potenza RE002s. I'm due to replace these soon and was wondering what you would say is the main pros and cons between the Turanza EL64 you've mentioned and the Potenzas.

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          Proven quite tyres I know of are:
          ADVAN dB decibel V551 (Yokohama but usually just sold under ADVAN), not sure on price for your size
          Toyo TEO Plus, you should be able to haggle a local tyre shop to under $100 each fitted

          Cheaper but not as quiet:
          Kumho KH17 (marketed as low road noise), about $80ish fitted

          Cheaper again:
          Kelly PA868
          Achilles 122
          These are both still marketed as low road noise but you should be able to pick up both of the above for around $70 each fitted.

          Out of the above for a Corolla I would probably go with the Kumho myself.

          I have the KH17's on my daily they are pretty quiet, definitely not a performance tyre but good value for money.

          I've bought 4 sets of 4 tyres in the last year or so (buying/selling cars and swapping wheels/tyres etc) and never pay full price, I research prices online and add the prices for freight and fitting then call all the local stores and get their quotes then walk into my prefered tyre shop and ask them to beat the cheapest I have and they have always beaten the cheapest price I could get elsewhere.

          The last set I bought were Hankook RS-3's and the tyre shop took about $50 each off their price to beat the cheapest price I had by $5 so they have a fair bit of room to move on some tyres if you find a friendly dealer would rather make a smaller profit off tyres than no profit at all.

          I'm not great at negotiating most things but when it comes to tyres it seems to be easy with one of the shops here, but if you can't find a good tyre shop around thats willing to cut you a deal there then Kmart says they will beat anyones prices including online prices: http://www.ktas.com.au/guarantees/tyre-price-guarantee/ but there isn't a Kmart within 100km+ of me and their range isnt very big (but they do stock the KH17).

        • @ezarc: Great. Thanks for your reply. However, the review for KH17 is not that great for wet condition. anyone know what is difference between KH17 and KH18? How much do you get KH17 fitted? as low as I could find $79 fitted.

        • @maxall:

          They are fine in the wet, they actually get about the same rating for wet and dry grip on the reviews I just googled.

          From memory I paid about $65 each fitted for mine but they are 13" wheels, while I wouldn't recommend them for performance but they are long lasting quiet tyres and that's all I need for my buzzbox. On my WRX it costs me $250-300 each for high performance tyres but the max I'd pay for my daily (Daihatsu Charade) would be around the $80 mark as I don't drive it hard to where its pushing the limits around corners etc, its just to get me to work and shops in slow moving traffic.

          If you don't mind spending more look at the ADVAN and Toyo tyres, if you could get either for under $100 each it would be worth it if you have concerns about the Kumhos. They have both have great reputations for low noise tyres but are too good for my daily, if I had a 2003+ Corolla I wouldn't hesitate to spend $100+ each as they have about twice the power as my daily. If its a 90's or earlier I'd go with something cheaper.

        • @johnsolids:
          Just wanting to check if you work for an independent or for Bridgestone/Bselect etc?

  • Can you please suggest for Toyota RAV 4 225/65R17
    Prefer longlife-low noise

    • Ecopia Ep850. cant go wrong

  • Whats the best wet tyre?

  • +1

    These Bridgestone offers are a scam. Call them any time, you're always quoted exactly the same price regardless.

  • Whats good for a 245 50 20? For a Mazda CX7? Looking for all rounders i guess

  • Bridgestone outlets only or Bobjane etc as well? My local Bridgestone each tyre is always $50 or more expensive than Kmart and Bobjane.

  • Check Bob Jane too if you're buying Potenza's. No need to pay $49 for the 4th but definitely it pays to see who's got a lower overall cost.

  • costco will have $70 off (total) bridgestones this month

  • Suggesting for me as well plz ! i am looking for 205/60/16R size for my lancer ES . long life and fuel saving would be good and low noise. Thanks !

  • Hi guys,

    Can you suggest a sporty, low noise tyre for 2009 Mondeo LX Wagon? I got pretentions of Fangio…

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