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1500W Low Fat Air Fryer 2.2l $89 Delivered @ Avancer


Up to 80% Less Oil than a conventional Deep Fryer
This outstanding Air fryer cooks crisp, mouthwatering fried food with minimal oil. By cooking without oil, the dangerous hassle of disposing of hot, odoriferous cooking fat is eliminated.
With all components dishwasher safe, cleanup is a breeze.

Cook Smarter

Avancer products are designed and built for the time savvy homecook. Prepare delicious meals that the whole family can enjoy. Have dinner ready in less time by cooking smarter using the latest technology and multifunction appliances.
Free your time!
Air Frying Technology
Now you can enjoy the deliciously tasty food you love without all the extra fat that comes from deep frying. The dry hot air cooks food golden-brown with 80% less fat than if it were deep-fried. Cook all your favorites from chicken wings, french fries or spring rolls with the same crispy exterior and moist interior made by conventional deep fryers.
1500W Power
Features include 1500 watts of power with an adjustable temperature control (80-200 degrees celcius) allowing for optimal cooking conditions and a 30-minute time for precision cooking.
Free Recipe Book
With your purchase of a Low Fat Air Fryer you’ll get a free basic recipe book full of ideas to create dinner ready food at home!
With your purchase of a Low Fat Air Fryer you’ll get a free basic recipe book full of ideas to create dinner ready food at home!
Integrated Air Filter
Mesh Food basket
Cool-touch handle
Click here to view the user manual for this product.
- See more at: http://www.avancer.com.au/1500w-low-fat-air-fryer.html#sthas...

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    Are these things actually any good? Can anyone say it has changed their life? Also is there a noticeable difference to ones electricity bill?


      I purchased the Phillips one during the target eBay 20% off, and I just opened the box.
      Trying it out for the first time now

      It better taste amazing!


      It makes the best hand made chips (not frozen) that I've had in years.
      I've heated unfrozen food (I let the food thaw first) with decent results… (Chiko/Spring rolls, crumbed fish/chicken).

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      I have both Phillips and this one and i like this one better. it is quicker to cook with and turn itself off when you pull the basket out to check the food. It is also easier to clean and wash as it does not have those twirling groove on the bottom of the bucket.

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      Bought the XL Phillips Airfryer. Haven't used Oven since. Have been eating Panko crumbed Chicken wings - tastes like deep fried without the guilt!


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      It has changed my life…


      I got this exact model and I've been pretty impressed and happy with it so far.


      I never thought I'd find much use for these when my parents dumped one on me, but once I finally got around to using it I was glad.

      Cooking things like hash browns and chicken wings turn out much tastier than grilling or in the oven, and given that I have a huge oven then that has to be saving some money.

      It's more of a "cooking for one" type machine, and generally more snacky/processed kinds of food.


      I've used it maybe 50 times since I bought it. It has lots of uses, but it's very good with chips. It cooks taco shells quickly too.


    I've bought this exact model, the last time it was listed on ozbargain about November

    I have chips about once a fortnight?(frozen pack)
    Usually I oven my chips, because it's too much of a hassle to have oil in a pot somewhere.
    So positively in taste and effort required, I can say yes it has "Changed my life".

    I don't have friends with other models, so I can't compare this to others, but on price scale, it is of the cheaper, and only other similar price is Kogan's model.

    Con obviously is I eat more fried food (i.e. hash browns)


    I bought one after seeing it on Ozbargain for $75.

    The food itself (chips, chicken wings, etc) does come out tasting good, but it does take a little while longer to cook than you might expect.

    To be perfectly honest, I wouldn't recommend this device. It can't cook enough food for 1 meal. You need to ensure airflow over the food, to get it crispy. Cooking enough food for 4 people, took me between 45mins and 1hr! I couldn't believe it.

    I think it's a handy gadget if you are single/a couple, and you don't mind "eating as you go" i.e. take one batch of food out, eat it whilst the next one cooks.


      I have this model too after seeing it in OB. It's excellent for cooking hash browns, chips and chicken wings which come out quite crispy. I don't think that anything could improve the taste of chiko roll through. Also tried pies, bacon, frozen fish and also a whole (smallish) chicken. Steak is also ok but nothing compared to pan fried. I'd buy a larger model next time.


        I don't think that anything could improve the taste of chiko roll though

        Hard to know whether you think Chiko rolls are God's gifts to fast food or vile, repellant stuff that even bacteria shun. Intrigued to know which it is.


    Wonder if I can get kale chips going with this. If so, this thing would be so worth it.

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    This one is on special (usually is cheaper than full price anyway) http://www.dealsdirect.com.au/rank-arena-air-fryer-lcd-displ... for $89 plus about $5 Metro Sydney freight.

    I've raved about this unit, have bought a second for a friend then got another for myself when they were cheap, I've seen them as low as $79 but the lower Aus dollar will probably see the end of prices as low as that, but who knows.

    I've had mine for two years or so and yes I do use it to heat frozen chips, Chiko rolls, calamari and the like.

    However it comes into its own with chicken wings jointed down, tossed in potato flour and spices and cooked for 20-30 minutes depending on how many I cram into the basket. Sometimes I use a drizzle of rice bran oil or chilli oil for extra crispiness and zing but it all ends up in the bottom of the container anyway, with little or no residual oil on the chook. I find pieces with bones cook better than boneless.

    I agree with the posters who suggest these things are only good for singles or couples, they'd be hopeless trying to cook for more. I do cook serial lots of wings when I have visitors but if I need to feed people all at one time the air fryer stays in the cupboard.

    Another con with this unit is its height, storage can be an issue for the space starved :-)

    But yeah, it HAS changed the way we eat.

    Cheerz Wabster.

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    Don't forget take5off for 5% off.


      Damn, just ordered one 30 seconds ago. Should've read the entire comments first


    Wow such amazing responses, thanks everyone!!

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    To get the best result, do you cook chips frozen or thawed?

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    Like others, I bought one during the last sale. One of the best things I've bought. I've made chips (fresh), roast pork belly (like the chinese chop) and grilled maryland chicken. Tell you what, some of the best roast pork belly I've tasted. Probably use it about 2-3 times a week. Amazing how much oil comes out of the food. Easy to clean too. I just tip the oil into a takeaway container and then soak the pan in detergent (once cooled) for about 10 mins and wash. Depending on what you cook, you may need to do this a couple of times. Only down side is it only cooks about 500g of meat at a time. Hope that helps.

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    They also have the larger 2000W 3.5L Air Fryer for $109 del btw.


    Also 5% off code


    And go via Cash Rewards for 3% Cashback as well.


    So ends up being around $100 del :)


      judging from the comments - this would be best! very tempted to take the plunge and try it out


      Thanks dins the 14AVSAVES5 worked $84.55 or something including postage but I can pick it up from Tullmarine

      I need to lose some weight …. fries, chips, chiko rolls, chicken wings …. those foods mentioned in this thread

      Not so sure I will lose much weight with this Air-Fryer !!! ;)


        Went ahead and bought this. Will try to report back on what I think!

        Can someone tell me if they normally thaw products before cooking?

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    Just crisped up a stale waffle cone with my Philips.


    I am using from last two years. It is really good.


    Just received this today. I've only used this once to cook chips. Shoe string chips were crispy in 10 mins recommended chips cook time is 18 mins.
    I'm happy with the result! Would recommend as it's quiet and cooks fast!