expired PlayStation TV $125 @ EB Games [In-Store Only]


Hi all

I just saw this today at EB Games Ocean Keys WA.

Hope this helps someone out :)

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    Also seen it at this price at eb games Gosford

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    I'm sure it will drop even more, if you don't need it right away then it may pay to wait.

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    This would be in all EB stores, I saw it for this price in Melbourne too.
    But it has been cheaper else where:



    Rubbish device,
    Lose sync just one room away, when I went to return it, the sales rep asked me why didn't read the review to know better

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      Device is perfect, you just don't know how to use it. WIRED connection, even EoP. Not WiFi though, that is laggy. You must also either correctly setup your router or bypass it with a network switch.

      Ignore this if you like but this is all fact, plenty of people over at WP have it working great after following this method.


    What put me off buying this was the fact it didn't support all vita games. Good for remote play though I guess


      Yeah, this is just stupid on Sony's behalf. There are games that are known to work in one region that will not work in another. Apparently Sony just haven't updated the whitelist. They blame the devs for not updating it from their end.