expired Honolulu Return ex Bris $513, Syd $573, Melb $629 @ Jetstar


Brisbane Return to Honolulu is a massive $100 less than it was just one week ago, so here's your chance to grab an OS holiday with the family. Even Sydney comes in at a nice $20 less. Happy travels :)

Plenty of seats available at time of posting.

Valid for travel 12/05/15 to 18/06/15, and 07/10/15 to 10/12/15. Sale ends 15/03/15.

Here are the screenshots:

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  • +3 votes

    Wonder if all these specials are a result of the crash of Aus doller and not many people flying to hawaii

    • +3 votes

      Yes we were keen to head back after 10 years, but the falling dollar has made everything 25% more expensive.

      Hard to justify at this point in time even with the cheap airfares.

      (Thanks for posting though)

      • +2 votes

        If you were there 10 years ago the dollar was also under 80c. So it's not 25% more expensive than that.

    • +2 votes

      Part of it is that they fit more passengers on Dreamliners and they also use a fair bit less fuel, so their cost per passenger is lower.


    i tried a couple of dates and there isnt any direct flight.


    Are there any experienced budget backpackers (not the hotel/fine-dining type) that have been to Hawaii that would like to give a review?

    Do you have to venture far to find activities such as hiking? And can you jump between hostels near different beaches or is it not setup that way. If you already live next to a beach in Australia would you find it boring? I've read some so-so reviews but a lot were from people who lived there (which may be a bit different if it's only for 2 weeks).

    • +2 votes

      Inter-island flights are cheap so consider flying on to Hawai'i and/or Maui

      • +2 votes

        Second this, the other islands have so much more to offer than the Gold Coast like mecca that Waikiki is.

      • +3 votes

        Also agree that getting off Oahu should be the first priority, but flights aren't that cheap. Pretty much $100 per head each way to Maui. For a family of 4 that's $800 return HnL to Ogg :(

        And I remember when it was $35


          There's lots to do elsewhere on Oahu if Waikiki isn't your thing, though the vast majority of accommodation on Oahu is in Honolulu and mostly in the Waikiki area. Oahu also has the best public transport of all the islands so if you're not planning on hiring a car you can still get around (including out of Honolulu) using the bus.


          I haven't priced flights lately, but if you choose an unpopular time to fly they were generally cheaper, or book early. Seem to start from $AUD66 HNL->OGG and they appear to charge baggage additional now.

          Makes the previous Hawaiian Airlines SYD->HNL->OGG->HNL->SYD for low $900 a good deal then (Flight Centre?)

          You can do a series of hops e.g. Oahu->Maui->Hawai'i->Oahu so only pay for 3 flights.


        Including taxes it's around US$80 + luggage to fly inter-island each way on Hawaiian airlines.

        I'd only go to another Island if:
        - You don't want to do anything on Oahu
        - You're going for 9 or more nights (split the stay)

        But that's just me!


        Totally agree. If you want to see the real Hawaii, I highly recommend you do the 'Road to Hana' in Maui. You will need to hire a car, but it was totally worth it if you enjoy a good (challenging) scenic drive and waterfall pitstops on the way. If you do your research, you will find that there's a lot more other things to do and see in Maui.

        Kauai was also amazing - somewhat secluded and peaceful, but you also NEED to hire a car here too. Even if the islands are small, destinations are a bit of a drive apart with no good public transport avail. You'll find a lot of main land American's and Oahu residents go here for a relaxing holiday. I've also noticed people in Maui and Kauai are soooo friendly oppose to Oahu.

        To me, Oahu was the least fave. But it does have good shopping and hikes. OH! and try the Malasada's at Leondards bakery… amazing…

        It's a MUST to fly to other islands other than Oahu (and hire a car) if you really want to experience Hawaii and all its beauty.


      Thanks for the tips everyone. I think I'll have to allocate a bit more then to make an impulsive Hawaiin trip worth it.


    what does ex stand for in the title? ex to me says excluding but that's obviously not what it means

    • +6 votes

      It refers to the city you're departing from. Apparently ex is Latin for "out of" or "from".

  • +2 votes

    You can push on direct to Las Vegas with Allegiant Air too for US$310 return - or get one of Allegiant's Las Vegas package deals.



      What are Allegiant Air like?


        They're not bad, but they have the most extreme add on pricing of all the US airlines. I'm talking additional $$ for carryon, not just checked luggage


          There isn't a fee for a personal item, which if you look at the dimensions is what we would consider a carry on item in Australia.

          The US carry on sizes are much larger.

  • +5 votes

    Thanks TA Nice Price. Keep up the good work! A lot of work goes into doing posts. And I think that we are all aware that the discount carriers don't include food and baggage. But by posting this deal you have allowed those who are in the market to include it in their research.

  • +3 votes

    AWESOME!! Thank you very much for posting this deal. I have been waiting for prices to drop. About 15 mins after you posted the deal, I raced up to Flight Centre to book for the family.

    For 4 people, we paid $1800 return from Brisbane to Honolulu…Ok, so 1 of the passengers is only 12 months old.

    Still…we paid for 3 full fares. $600 each return. We also have 30kg of baggage each (both ways)

    Thanks again :)

    • +1 vote

      Have a great trip. It's a good location for babies/toddlers. :)

      • +1 vote

        Great!! Thanks CanadaAye. I have a 1 yr old and 3 yr old. Any advice/recommendations when we get to Hawaii?

        • +3 votes

          Avoid Starbucks like the plague.
          Burnt my tongue pretty bad.
          The Cheesecake Factory is a must for family dinners.(yes it's a restaurant) great value
          Visit the outlets and sign up to their newsletter for bigger discounts. Should still be good value as long as the Aussie doller stays put

        • +3 votes

          Some good advice from Peanut money. Cheesecake Factory can have long waits for dinner especially during busier times, so go a little earlier. It usually works out well with younger kids that way also.

          Depending on how long you'll be staying you may want to look into renting a condo/unit rather than staying at a hotel. It will come down to budget. Some of the condos will come with a parking spot which is great if you want to see more of Oahu. Otherwise parking at a hotel in Waikiki will set you back $20+ a night. If you don't want to pay for parking you can just hire the a car for the odd day here or there. The island is small enough that you can get to anywhere pretty comfortably on a day trip.

          There's a zoo and aquarium in Waikiki (at the Diamond head end) that may be of interest for the kids. The Makapuu Lighthouse walk is something you could do with two kids in strollers as it is paved the whole way (Diamond Head has a great view but has loads of steps).

          You can get around the Island effectively on TheBus though some say the Trolley (open air bus) is a little quicker for trips to Ala Moana (the main shopping centre). TheBus fare is a standard $2.50 (have the right change when boarding) and includes a transfer (for connecting services, though you may find you can use it for return trips even though it's not intended for this). For example for the standard fare you can get a bus to Pearl Harbor for $2.50 for an adult (children under 5 are free).

          On the accommodation front if you're planning on staying in a hotel keep your eyes peeled for hotel deals and do your research on what sort of hotel you'd like to stay at. Be aware that many charge a mandatory daily 'resort fee' even though I would not really consider any hotel in Waikiki as a resort. If you're planning on staying in a condo, look and book early and make sure the place has lots of reviews and a busy calendar.

          I could go on for ages but that would get ridiculous! I'd say do a little bit of basic research first then with your queries head over to the tripadvisor forums for some great advice from locals and frequent Hawaii visitors.

          Where you go and what you do will depend a lot on how active and mobile you want to be, how long you're there and whether you'll have a car.


          Great…Thanks for the advice guys. Getting excited now!! Damn…still 7 months to go :)

        • +2 votes

          If you're in Waikiki you might want to:

          • Try the buffet breakfast at Dukes restaurant (has nice beach views!) at the Outrigger hotel. Can be pricey with tips and taxes but still an experience and filling!
          • Hire a huge surfboard on the beach for around $15 per hour (usually let you hire for longer if you ask nicely!). You can negotiate with them! I usually hire a stand up paddle board without the paddle for a tandem surf.
          • There are always free cookie taste testings at Honolulu Cookie Co (there are around 5 on the main strip of Waikiki!). You help yourself to the taste testing station and there are usually a few varieties to try.
          • There are free taste testings at Yoghurtland (frozen yoghurt) in little sample cups you just have to ask for at the counter and they give you a few each person and you self serve the taste testings.
          • If you want to go another hotel from where you're staying, go to listen to live music at Marriott hotel at night until late and there are usually towels out at a desk (even if you don't stay there!) and get to use the heated outdoor pool and spa until around 11pm every night. Otherwise if you need a towel someone else staying at the hotel will probably let you in the gym which is very close to one of the pools and there are loads of towels.
          • Book a free make up session at Sephora for a day out (no purchase necessary) but you can tell them what make up look you are after e.g tell them you are going to a beach wedding in the afternoon and a make up artist will help you with the look. You get to pick the products and brands they use on you! And usually they give you free samples!

          Hope that this info is relevant or current by the time you go! :)


          Thanks…all very good info.

          Any idea how long we should stay in Hawaii? We are heading to the mainland after Hawaii (but I haven't booked those flights yet)


    Hoping for similar deals in early to mid Jan-16!

  • +2 votes

    damn. Im all booked out for trips in 2015. sorry i will miss this.

    I recommend Uncle Billys in Kona or Hilo and waikiki sand villa Pualeilani suits when in waikiki.



    Booked!!! yay!!!! thanks TA :) you made my day..

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