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Xbox Music 12-month Subscription ~$41 ($3.43/month, 66% off) [AUD]


Must be ordered from the Microsoft US online store in USD, billing may require a US postal address, I used a Borderlinx address which has worked fine.

Like Xbox Live, there is a 3 year limit for subscriptions. So you can only apply a maximum of 3 vouchers to your account.

In celebration of pi day in case you didn't catch it! (So it starts "tomorrow" in the US)

Direct link to store:

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  • Is a promo code required? Shows up at $99.90 for me.

    EDIT: Never mind, I see it starts tomorrow :)

  • Great price but from experience not all content is available for subscribers without additional purchases. Bought a few half price last time around. Service is good but definitely not as good as other major providers.

  • Can you order from the US store? I thought they block AU cards without a correct billing location?

  • Agree that it's not as good as other providers. Lots of vaguely but not super obscure stuff just doesn't work properly. I think licensing in Australia screws things up. I found Googles service to be miles better.

  • Live NOW!

  • How is the service? Does anyone know if the Android app is any good? Currently on a very good Rdio deal, however the app is very frustrating… looking to change :)

  • Great deal bought a 1 year subscription myself and considering buying 2 more, it may not be as good as other services but at nearly 25% of the price of the other services I think I can look past that.

    Anyone of the fence, there is a 30 day trial but I believe this is end in a few hours so be quick. According to reddit though the iOS app sucks where as the android app is great.

    Edit: BTW I used an Australian Mastercard with an Australian Paypal account with a US address tied to it and it worked fine. I used an American hotel address.