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Win a Lenovo Y50 Gaming Laptop (Valued at $2,199ea) from Lenovo - same as last month



Closing Date 31/03/2015
Draw Date 14/04/2015


Description The two entrants on the winning Team shall each receive one (1) Lenovo Y50 lapto
No. of Prizes 1
Total Prize Pool $4,398.00

Entry Requirements

Open To Australia-wide
Entry Limit One per person
Entry Methods Website
Prerequisites Recruit/Referral
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Same as last months comp. CODE: 87191 is my code. use this to start and then note your code in the comments so that the next ozbargainer may use your code.

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  • CODE : 89A59

    • Used your code thanks

  • +1

    David your entered
    My code is,
    And thank you.


    • Thanks, Ive used your code. Mine is 6F9D2

  • Code:20AFE

  • Code: 6B074

    • +2

      Used your code Kelvin.

      Someone feel free to use mine: A75B7

      • +2

        Got yours Matthew, here's mine if someone wants to use it: EAB77

        Cheers OP

        • Used yours, mine is: 1EDFA

  • Code 87191

    • Used yours mate.

      Here's mine for others :)


  • D2457

  • E30CC

  • Used yours Tim, tks.

    Mine: 6864D

    • Used yours Kelvin,

      Mine is 6F57E

  • Please use code A5070

    • Used Yours
      Mine is: 16874

  • Bah residents only!

    • Do you live in Brisbane or do you now live overseas? It only states that you need to reside in the country.

  • E012D

  • 698B9

  • My code is 61590

  • Thanks Maz,

    My code is 97F0A

    • entered your code…

      my code is: 82A91

      • Just entered your code hypie

        My code is: 0C8B3

  • Heckenberg used your code:

    Heres mine : C24EF

    • Used yours.

      Here is mine: B47D5

      • Used yours,

        Mine is : 736D4

        • Used yours,

          Here's mine:E5DCE

  • 2829C

  • 3E377

    • Used your code

      Here's mine!


  • uhzid used yours

    here's mine

    • Thanks , Used your code.
      My code is 64EEE.

  • My code is - 464C9

    • Used yours, mine is 0DA61
      Cheers :)

      • Used yours; here is mine for someone else to use: 0DA61

        • Um, isn't that lizzle's code?

        • @uggugg: Ah yeah! Good spot, where would my code be? Wasn't on the email they sent me; that's lizzle's!

  • gerard I used your code. Mine is 4473A

  • Mine is 05CA3


  • CODE: 6BF98

  • code is D70A0 - cheers

  • +1

    code. 11F53

    • Used yours, cheers. My code is 1ADCE

      • Thanks used yours, mines EB51D

        • Used ur code Collider
          My code 29826

  • Used Collider25's code. Mine is C2DB2.

    • Used yours. Mine is 0A3D9.

      • +1

        Used yours Joe888. Mine is AE780

        • Used yours. Here's mine.

        • +1

          Used yours. Here's mine: 67D4F

        • Used Apoca89, mine is:


        • @mt19:

          Used mt19, Here's mine, thanks!:


  • mine is 58F7E


    @yuminggoh, wanted to use yours but your code did not work. did you paste the correct code?

    • I used yours rainbowexpress999.
      Here's mine: 11DB0

  • Used rainbowexpress999

    Here's mine:


  • I used Ramrunner.

    Mine is WINAY50

    • Opps. My code is 3B3B9.

  • Also used Ramrunner! Mine is 41E8B

    • Used your code Skeksys.

      Mine is 64DC7

      • Used yours nhutty, mine is C997F

        • +1

          Used yours, mine is 97EA2

  • 17186


    GL gerard82!

    • 8A327

      Thanks used yours

  • Used yours realfamilyman. Mine is 2116D

    • Sorry, for strange reason the website showed a different code to the one they emailed me!? Did it work?? The first one above was on the website after entering. The one in the email was WINAY50 - weird.

    • Used yours ThisOne, mine is AFE83 .

  • 96AEA

    • Used your code.


  • 5A539

    Thanks :)

    • Used your code!

      Mine is D767D.

      • Used yours

        Mine is D0E0F

        • Used yours, mine is:


  • mine 4B755

    • Used yours. Mine: 9F7DC

      • +1

        Used ^


  • Help out a mate =)


    • used yours,

      thanks to all who use 087D6

    • Used yours!
      88D0E is mine.

    • alright, i used your code, fingers crossed eh!

      here's my code: 0ED49

    • Helped!

      E2B23 is mine!

    • Used - oh, derp, I didn't see this second page xD

  • used yours mark

    ppl feel free to use mine


  • Thanks clumsyguy,
    I used your code :)
    Mine is B1C41

  • And mine is 6F495

  • Used ALpha's above

    Mine is:


  • Used Shadowsfury's code.

    Mine is 721AD


  • Used brazen00

    Mine is B347E

    • Thanks godzilla123!

  • Used godzilla123

    Mine is D49B0

    Good Luck to all

  • Used nykhouston2003

    Mine: D3A1F

  • Used mountain goat 's

    Mine is AC70E

  • E5889

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