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Double Water Rider $1 @ Kmart Ashfield NSW


One of those water slides that you attach to the garden hose.
Not sure if this is nationwide. There's plenty of stock left at Ashfield NSW store.
Its $1………

just want to add the SINGLE WATER RIDER is also $1.

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    ah yes - the "nipple sander" if I remember correctly

    1. No mention of length

    2. If this starts attracting kids to my front yard, I wonder if I'll be receiving some 'visits'…

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      I thought your milkshake attracted them already?

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        damn right

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          Can you teach me?

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          @yaziyo: I must ask for monetary reimbursement

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      From memory it's like 1.8M

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        So in other words, it'll be like weee ow ow ow ow ow ow ow

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        Might be 1.8m wide but it's at least 5 metres long. We have one. It's fine if you have good water pressure. If not - use a few clothes pegs to constrict the flow of water along the sprinkler edge.

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    Nationwide, but stock was cleared at $4 after christmas. So possibly just a misplaced box of stock at this store… but possible at other stores.

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    Single water rider not 50c? The disappointment…

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      Buy the double, cut in half, sell one half for 50c. Done.

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        you'll probably only sell it to parents of only children, and they'll probably pay more so their kids don't have to share with others, so they might pay more!

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    Paid $3 for the double last week :(

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    $1? Are you sure it isn't one of those bogus inflatable pool toys which use photoshopped 'dwarf' kids on the packaging?


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    NOW I know what Russell Peters meant when he said if I saved 50c here and saved 50c there… now I can afford a double slide!

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    Spend $100, patch them together, start your own water theme park, profit?

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      patch them together, infinite slide :p

  • picked up one from burwood nsw.
    they have plenty of stock

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    They had a heap of these at Kmart North Rocks in Sydney about a week ago. Cannot remember the price, but it was cheap.

    Just posting to confirm that there certainly are some around well after Christmas, despite what "associated" said above re: a mislaid carton.

  • double or nothing

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    Pfft when I was a lad, we used weed mat and the garden hose and we were glad for it.

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    This beats the single one bigw are selling now for $3. The kids on the box are having approximately 38% more fun

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    Nationwide deal, stores may still have stock.

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    Kmart in Westfield Parramatta had lots of single slide ones for $1 at mid day yesterday and probably still do.

    Pools and some pool toys were on clearance too. I bought a $29, 12' x 30" metal framed plastic pool with filter. It was a labelling error they corrected to $39 immediately after I bought mine. Still a good price but I think I got the second last of that size. There were still quite a few big (but not as big) inflatable pools for $29.

  • I ended up getting a flexible walled one for $4 the other day. Meh. Good price and I can fold it put and put it away never to be used again

    • Flexible walled pool? Double water rider?

  • Any in WA?

  • bargain

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