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USA T-Mobile Prepaid Travel SIM Card SALE (13GB of 4G Data Included) $49 (55% OFF RRP) @ Travel Sims Direct


Hello OzBargain! To celebrate a great new promotion we have negotiated to get access to, we are putting on the T-Mobile Prepaid SIM Card with 3GB of 4G data….. EXCEPT NOW WE CAN OFFER AN ADDITIONAL 10GB OF DATA! Yes this card will have 3GB + 10GB of '4G Data Stash'. So a whopping 13GB of data. This bonus of 10GB is for a limited time only!


On sale for $49! - RRP$110AUD ($60USD Plan + Approx. $15 SIM Card + $10 International Calls and SMS Bonus = $85USD or $110AUD approx.) Thats over 55% off RRP!


Unlimited Local Calls To USA Landlines & Mobiles & SMS within USA
Unlimited International Calls to Landlines in Over 75 Countries – Inc. Aussie Home Phones
Unlimited International SMS to Over 200 Countries – Inc. Aussie Mobiles
First 13GB of Data at 4G Speeds, the 2G Speeds for Unlimited Data

Plus Enjoy These Features

Nationwide Coverage Across The United States, Including Hawaii
No Extra Charges to Receive Calls or Text from Overseas

For full list of International Countries for International Landline & Mobile Calls + SMS Please Visit:

To check T-Mobiles Coverage Please Visit: http://www.t-mobile.com/coverage.html

The Preloaded Credit on the T-Mobile Prepaid USA SIM Cards Lasts for 30 Days Upon Arrival Into the USA. After 30 Days the Card Can be Recharged Online or at any of the Thousands of T-Mobile stores and Retail Resellers in The United States.

No IMEI, No Problem!

While all our competitors require an IMEI number to activate your SIM card right before your travel date, WE DO NOT REQUIRE IMEI NUMBERS from you! This is because we don’t use third party activation portals, we activate via T-Mobile themselves. This means your card is preactivated through the most reliable source available, T Mobile themselves. Anyone who asks for an IMEI is using a third party to activate, and sometimes issues can arise from this. We don’t and this works out easier for all. Keep your private information in your own hands and avoid sharing this information where it is not needed!

What Do I Do When I Arrive Into The USA?

Simply Insert Your T-Mobile SIM Card Into Your Phone and You Will Receive a SMS Within Minutes Advising You of Your USA Mobile Number and You Are Ready to Holiday!

Can My Phone Use This T-Mobile SIM Card?

Almost all Australian Mobiles Will Be Able to Use This Product, As Long As Your Phone Is Unlocked! To Double Check Compatibility Against Uncommon Mobiles, Please Check Against:

When will I receive my sim card?

Regular Shipping: 3-7 Business Days
Express Shipping: 1-3 Business Days (Which you can order as a bonus on our site for just $3.95).

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  • These work great in the US, I went skiing in Colorado in Feb and used one of these, just switched SIM Cards when I landed in LA. Worked great in Vegas and Breckenridge. They must recycle the numbers though as I got a few calls for the same person who I assume was the previous holdr of that number, otherwise no dramas!

  • Hi Rep - I bought 2 x unlimited sim cards from you last year which I got an email for that its now 5 gigs of 4G. Any chance you can do the additional 10 gigs on these unlimited sims as well?

    • I agree with bargain hunter, I bought the advertised sim and then after paying for the article was told it was not going to be honoured after all and we are supplying an inferior product - too bad, here's $3 back. I too am asking that T Mobile at least provide the extra 10 gig. Please advise as so far I'm not satisfied on how this worked out.

      Currently, TMob are untrustworthy.

  • Hi Rep, Ok, I was just probably unnecessarily confirming that the 13gb will be automatic. BUT, as part of the original unlimited I bought had tethering, is that back on now?

    • Ah thanks for clarifying Anna. The tethering is a battle we are currently still fighting. At the moment it is still unavailable. It should be noted that we have been thoroughly looking at alternate products for tethering that Aussie's could use in the States and there isn't any practical and valuable ones atm.

  • Can you do another sale on T-Mobile 1GB Prepaid USA SIM Card?

  • +1
    Asked for a deal last week for 3GB seller gives a bonus deal - NICE.
    ordered cheers.

  • Please post deal for June/July! :)

  • Rep, ordered last night but no confirmation email received!?

    only from paypal:

    You sent a payment of $49.00 AUD to Roaming Abroad Proprietary Limited ([email protected])

    Could you please check, thx?

  • Has anyone received their order ?
    I noticed the posts above and responses from the Rep - I just tried emailing the hotmail address above and got a bounce, undeliverable.
    I ordered on Saturday with Express Shipping, but no shipping confirmation, wondering now if I'm going to receive by Thursday ?

    • +1 vote

      All good. I received a response back from them within 20 mins, confirming item was shipped yesterday. And sure enough, collected it from the Post office this afternoon. Thanks Rep !

  • using note 4 N910G australian stock version unlocked.
    3g Bands: HSDPA 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100
    4G LTE Bands: LTE 800 / 850 / 900 / 1800 / 2100 / 2600
    So will i be able to user this in hawaii with 4g or atleast 3g?

  • Hi Rep, is the tethering back on now??