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Free Pepsi Next Cans at Flinders St (Vic)


As stated in title, free Pepsi Next cans at Flinders Street Station

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Pepsi Next
Pepsi Next

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    They're green now?
    Did they just change the colour to match the new Coke life?

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      I think so. Let the Cola wars reignite!

  • What's next?

  • Is this color Coke or Pepsi good?

    not try them yet

    • +2

      The one that's free is good.

    • People are saying it tastes like pepsi, but has a sour aftertaste.

  • Just got 10 cans from MC…. I dunno why they dont just give me a box seriously so much effort

  • No charge on Myki if in and out in 15 mins (probably an ozbargain deal in itself)

  • Is it raining Pepsi Next in Melbourne or what?