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[PC] Battlefield 4 Premium Membership (Digital DLC) $29.99 Au - Origin Store


50% off origins normal price, not the cheapest its been but i've been on the hunt for Premium membership since i missed the last big sale so
$29.99 is still pretty damn good IMO & no stuffing around with vpns n watnot.
Not sure how long the deal goes for.

Note You will need the Battlefield 4 base game to use this.

See you on the battlefield!!

Access to all five expansion packs:
China Rising
Second Assault
Naval Strike
Dragon’s Teeth
Final Stand

12 bonus Battlepacks: Scoop up an assortment of in-game items including camos, dog tags, knives, gun attachments and XP boosts to give you an added edge on the battlefield.

Priority position in server queues: Get into the action faster. Premium Members fight first.

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    Mexican Origin store.


      Says $17.46 USD when I use a Mexican proxy?


        Precio de compra


        AHORRA 50%


        That is what it says on mine.
        50% off $24.99 is 12.49

        i used hola addon with firefox.


        Confusingly there's 2 products;
        Battlefield 4 Premium Edition - includes base game + all extras
        Battlefield 4 Premium Membership - doesn't include base game but includes all extras

        One is $17.49 the other is $12.49


          Thanks, ended up with the correct one. BF4 Premium for I think it was around $13-14? Yes. If you don't own BF4 it's like $23 with premium.

          Go. Get. It.

          That's a true bargain.

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    Amazon had it for US$15 a few weeks ago. I'd say wait till it comes down in price again.

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    Got this today, not the cheapest bargain in the history of times but great for a rainy Easter long weekend