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Infamous: First Light - PS4 $16 @ Harvey Norman


Infamous: First Light - PS4 $16 @ Harvey Norman
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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • +7 votes

    Good game, worth it but most PS owners got it free with Plus early this year.

    • +2 votes

      yup, for $70 each 12 months, a $16 free game is worth it —- (back 3 months ago), however once u stop ur PS+ subscription, u lose the free games as well.

      • -1 vote

        Yeah because I subscribe to ps+ just for one $16 game …

        • -2 votes

          Yeah because that's all you get, one $16 game.

          That's so factual.



          I can't tell if you missed the sarcasm I laid on my reply to SACHZ or you're just not aware of the benefits of ps+.

          Just from having ps+ on my ps4 for the 12 or so months I've had it taking into account the $70 subscription I've saved at least $100 just on games I would have otherwise bought, played then had sit on a shelve to gather dust (or sell off at half or worse original price).

          On top of that, there's online for Destiny, GTA5 and Drive Club that I use regularly, and I haven't even thought of the value I've received from the ps3 side of things, if I were it would be up around $500 easily.



          Totally missed it

          I've been a Plus user since day one, I thought you were just sledging it.

  • +1 vote

    Yep I got it on PS Plus, good game.


    great game. 16 is a steal


    good price for $16 .The question is to renew my PS Subscription and keep it for 3/12 months for $19/$59 or pay $16 and keep it forever….Fyi i got it when it was free but never played it .

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      its a good game, all up about 7 hours of game play. u can do it this w/e, no excuses :)


      Should gave played it when you got it on ps+
      There's no real replayability to it so once it's done it's done. Now you have to decide to buy it then have it gathering dust (or to try and sell it again or $1-$2 trade in) or pay the subscription and run the risk of not playing it like last time.
      I'll continue to 'rent' it, I keep ps+ for online gaming anyway.


    thanks op. still finishing infamous no.1


    This is now back at $15

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