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Toshiba NB200 Netbook, $299 after $100 Cashback from MLN, Bargain Will Not Last Long


I was in today at MLN for work, and I bought a Toshiba NB200 for $399, after I got back to the office, I logged onto to the Tosh website and realised this machine has a further $100 cashback, so it actually costs $299 after cashback. Thats a silly price, casback finishes on the 22 of Nov, so you have to buy it before then, but you still have 10 days to claim it.
Its a 10" stylish netbook and worth every dollar.
I dont think this will last long at all, as the other deals they have offered have not lasted at all.

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    could u plz tell us the exact model no? I can see nine variants of nb200 in

    • The specs are very similar to the PLL25A-009002, which is ineligible.

      Maybe the OP could flip the unit and confirm the Part No. and update the post.

    • thanks for the URL link

  • Also says 20/11/09 as the last day for cash back on NB200/002, NB200/00C, NB200/00D, NB200/00P, NB200/00Q models.

  • Sounds like a good deal … but you need to submit the cashback claim within 10 days of purchase. What if laptop isn't received by then?
    One may then argue that you could ask the vendor to place a later date on the invoice … but it may not help a great deal in this case because the cashback deal ends in 2 days from now.

  • The cash back is on the newer models, I believe. I was looking at this last month but decided against the purchase as the cashback wouldn't apply.

  • Best thing to do would be to get it in store!

    There are many variants of this model…which one is the one on sale?

    The ideal model would have the faster N280, 6 cell battery, 160gb drive. Thisnwould be the models with the chicle style keys?

    The black model pictured is the lower end model with the three cell battery, n270 processor.

    I might ring MLN tomorrow and drop by if it's the newer model. Still, $299 is hard to beat though I really want that longer lasting battery!

  • Screw MLN!!

    Im heading to officeworks for the 5% price match.


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      lol - I tried to price match at officeworks (not this particular model but another deal done by MLN) went to 4 local OW in my area - every one tried some lame excuse to get out of price matching. wrong colour, extra letter on model etc. LAME

      • That is valid as MLN does not mention the full model number!

        • I believe that under consumer laws it must be the colour shown unless otherwise stated.

          So its the colour shown. And the model that relates to that colour -I am still waiting for Officeworks to get rapped over the knuckles for its price match policy - its a bit of a fraud.

          They have versions of printers for sale that are exactly the same as other models but have different names and cost more than competitors. When will the ACCC, Fair Trading actually do something about them?


          • @kevst: Actually I have found them to be one of the more reasonable retailers in relation to their price matching policy compared to many others eg. HN for starters anyone?! It's reasonable that it has to be the same model and in stock for OffW to match the offer. I'd suggest HN (and others) should take much higher priority for any complaints to the ACCC! ;-)

            • @daydream: I've found that on cheaper peripherals and non technology items they are more than willing to match - its the big ticket items that they are not.
              eg. I overheard them call their head office and they get a message like "our cost price is $750 - we're not making a $200 loss (not this model)" If the item is under $200 they dont bother to call the head office even though they may be making a loss I believe.

    • Screw MLN indeed, I will never purchase from this misleading company!

  • Does it have a webcam?

    • Yes it has an integrated webcam

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    I bought this a few weeks ago when Toshiba were running a $150 off promotion when trading in an old Toshiba.. Paid $337 after $150 discount and applied for $100 cash back as well. Does anyone know if the trade in deal still applies?? would bring this down to $149 if so!


  • battery last long on this model??

  • this model is D002 as per MLN (Full spec : )

    3cell battery (3.5 hours life)/no bluetooth, otherwise very good spec

    • You say this is as per MLN - can you advise was this by calling them ?? As cant see any other details on website


      • Yes, I called MLN. (3cell is from toshiba site, but he said it is 6cell battery - but no bluetooth)

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    Officeworks will not match it, because they cant and they dont want too so they will look for every excuse under the sun not too
    , the $149 trade in deal is long gone.
    Its the black version and its in stock at MLN, I would not wait too long as I dont think they will be in stock for much longer.

  • Rang two MLN stores.

    The West Melbourne store confirmed it's the D002 model at $399. Cashback available.

    The Essendon store quoted me $487 (claming that toshiba will give a Cashback of $88 taking it down to $399). Not sure why that's the case. They also told me that had the White version with the longer-lasting battery for $520.

    • yes, the white one is 9cell battery. But price is 399$ only to them (Cashback is via toshiba website).

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    Bought from office works (Price matched with shipping added for 406$)

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      thats strange,
      I went to officeworks and they would not price match it.
      thats really good through that you got them to do that.
      Normally I cant be bothered doing all of that, but I may try next time to see if they will beat it, but on something below $2000 its probably not worth it.

      • This is my first time with any shop for price matching.

        Their regular price is 647$ ( ) so was quite nervous to ask for 38% discount :-).

        • Which OW store was it. I tried to get a pricematch at Cranbourne a couple of months ago and they did not want to do it.

          • @chloden: Brisbane (Adelaide St)

            • @mawinmawin: oh ok,
              I tried a few in Melbourne and none of them would do it.
              I dont even bother anymore, if the deal is good, just take it.

  • Mawinmawin, which model did you get price matched? Which officeworks?

    Update: I see from your URL that you price matched to the same model as MLN.

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    I was in today at MLN for work

    do you mean you work for MLN ? :)
    If yes, I would suggest you to contact mob to the rep mark

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      was in today at MLN for work, and I bought a Toshiba NB200 for $399, after I got back to the office


      as the other deals they have

      I dont think he works for MLN if he says "got back to the office" and "they" :-)

  • went to the shop cross the street, they also have toshiba netbook sale. 298

  • maybe it's getting cheaper everywhere now.

  • Catmao, which shop are you talking about?

    Same model? I am not sure where to get it from now! MLN, pricematch at Officeworkd or the 'shop cross the street'.

  • Here is a “shop cross the street” as I know. They have similar models but better spec. These models come with 6 cells battery and Bluetooth. The shop is in LapyKing, Chatswood. They still doing the Toshiba $150 trade in, after $150 trade in Toshiba NB200 netbook would be $448. And then you still can claim $100 cash back from Toshiba website before 20Nov. After all, you only need to pay $348

    Shop and trade in detail:

    Two models netbook they are selling:

    I am still thinking there is worth to buy or not. Because the cash back due day is 20NOV !

    • you got many days for the cashback. Because, toshiba allows cashback with in 10days of purchase date (So buying before nov 20th, can claim until Nov 30th which is online registration - postal receipts need to be reached by toshiba with in 15days after registration, which means before december 15th)

      Both deals are good with no difference in spec (may be color difference). 50$ more is definitely worth for 6cell batt/bluetooth.

      • But If you are in Sydney and can go to the Chatswood shop then you will save $29 deliver charge if buy online from MLN

  • Lapyking website lists the prices as $813:

    • As I know. Lapyking never list his special deal on website.

  • This looks like an excellent deal - I'm close to pushing the button on it…

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    NO guys, I dont work for MLN nor am I affiliated in anyway with MLN, my work place is two street down from MLN West Melbourne, I am an IT admin. I look after 1500 computers and therfore am constantly looking for hardware, most of the time buying from MLN is cheaper than buying direct. I just decided to post these deals I find as I seem to be the only one who benefits as not many people know about them, and I see all these other B grade companies get credit when this company does even better deals, thats all.
    I just thought it would be nice to share.
    P.S There is no computer store scross the road from MLN, across the road is the Queen Victoria Market.
    Also you can order online, when I travel interstate i Just order off them and it gets delivered to work, so no stress.

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      If you dont mind - may I ask - how do you claim cashback if its for your company? (thinks its 5 claims max per person?) I think thats one of the reasons why they offer cashback - so that buisness cant buy them at the reduced price.

      • each notebook or netbook is actually purchased under the actual users name, internally we salary sacrifice products.

    • Thank for the information and share the nice deal :)

      some more choice for you if you do not work/live near/at MLN

      • the models listed in above link not eligible for $100 cash back.

  • Anyone know if they have any brown/bronze coloured ones in stock?

  • Listed in stock at lapyking. Best to call!

  • I am a little confused. If you buy from OW why do you need shipping? Unless the store does not carry the laptop, in that case can you still request for price matching.

    And to clarify things, the one that is sold by MLN is it a 6 cell battery or a 3 cell battery?


  • The one I bought from MLN (West Melbourne) last month is PLL25A-00D002,$337 after $150 trade-in. No bluetooth, 3 cell battery lasting for 3 hours.

  • Toshiba NB200 Netbook PLL25A-009002 NB200 Atom N280 1.66GHz/1GB/160GB/10”/XPHome.

    That is the model which is not in the cashback list sadly…

  • Got mine at officeworks in Elizabeth St Melbourne yesterday. They pricematched and beat! $379 for me. Now to send in cashback form…

  • Pretty sure its all sold out now.

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    Isnt it nice, those who have bought this item - and never voted with a plus sign - you know a little encouragement and sorta thanks to the poster. Even those who priced matched. Without this post you wouldnt have go that deal. And you want more "deals"????. Stop being leeches show some gratitude!!!

  • Can someone please list down the items the comes with the netbook? This is because I have gotten a display unit and not sure whether I have gotten the complete set.

    Mine only come with the netbook and the adaptor. Is there anythign else? Thanks.

    • Replied ur email, but yes, the box contains only charger and netbook. Netbook already has battery plugged. So you got all.

      These days even big notebooks comes like that only (compared to desktop PCs)

  • Thanks mate. I feel uneasy as I got a display unit. Wonder how long have they left it turned on. And I am trying to find other officework around Sydney with stock to exchange it but none of them have any left.

    Wonder how the warranty works. There is no windows or driver cd in there right?

    • If you can connect external(USB) dvd writer, you can backup the OS image. Toshiba's mobile care is very good (13 30 70 or

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