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Priceline Sister Club - $11 Adult, $9 Children, $32 Gold Class Movie Tickets to Event Cinemas (Free Membership Req.)


I was checking out the Priceline website and found this advertised. If you are a part of the Priceline Sister Club you are eligible to purchase movie tickets to Event Cinemas for $11 Adult, $9 Children and $32 for Gold Class.

Normal restrictions on these types of deals apply - no tickets after 5pm Saturday, surcharge for 3D and Vmax, vouchers valid for 9 months

Since I don't have the membership (seems easy to sign up anyway) I don't know whether booking fees apply. Furthermore, I think these vouchers being offered are physical vouchers that are mailed to you rather than evouchers. I might be wrong though so if someone has Sister Club account and wants to check that would be great. edit: thanks to @pepsilid it seems they are e-tickets. Various attractions are 15% off as well e.g. zoos

Sister Club:

Free membership (unsure whether you can log in straight away):

Terms and conditions:

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  • wheres the brother club?

  • Just logged in, you do get e-tickets. They use lifestylrewards.com.au to process the transaction though and the site doesn't seem to load very well (it could just be my poor internet connection).

    Plus you get 15% off these attractions: New South Wales
    Wet'n'Wild SydneySEALIFE Sydney AquariumWILD LIFE Sydney
    Warner Bros Movie WorldSea WorldWet'n'Wild Water World
    Melbourne AquariumStrike BowlingPhillip Island Nature Parks
    South Australia
    Adelaide Zoo Wildlife ParkAdventure KayakingMonarto Zoo
    Western Australia
    The Bell TowerWhale WatchingWestcoast Jetboat
    Northern Territory
    Crocosaurus CoveOutback BallooningAyers Rock Tours
    Cradle Country ToursFreycinet AdventuresZoo Doo Wildlife Park
    National ZooDinosaur MuseumInstitute of Sport

  • Is there a booking fee associated with the e-tickets? Or straight out $11 for adults etc

  • Just went through process it's $14 for etickets $11 for vouchers not sure if any extras on top.

  • Just went through process it's $14 for etickets $11 for vouchers not sure if any extras on top. Telstra deal a lot better instant tickets for $11.

    • I noticed of late via Telstra portal the tickets are $11 + $1.20 booking fee

      • Booked and played by paypal yesterday $33 for three tickets

      • I used Telstra many times and can't remember there is any booking fee though.

        • Used via Telstra on Monday no booking fee.

          However used via Telstra in March:
          Tickets 1 x Adult 2 x Child & x Telstra Large Combo Upgrade and got charged 3x $1.20= $3.60 booking fee

          Don't understand the inconsistency

        • I buy Telstra tickets often and it never charges the $1.20 booking fee (for internet bookings). If you take the voucher to Event, there will also be no booking fee.

          (I think the booking fee hides inside the $11, as it used to be $10).

          Mind, this is for NSW. YMMV.


      • I think when you use paypal theres definitely no fee

  • Telstra $11 tickets with Masterpass gets you free popcorn and a drink. No booking fee as well

    • Thanks for that. I've bookmarked this and will try it next time. Great value. I wonder if it works with this deal.


      I think that's a NSW thing…will try next time in VIC and see if it works, but it didn't a few months ago.

    • Hi, Do you have the link for this? I can only find the Telstra $11 tickets with free candybar upgrades (not free pop corn & drink).

  • Here's the link: https://select.lifestylerewards.com.au/sisterclub

    All you need is your membership number.

  • Adult movie tickets…

  • I have never been charge booking fee with Telstra.Just tested it and no booking fee.

  • Prices are as followed:

    - Child VIC/TAS Restricted - $9
    - Adult National Unrestricted - $14
    - Child National Interacted - $11
    - Gold Class VIC/TAS - $30

    - Child National Restricted - $9
    - Gold Class National - $30
    - Adult National Restricted - $11
    - Adult National Unrestricted - $14

  • This ia better than telstra tickets cos of cinebuzz points and child tickets being cheaper.

    • You still get Cinebuzz points via Telstra & booking is immediate via the Event website so only $11, no booking fee & no minimum ticket purchase.

  • Buy 25% off eventcinemss cards from experience this, then use telstra $11, check out with master pass"s free popcorn and drink , and we have a winner.

  • Friendly reminder: If you're a student you can watch $8 movies on Mondays, provided you have an equivalent event cinemas account.

  • Do you have to be a Telstra customer to get the discount from them? Any URL?

  • adults tickets are cheaper on ebay at the moment but children and gold class is great. thanks

  • Looks to be expired now