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Coles 1/2 Price 22/04 (Finish 36-56 Pack $13.99, Pepsi 2L $1.55, Thins $1.55, Nutino 750g $3.15)


Full catalogue of Coles specials starting Wednesday April 22nd.

1/2 Price:

  • Starburst Snakes $1.31
  • Pantene Shampoo or Conditioner $3.94
  • Continental Cup a Soup $1.00
  • Mars Celebrations Gift Box 300g $5.00
  • Nice & Natural Bars $1.99
  • Selected DVD Titles $10.00
  • Pepsi 2L $1.55
  • Kit Kat Bars $1.00
  • Lavazza A Modo Mio Coffee Machine $84.49
  • Tip Top Raisin $2.90
  • Sun Rice Brown Rice 5kg $6.80
  • Gravox $1.27
  • Large M&Ms $3.35
  • SFC Chicken Tenders $4.50
  • McCain Chips $1.99
  • Norsca Deodorant $2.99
  • Palmolive Dishwashing Liquid $2.74
  • Natures Own Vitamins from $8.99
  • Pine-O-Clean $2.48
  • Bio-Attack Laundry $6.00

Other Specials:

  • 15% off iTunes
  • Coles Peanut Butter Ice Cream $4.50
  • Colgate Total 110g $2.00
  • S26 Baby Formula 2 for $27.00

Many thanks again to imissbeans for the pics.

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    Woo! Was waiting for this to be put up :)





    Thanks TA, very useful!

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      TA is the Queen? :P


        Not sure, does he live in Sydney :p

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    Thins Chips for $1.60!!

    Woolie's has them right now for 20% off, down to $2.50.

    I need to stock up on the Light and Tangy on Wednesday.

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    a bit side track, just FYI:
    I bought some "The Natural" Soft Jellies 180g for $1 each yesterday at Coles Summerhill. Cheapest ever after a long time.

    Seems that they clearing the old stocks out and replacing with bigger package. only the old package ones are on special.
    For those who are interested, check out your local Coles store


    Does vanish ever go on sale?

    • +8 votes

      Yes but you can't see it.

      • -1 vote

        Omg so funny!


          I know!
          I'm a great comedian.


    They do put the PDF up on their website to look at.

    • +1 vote

      only at 1700 AEST on Monday.


    Mccain chips, yes sir

    • +2 votes

      Not as good as cocaine chips.

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    Most Cadbury chocolate is on special too. Boost is the best bang for your buck weighing in at 60g for 99c. Same price for Picnic, Cherry Ripe and also Summer Roll bars.
    Also found, 200g Toblerone and Cadbury family blocks $3.50.
    Arnott's Tim Tams Value Pack 330g $2.20

    Not an amazing price but Bonds Mens Flexits Trunks $12 (I find these Flexits keep their shape much better and longer than their other varieties)

    Swiss Ultivite Formula 1 Multi Mens and Womens Tablets 60 pack $15

    Peters Original Vanilla Ice Cream 2L $4

    Arnott's Mint Slice Chocolate Biscuits Value Pack 337g $2.20


    Are the Finish Tablets cheaper than Reject shop at this price?


      <25c each is a good price on Finish Quantum tablets. Usually via CoTD, Kogan or something.


        Only the all in ones are 25c, the quantum would be ~35c each.

        IIRC can get 60 packs of quantum from reject shop for $19 or $20 (~32-33c)

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    Line up apple iPhone style for the s26. Gone to China before 9am