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80% off Spigen Cases: Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy S4\S5, HTC One M9, Apple 6 & More from US $3.50 +Ship @ Amazon


Spigen via has a sale on with up to 80% off Spigen Cases: LG G4, iPhone 5/5S/6/6 Plus, LG G3, Nexus 6, Galaxy S5/Note 4, & More.

Found these deals earlier on Android Central, just ordered a Note 4 case delivered for US $9.69 inc shipping!

Follow the deal link from the Android Central post and there are individual links to the all the case deals on Amazon:

Be gentle, my first post and I wasn't sure how to paste all the direct links here without taking 4 hours to format it all correctly…


I'll try pasting the slickdeals link here -

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      Cheers, yeah I almost used that link, but there's a bunch of stuff in the list that the codes won't work on :-/ Didn't want to give anyone false hopes.

      • You're right. I had hoped to apply it to Sony Z3 cover, but that hope was false!

  • With the LG G3, I added 2 different cases and it also gave an additional 15% off.

  • I couldn't use the link for the deal page for some reason, I'll try pasting it here:


      S4 Case no longer available

  • I'm getting an error saying "The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase." Wtf am I doing wrong? I want to buy a couple of Nexus 6 cases

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      same. that just happened to me as well for 3 Coil wireless charging.

    • I get the same error message

      • I just tried with 1 case and it worked. But shipping is $18.13 to Melbourne.

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      Hi, i think if you get "The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase." it means that you already applied the code to your cart.

      If you don't see the discount I think it may mean the discount is not applicable to that case. Make sure its a case that's included on the slickdeals link one post above yours.

      • False alarm, I already entered the code and didn't see "Use your promotional balance". My bad!

      • i believe the LG G3 cases are removed from the list. the code does not work on them. (does work on a Nexus 6 case) :(

  • Can't get free shipping on the M9 case.

    • The free shipping doesn't apply to Aus, only US addresses I believe

  • It's not ALL cases, only some. Really weird.

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    Hmmm.. shipping is charged… and you can't seem to add more than 1 case with more than 1 promo case,as most promo codes are different

    eg.. better value with 1 case 1 order + postage…

    • i just realised this too. Cheaper for me to do 2 separate orders (total 22 bucks) instead of 1 (total 30 bucks)

      • and prob cheaper and quicker post off ebay :P

  • I picked up one of these for my Note 4 so will see how it goes. Was $18.99 plus $6.19 shipping (Sydney) before discount of $15.19 applied. So came down to $9.99 shipped for me.

  • Thanks OP, I got 6 GSN4 cases for $USD31 delivered to Melbourne. No idea why I need so many cases, but it costs about 30-40AUD for just one of those cases if I were to get it from ebay here.

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    Any Note 3 love?

  • Shipping kind of kills the deal for me. The cases I looked at can be found cheaper on eBay.

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    For anyone with a Nexus 6, I highly recommend the Spigen Neo Hybrid Case. I have it in Red. It is really strong and the case is higher than the screen. Also the buttons are split individually.

  • Noo!!! I received Spigen Tough armour for my S6 Edge yesterday from ebay for $30.

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    Sigh… just bought a Neo Hybrid Metal for the Note 4 a few days ago. I'll buy something here to make myself feel better.

  • Good deal got a G3 case for 12.48AUD delivered

    • Which one ?

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        80% Off code ANDROID8

        from slickdeals post

        • Thanks, i cannot add 2 different colours, its not taking the discount on both.

        • @varunsic:
          your second case may not be covered in the slickdeals link.

          also the discount code only works on multiple cases when all cases in the cart use the same code.

        • @callistus: 2 for $17.79. Thanks

        • @varunsic:

          Can I ask which two did you order that worked? For LG G3?

        • +1

          @neonlight: Slickdeals link choose the shimmery white and metal slate

          Can't post the links to the product as its a referral, not even from mine.

        • @varunsic:neither worked last night and this morning.

        • @alwayseric:

          Just tried, still works.

          I created a new account as the code only work once per account.

          Followed the slickdeals link, add to cart for both.

          Enter coupon.

          I always have an american address set as default, and when doing an order, i change the ship to. Not too sure it that's the trick

        • @varunsic: thanks. I also found out why the code didn't work. Its because I didn't open the link directly from sd's website.

  • For Galaxy S5 - Ringke slim is much much better than any Spigen. I own both. check the review before buy any.

  • Nothing for the OnePlus One. Sigh. Curse my excellent taste/value equation in handsets…

  • Just got 4 iPhone 6 cases for AUD 20 delivered. Thanks!

  • yeahhh bpoyyeeee, missed out last time, glad this came up again :D

  • M8 case definately doesnt work.

    • Wish I saw this half an hour ago!

  • Do you think this case can be used for SONY Xperia Z2?

  • Spigen is the biggest pile of overpriced crapola
    Every case I've bought of theirs has cracked within weeks

    After years of wasting money on premium cases. I found that The best and most durable cases are the $1 tpu cases from eBay.

    • Make sense, They only sell the brand and good looking case.
      And there is tons of Bad Review Here

      • Glad I'm not the only one who feels the same way.

        I +1 the post anyways as it's a good price for anyone wanting something that looks good.

        • I'm actually pretty happy with the Spigen Tough Armor I got for my new S5. Shall see how it holds up over time.

    • I disagree. My phone in a cheap tpu case cracked, after dropping it on carpet.
      After the $150 repair, my Spigen case has been very good (Touch wood).

  • Any apple watch cases available? Need one for my 42mm Gold Apple Watch Edition.

    • +8

      I doubt u have any money left to afford a case.

  • I would stay away from the neo hybrid plastic series because the plastic band cracks really easily near the button placements. Many reviews on amazon say the same.

    The neo hybrid metal ones are stronger and look better in my opinion. However they do make the case more difficult to remove.

  • Thanks Op, got 2 for my 6 plus $14.80 with delivery. Bargain.

    • Which one did u buy as many of them the code doesnt seem to work. Tks

  • anyone having success with adding different combinations of phone cases to the same order? I can't seem to get the code to work for any of the g3 cases that slickdeals posted, but the code works fine for the red and yellow s5 neo hybrid cases.

    edit: nvm, think my problem was I wasn't adding the cases to cart through slickdeals link. 5 cases for $29.87 shipped..

  • None of the s6 edge cases work unfortunately :(

    • I have the tough armour for my s6 edge. Works great.

      • Sorry i meant the code didnt work for any of them :P The tough armour is the one i want to get! Have you dropped it yet? Im interested to hear how it goes with drops etc…atm im stuck using a wallet case because im paranoid of scratching and breaking the screen

        • +1

          No Sorry I haven't dropped it yet. I am still babying the edge right now. There is a lot of rubber on the case that I am sure will absorb the shock. My only worry is that the bottom of the phone might slip out of the case if dropped front facing. There is a good lip on the case which was my main priority.

  • I added a Spigen Neo Hybrid Metal case for iPhone 6 Plus to my cart. Fulfilled by Amazon. Comes to AUD 13.21 shipping included. Pretty good considering the same case goes for $25 on Australian eBay.

  • I ordered some Spigen cases on the last Amazon deal and was disappointed with the build quality of their products. Having traditionally used Incipio cases on my devices I was hoping for similar quality but found Spigen doesn't even come close.

  • -1

    Get local Note 4 Spigen Neo-Hybrid case for $8.

    • Most likely fake, lots of fakes on eBay.

      Read some of the negatives left on the seller's account and you can see buyers saying it's a fake.

    • Genuine copies are cheaper on ebay, you'll find that's a fake item.

      • Yeah thought as much for the price. But it looks amazing, has a minimal footprint, survived heaps of drops, and is delivered within a day. That's what a case is supposed to do right?

    • +1

      I bought one of those the other day. I didn't realise it was supposed to be a Spigel case.
      But it does have the name & logo etched into the back & Neo Hybrid on the side.

      The case is well built, the port holes all line up perfectly. The buttons work perfectly.
      I've never seen a real Spigel case, so I can't compare.
      My only very slight negative is the look. the red hard plastic bit around the outside looks like (matte lego) plastic. It would have been nice if it was a metalic-look finish.

      But I have no doubt it'll survive a drop.

      • i have two different spigel cases for my Nexus 5. both are well-made and top quality. more often than not the people who claim they wasted lots of money on these overpriced cases simply trash their stuff.

        I may get one for N6 and one for G3.

  • Correct the title. It should read iPhone 6 not Apple 6

    • Word limit probably.

  • +1

    trying to get Neo Hybrid Metal Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 but the code doesnt seem to work, can anyone confirm they managed to get this? - can anyone please confirm if they managed to get this?

    • yeah no luck with neo hybrid metal. It works for neo hybrid though

  • Anyone else getting this issue..?

    "Sorry, this item can't be shipped to your selected address. Learn more. You may either change the shipping address or delete the item from your order."

  • no!!!!!!!!!!
    the code does not work on g3's cases for whatever reason!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase.

  • Thank you

    working for Iphone 6 Neo Hybrid Metal cases

  • Got some plus cases. Thanks

  • +1

    Had the iPhone 6 Gold CS case in my basket last night with the promo code working but today it's not. Have they been removing items?

    • THink so

  • not working for S4 View Case

  • I had 2 cases in cart for $14.85. But after I add Slim Amor Satin Silver. The order total became $13.24. I gladly accepted a saving of $1.6 with one bonus case:)

  • Couldn't find anything for an HTC One M7. Seem to have plenty of m8 and M9 options though which makes one wonder

  • Did anyone find a case for the galaxy s4?
    I can't se to find it.

      S4 CaseS no longer available

      • Damn. Thanks

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