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XB1 + Halo + COD Advanced Warfare + AC Unity + AC Black Flag +3mth Netflix $449 Delivered @ Big W


Good Bundle Offer From Big W.
XB1 + Halo + Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare + AC Unity + AC Black Flag + 3months Netflix $449 Delivered

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  • Wow, great fond op.

  • XBONE is going to have a hard generation.

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      Its like the 3rd best selling system ever. Just because it is not selling like the ps4 does not mean it is performing badly

      • Out of curiosity, how is this gen going? I'm 26. I owned an N64, PS2 and PS3, but have not at all been keen to adopt this generation of console yet. Are sales comparable to previous gen's and I'm just out of touch??

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          These are current Gen sales.
          Nintendo Wii U Around 9.5m
          Xbox One Around 12m
          Playstation 4 Around 21m

          These are last gen sales
          Wii 101m
          PS3 85M
          360 85M

        • @TRENT86:

          Ok thanks for that. I only ask because I realised today that my PS3 is nearly 10 years old! I still find it suits my needs as far as playing the odd game goes. Good staying power :)

        • @GregRust: 95% of new games aren't making it to old systems so when you get to a game you might want to play, you'll need the new system. But the ps4 isn't as good as the PS3 as a media device just yet so you'll be okay, but games are so much better on the 'current' gen systems

        • @Tal_Shiar:

          I did play FIFA on a PS4 about 12 months ago and was quite impressed. And that probably doesn't fully utilise it's power so it'd be good to get one eventually and really stretch its legs. But I don't think my current TV would do it justice. Might wait for a PS4 and TV deal!

        • 95% of new games aren't making it to old systems


          Shadow of Mordor
          Battlefield Hardline
          Battlefield 4
          CoD Advanced Warfare
          CoD Ghosts
          Tomb Raider (Whatever the next one's called)
          Watch Dogs
          All the stupid sport-a-year games like FIFA and NBA
          Forza Horizon

          They're all on the 'previous' gen of console. I can keep going if you like. Notice that I didn't include all the BS money-grabbing remakes.

          I know 90% of statistics are made up, but that "95%" number is absolutely ludicrous. Most people would be hard pressed to name me 10 next gen exclusive games, and here we are in the 3rd year of the console, considering the one trick they know how to do for next gen is just remake PS3 and 360 games (And in some rare cases, Gamecube games!?)

          Next generation isn't 'current' until we actually get some new games to play on it.

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    Amazing deal.
    This also qualifies for the 3-Months of Free Netflix.

    Maybe edit this deal, and add this in.

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      Thanks forgot about that, I will add it in :)

      • Bought one while didn't receive netflix code. Any idea why?
        http://www.finder.com.au/buy-an-xbox-one-console-get-free-ne... says only some retailers are participating.

        • +1

          Big-W is definitely participating in the Netflix offer.
          I managed to get the code, but I had to call their customer service hotline. It took a lot of talking but I got it.

        • @guidedlight: Many thanks for your advice. Made a call this morning. The lady didn't know what I was talking about. I was asked to wait for a callback after they talk to supplier. Bad luck that eventually I got email from them:
          Good Morning, The console purchased via ONLINE does not have the 3 month subscription to Netflix only the consoles purchased via store level, this was not an online offer sorry. Regards Movies and Games Plus

        • @hongd: You need to go back to them again and ask where the Terms and Conditions state that. The only requirement is that you purchase an Xbox One from Big-W which you did.

        • @guidedlight: Called again. BigW still firmly refused to give the code, saying online order doesn't have offer this code.

        • @hongd: As I said… it took a lot of talking to get the code from them.

          Ultimately, I said to that that this isn't mentioned in the T&C's at all. I told them that my purchase decision was based on the T&C's as provided, and that they either provide written proof that I haven't met the eligibility criteria or provide the Netflix code. After that they provided the code to me.

          Note that the Microsoft website also has the full terms and conditions.

    • +15

      Lol yeah I'm sure people are going to buy the console just for the netflix

      • I sure as hell wouldn't buy it for videogames.

        Here's the list of quality exclusives.

        List is finished.

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    Still holding out for a halo 5 xbone … returns to cradling

    • +1

      Same here. Although this is a very tempting deal… Come on Groupon, where's your discounted Big W e-gift cards now?

  • It may also only be available online because it's being sold by a BIG W Marketplace Seller and not Big W.

    • Yeah I see nothing about in store but why go to store when it's delivered Free :)

      • Just pointing out it's online only because it being sold by Movies & Games Plus. You also still cannot use gift cards online.

        • Shows you can click & collect so who knows. On the gift cards maybe they will add that soon along side their updated site :)

        • @TRENT86: I think click and collect option is referring to the SimplyCollect program where you can get a package shipped to a bigw store and you then pick it up in-stores (similar to the ebay offer)

  • +6

    Woolies staff discount 10% this weekend also, makes it $404.1 delivered.

    • +1

      Yep, I just bought for $404.1 + Forza 5 for $57.6, and I ordered Forza Horizon 2 from Target just to save $3.55!

  • Is it worth getting the Kinect for Skype purposes?

    • Skype on Xbox one is awesome. The camera tracks you and zooms as you move around the room. We have a big living room and a toddler so it works well when Skyping family.

    • Pretty much the only decent reason for it, I also use it for the whole "xbox on" - turn tv on thing and the ability to change channels with the TV tuner that just released with voice.

  • -1

    Cmon.. Now we just need a ps4 bargain deal to complete the collection :)

    • +1

      This is pretty good bundle

      • Yes it is, but didn't like the games, and can't be fussed selling them. Plus I'm kinda eyeing sub $500 deal

        • I'm sure there will be another 20% off ebay soon :)

  • Do we know anything about "Movies & Games Plus"? I had been looking at Xboxes on Gumtree but decided that a new one might be better, primarily for warranty. I feel like buying from an unknown online shopfront doesn't improve that situation much…

    Any chance of getting a brick and mortar to match it?

    • I answered my own question - my local JB Hi-Fi matched with zero fuss. Still download codes, not discs, for what it's worth.

  • Can this be used to drop to $439

    • +1

      if you found a store with stock you could as it's not excluded….

  • if you know anyone who works at woolies, can get you further 10% off as today is Staff sale (in store only) day at BIGW

    • works online also

      • I have seen their staff sale banner, which says 'in store only' but if it works online as well then great :)

      • Code def works online. Comes up $404.10

        • +2

          Can anyone share a code?

  • The one time I wish I was still a staff member ;)

  • Do Big W use Australia Post for delivery? Here's hoping so I can avoid having to drive a million miles to the airport to pickup from some other courier

    EDIT: They do in case anyone else was wondering

  • All of these games (Except for Halo 2 from the MC Collection obviously) can be bought on an Xbox 360 for far cheaper than this, except for Unity.


    But you're not missing much.

    • +1

      This deal includes the console too.
      But yeah, the games are fairly cheap on Xbox 360. e.g. AC BF was free to XBL gold members a week or so ago.

  • Will EB Games do the same deal if I walk in? What's the market value if I was to sell the three games?

  • hey guys just wondering how you purchase this deal. i've tried everything and can't seem to find anywhere where is says buy now or anytjing. i'm from australia and want to get it delievered to abig w store here and have called the 1300 244 999 number to see if they can help me with the simple collect thing but they had no idea. i'm just wondering how you purchase this deal. anyone that could help would be a huge help. thank you

    • It must have expired last night man :(

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