This was posted 5 years 11 months 13 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Free Apple TV (Normally $109) with Any Mac/iPhone/iPad Air 2/iPad Mini 3 Purchase at Myer


Myer's giving away an Apple TV when you buy pretty much any Apple product they stock. Works online and in-store (confirmed at Bondi Junction).

Bonus Apple TV when you purchase any Apple computer, iPhone, iPad Air 2 or iPad mini 3. Bonus redeemed at purchase. Apple TV automatically added at checkout. Offer available until 11:59pm AEST Sunday 10 May, 2015 unless sold out or otherwise stated.

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  • Only works with the latest ipads, not all ipads

  • am after a mini 2

    • I called them yesterday - they are virtually out of stock of the mini 2 :( Managed to track one down at Parramatta, otherwise one here one there, total around 10 in Aust? This was lunchtime yest…..Parra had 2.

  • FYI to anyone considering… not that this is a bad deal at all, but Apple is widely expected to reveal a significantly updated Apple TV in June. I know if you wait for the next upgrade then you'll be waiting forever, but just something to keep in mind.

    More info:

    • The Apple TV has been outdated for a very long while, I'd be chucking it straight on Ebay. Still good for 'free'

      • It may have had quite a long product life, but I wouldn't say that it's outdated. I think of the Apple TV as more of an appliance, like a bluray player, apart from not having 4k support (which not many people need anyway) the apple tv still works fine.

    • It's had a new lease of life as a Netflix box. You can also pay for Netflix with iTunes cards, ie discounted.

      • Can't you do that with just an iPad/iphone as well? I've never really considered that, I have a 3 month free voucher from Optus for a cheap mobile wifi box I grabbed, and currently paying a bit over $10 a month for Netflix US.

        With the 3 months free (plus the one month free anyway) and then being able to use it with discounted iTunes cards as well, could be a much cheaper way to get Netflix!

        Edit: Actually just found the answer from a quick google search ( May have to head to my brother's place to sign up a new account using his Apple TV!

      • Thanks for this tip - hadn't thought of using discounted iTunes cards to pay for Netflix. Are there any issues/problems with using Ozzie iTunes cards to pay for your US Netflix account????

        • Only 2 issues/problems I can see - AUD + USD.

        • Yes & no.
          You can't re-subscribe with a different region currency until the current one lapses.
          However, if you cancel auto-renew and let it lapse, when you go to log-in next it'll prompt you to re-subscribe from whatever region you're currently in (i.e. Australia). If you do this from an Apple TV, presumably it will accept your AU iTunes details as normal.

          Note: I've not tested any of the above (just read info from people over in Whirlpool). I just re-signed up with my AU iTunes account as new (and got a free month trial again). It'll be a separate account that way, but all you "lose" is:
          *"My List" starts afresh (I transferred mine over manually from one account to the other), and
          *with no viewing history, your recommendations will start from scratch again.
          In other words - nothing major. :-)

      • I didn't know that! I can't find a way to change my subscription to use my iTunes account (going to try by cancelling then renewing by logging in through the AppleTV when it's used up).
        If anyone knows a better way please let me know!

    • aren't Apple always 'releasing' a newer model though? :P

      • Maybe it doesn't read very well but that's what I was referring to in my post:

        if you wait for the next upgrade then you'll be waiting forever

        This box in particular hasn't seen an update in several years. For one to be right around the corner might be worthwhile information for people to know.

        • aside from the size, there is very little change from the first generation. the next one should be a huge improvement, from the media reports.

    • wow last update of apple tv was 2012..

      no wonder they are giving it away..

  • Would Apple store match this? I have some apple store cards that I need to use to buy an iPad.

  • Why isn't ABC iView on AppleTV ? Ten play is

    • because it's already on ios and you can mirror it from that? I would think the cost effort for another iOS app would be beyond ABC's plans… think how long it took to come to Android.

  • Would Apple store or Officeworks gonna do a price match for ipad only?

  • Makes a good pear

  • Condering iphone 6 128gb is $1299 minus Apple TV which is worth lowest $99 makes the iPhone $1200 bargain.
    Or iPhone 6plus 128gb for $1449 minus 99 which is $1350 that's very cheap these are apples standard price that neve go up or down.

    Almost $100 off you won't find an iPhone that cheap unless HongKong imports, iPhone won't get any cheaper unless a new iPhone gets released.

  • if you dont need the apple tv, i would assume that you could a minimum of $50-$75 selling this gumtree/ebay. So pretty good deal.

  • Does myer use australia post?

  • thanks guys, great deal !!

  • thinking of replacing my years old "new" ipad (3rd generation) with an ipad mini 2 (3 is almost identical and not worth the price difference) unfortunately there is no mini 2 available.

    just realise that mini 2 is excluded from this promotion. damn…

  • Wife was just told that the Apple TV is not available "nationwide" but their website continues to show the free bonus.