This was posted 6 years 8 months 10 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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iPhone 5 32/64GB (As New Refurb with 1 Year Warranty) $386.10/$422.10 Delivered - DealsDirect


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32GB $386.10 -
64GB $422.10 -

Yes, yes
- it's an old old phone
- it's only 4"
- it's crap value compared to phones of any other OS
- it's only because it has a fruit logo

Targeted at the people looking at the iPhone 5C 16GB $449 deal ( Same phone internals, more storage, less warranty, more or less money depending on model. Is not yellow.

One year warranty is with DealsDirect not Apple
- "Where a Product is defective and needs to be replaced or repaired return shipping will be arranged at the expense of DealsDirect"
- There's a Sydney address listed, not sure if that's where it's sent
- Mentions Australian Consumer Law (I'm looking at you "Kogan HK")

They also have non-"As New" phones at a higher price?!?

Thanks @Ametric and @Chris for the promo codes

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    "GIFT5MAY" can be used… original post is here…

    • Cool. I only saw the promo code because OzBargain shows you current deals at the store after submitting. Guess they can't display multiple codes

      Fixed link:

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        Here is a 10% off code: VIPMAY2015

        Expires 11.59pm 10/05/2015 AEST.

  • I think 4 inch isn't that bad if you like a small phone or want a compact phone (though, with current technology, I think 4.5 inch is fairly compact as is, but that's just my opinion)

  • iOS 6 ?

  • im still using iphone 4s 64 gig,
    is there any reasons i should get iphone 5 or 6? because i dont see them

    thanks in advance

    • Yes, because iphone 6 is the best iphone todate.

      • because you said so?
        or whats the deal here

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          No, Apple CEO says that when he launched the iphone 6, and I have to agree with him, it will remain the best until the iphone 6S is launched.

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          geez. thats some compelling reasons you got there, im finding it hard to resist. lol

        • @stargalaxy:


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      Do you feel like you need to change? If not, why do you need to change?

      If you are thinking about changing the phone because of "better technology", I think 6s is going to be something that's worth the wait.
      I've been hearing about interesting rumours like Force Touch, another iPhone line with 4 inch screen, rumours about RAMs (which is so mixed in terms of what it might be) etc etc, though this would probably fall under "Electronics get better as time passes". This is all just my opinion which is based on rumours.

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      iPhone 4s will not be updated to iOS 9 later this year.

      iPhone 5 has a 4" display and the iPhone 6 has a 4.7" and the iPhone 6+ has a 5.5" display.

      All these phones will have better cameras, be faster and the like.

      If your iPhone 4s is still working fine, you are happy with the screen size and you are not getting an Apple watch anytime soon, then I wouldn't consider upgrading quite yet.

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    thanks. i didnt update to ios 8 even so dont care about ios 9

    cant see a reason to upgrade. its a phone after all , and much more than that, bluetooth car itunes and podcasts player.. several other usefull things

    im ok with screen size and happy with OSX Mavericks too :)

  • I could never live without swype

    • I don't own an Apple phone anymore, but I thought the 5 could install iOS 8 and therefore get Swype?

      • It can but the post I was responding to from the guy above said he hadn't bothered installing iOS 8.

  • Anyone know how long the battery lasts on these refurbished phones? Also, does Apple cover the warranty or does it have to be sent back to Deals Direct?? thanks

  • btw, the 'vipmay2015' 10% discount code still works!! I did a mock checkout, applied the code and 10% off!!

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      Yeah, as the poster said the promo code is valid to end of Sunday. I set the deal expiry to last night for the phone price. It's gone back up to $599 for the 64GB

      • ok, so the ozB moderator has put the cheap price as expired, but not the 10% code! bugger cos I woulda bought the phone @ your original post price! lol

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