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Delivery Hero $14 off $20 Spend (App Only)


Another day, another Delivery Hero deal. Only available via a mobile app. Enjoy :)

Links for iPhone, iPad, & Android.

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  • +4

    is everyone ordering from the same place everynight, or trying something new?

    • Usually the same place for me. Occasionally a new place.

    • Lots of good options around my place so on rotation. Tonight. Italian.

    • +1

      Tried something new last night, no good.

      In Melbourne CBD, I only have one good choise.

      Punjabi Curry.

      • +1

        i feel like indian too :)

    • Been trying a different place every night. Only ordered from the same place once or twice. But I'm starting to run out of new places to try now. Only the ones with big delivery charges, high limits and low reviews are left.

  • +13

    One day I'll beat you to this, 5 secs too slow tonight!!! 😈

    • +1

      Coupon MEGAMUNCH has already been posted. I wonder who it could be..

  • Like clockwork. 5pm Melbourne time here and another coupon code for DH. 👍
    Make it easy to know to cook or order.

  • Yahhh!!! Been waiting all day

  • Was waiting for this…

  • You did it again

  • +4

    I'm devastated by these deals! The app won't let me order from anywhere as it keeps saying won't deliver to my area, even though it's filtered to my area!

    Every day this is posted I die a little more inside

    • Same, I've ordered from said places without the coupon before too hahah! So not out of area.

    • May be trying uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Or try another phone/tablet.

    • Try using the map to set your address then after a few tries it goes through

    • +3

      It's okay, by not ordering takeaway you are at least not actually dying on the inside like the rest of us :)

    • I had this issue constantly despite it working on my PC and re-installing the app, I spoke with the live chat and they gave me a $15 voucher to use on the site and then fixed the issue the next day.

    • Log out/Log in.

    • They actually gave me a voucher too and it didn't work on my laptop either. They told me they would fix it but nothing yet.

      I've tried the map and uninstalling etc, it's just not meant to be

      Haha frostee, unfortunately the Dominos vouchers still work for me!

  • +6

    I'm so sick of Thai food.

    • +7

      Deliver Hero forces you to buy thai food?

      • +7

        Delivery Hero forces you to buy food?

      • +1

        There's really no edible alternative in my area.

  • +8

    I'm envious of you guys (and girls) who have restaurants with free delivery and a $20 minimum order…

    The best I'm left with is a bill of about $11-15… I'm on a spending freeze so still have to make mine :(

    • The best I'm left with is a bill of about $11-15

      I'm left with ~20$, now cheer up!

  • Hmmm, was going to try this out tonight but it doesn't seem to be compatible with my Samsung Galaxy s3. The phones from Canada but its unlocked and on an optus prepaid sim right now. Wonder why its not compatible?

  • +1

    Anybody else have issues with the app saying "…something unexpected happened, please try again later" to the point where I need to force stop the app, clear data/cache and even then have to persist with retries until it works? I wouldn't bother if it wasn't for the repeated discounts. For this frustration, I can't rate the app well - are you listening DH?

    • +1

      happened to me the past two nights, haven't been able to use the code, even though it says -$14
      I get the same error as you and I gave up.

      Tonight it worked

  • +1

    Thanks OP :)

    I ordered a pasta deal with garlic bread and drink but unfortunately the driver didn't give me the garlic bread :( First time something hasn't gone to plan in 10+ orders though so I'm still pretty happy!

  • stupid new update with the app… can't seem to use paypal paying with amex anymore. it directly deducts from bank account only. i need to roll back to the previous app version…

  • Cannot stack $14 off on a new account with a referral code ($7)?

    • +1

      no, only 1 code

      i have like 5 of those referral codes. might be useful if i get desperate on the weekends

  • I'm getting a message saying the voucher is invalid. First time I've had an issue ordering with DH

    • We had the same. Called, and they gave us a different code, stayed on phone till it went through.

      • if the code sounds generic, do you mind sharing it?

        • Sorry! Just saw this. They told us to just put it into the app while talking to them, it was just loads of numbers and letters. Didn't think to write it down. Hope you got your code to work. :-)

    • Same happened….. but tried again in APP and it worked,,,
      seems if u go back and forth from the coupon page, u need to type the code manually again to get it work again.

  • When i try to pay, it boots be back to the "review" screen.
    Happens to anyone else?

    • Yes submit order twice then restaurant disappears (closed). Payment is pending in credit card but order not successful. It looks like app issue.

  • has anyone ever picked up instead of had it delivered?

    • Yes, I just call the restaurant after ordering and ask them, no problems. Saves them the hassle.

  • Some of the restaurants are "closed" as per Delivery Hero when the restaurants are still servicing customers.
    Anyone know the reason?

    • Probably because they may be unable to timely meet all the deliveries flooding in with this offer.

  • +2

    The regret of unnecessarily ordering takeaway is starting to wear thin.

  • -6

    29 Restaurants showing on website.

    Usually have 23 showing on the phone app

    Today only 7.

    Deliveryhero is marking the others as closed.

    • +2

      same for me. Issue with App I guess.

    • -2

      Still 7 places to order from..

      You + community have revoked the -1 vote from "chill" on this deal

      Oops :)

  • +1

    Just had a nice rump steak with chips for $6 from a pizza shop. TY

  • Seriously. One hour and still waiting. Rang restaurant, their system went down and said Delivery Hero was meant to call me. Lame. Food coming soon hmm….

    • the first time i used DH ($20 back for 20 spent), i ordered for 5pm. It arrived at 7:30pm…. Lucky the cheesecake was delicious..

      • +1

        And yours was free!

  • +1

    most of my local restaurants have mysteriously started to close on a Tuesday lol,,, wonder If they will be close tomorrow aswell

  • Any idea when this expires?

  • +1

    Yay, that's lunch for tomorrow at work sorted.

  • +1

    Something is off with the app (or maybe they were being smart and tried pushing people to less popular restaurants?).

    i had 5 restaurants listed as available (26 when not using the app). The others were listed as closed.

    Just then I closed and reopened the app and they are all there again.

    • Same for me.
      Also getting Voucher expired now.
      Wasted about 30 mins just trying to order as the restaurant seemed to close just as I was trying to pay each time.

      • +1

        If I valued my time at all i've already lost the savings!
        Anyone else getting code expired?

    • If they were trying to push customers to other restaurants - it worked for us - desserts ordered from a random instead of our favourite.

  • -2

    Screw DH! Order totally late and arrived missing garlic bread.

  • 1hr 10 min wait for my $7 lamb and chicken charcoal kebabs with small chips tonight

    • +1

      I waited 25 minutes instead of the quoted 60 when I ordered…

  • Yummm time

  • Any idea code is invalid? I applied over $30z

  • Is the code finished? Coming up as invalid for me.

  • Invalid :( Now I have to cook!

  • -2

    No it's not finished, there is no limit, think it's a bug a few people are having?

    • This code is not valid.

    • +2

      I just called them. There is a limit unfortunately, and its all used up for today.

  • +4

    There's a Coles/Shell petrol station in Nambour near when i live on the Sunshine Coast which sells 91 unleaded for $1.12 ($1.08 discounted). It's been this price since Christmas. No one knows why it's cheap and the golden question is when will it end? I think the whole Delivery Hero discount thing is the same. Everyone's enjoying it while it's available but everyone is dying to know when it'll end.

    We will tell our grandkids abouts long lasting deals like this

  • The new app now makes the delivery fee so hidden… You need to go into the restaurant and expand the info to see. Their website is a lot better.

  • +1

    My bowels have been thanking me the last few weeks, nothing like a curry and a visit to the lav the next day.

  • Why didn't op post this, should have been specified the last couple of threads did not mention, and last time I posted about if there was a limit I got negged.

  • +1

    I wonder why the restaurant list is getting shorter and shorter, harder to find something to eat now…

    • the app only shows the restos that are still open

      • I ordered before 7 though, I really doubt any restaurant would wanna close before 9.

        • yeah.. probably to do with the area

  • Cooked tonight. Hopefully another code tomorrow night.

  • +2

    Never used delivery hero before, so I downloaded to test. Only 4 restaurants showed up. So I decided to go down pub and pay $20 for a 300gram rump. I would have used this if the app actually had more stores to choose from and code actually worked.

    • Correct, Nothing near me either! Good ol steak is better anyway.

    • OUCH!

    • +1

      $20 is very expensive for a steak at a pub!

    • like i said above.. it only shows restaurants that are still open at the time you are using the app

      https://www.deliveryhero.com.au/ enter your postcode

  • +1

    Restaurant had run out of my order, DH refunded me within 2 hours, I think these guys are pretty rad

    • +1

      If the restaurant had 'run out' probably good you missed out on that

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