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PLE Custom Built GTX970 Gaming System - SLI Ready $1190 (Not Available in WA)


Hi Everyone,

As part of our ongoing push to promote our new Melbourne store we have a Gaming System special available for VIC/SA/NSW/QLD/TAS/NT people.

The system is the following specs - but you can customise most aspects of it on the build customisation page.

CPU: Intel Core i5 4460 3.2Ghz
Motherboard: MSI Z97S SLI Krait Edition LGA 1150 ATX
Graphics: ASUS GeForce GTX970 Turbo 4GB PEAK
Memory: G.Skill 8GB Kit (2x4GB) DDR3 Ripjaws X C9 1600Mhz
Case: Corsair Carbide 100R Mid Tower with Side Panel Window
OS Drive: Kingston SSD Now V300 120GB 2.5" SSD
Power Supply: FSP Raider Edition 750W 80PLUS Silver
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 8.1 OEM 64Bit
Antivirus: Trend Micro Internet Security 2015 1YR OEM
Mouse Mat: PLE & EpicGear Hybrid Small Gaming Mouse Mat
Power Protection: Laser Protector 6 Way Surge Guard
Warranty: 24 Month PLE Return to Base Warranty

Everything is ready for SLI so you can either grab a second GPU when you order or at a later date. The GTX970 Turbo from ASUS is designed with SLI in mind, it's fans intake from the top and bottom for optimal airflow when a second GPU is hard up against it.

This build would normally be around $1450 (built), however we have funding to do a bunch of these at $1190.

Unfortunately it is not available to WA customers since it is to promote our Melbourne store. Most specials we run nationally but we cannot do that on this one since it is below cost price.


You can check out our full range of Gaming Systems at


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  • "Memory: G.Skill 9GB Kit (2x4GB) DDR3 Ripjaws X C9 1600Mhz"

    • Typo! Cheers!

    • It uses the same memory counting system as the 970 ;) (For those that dont know, performance tanks a bit after you use over 3.5GB of the "4GB" in those cards, only affects >1080P stuff generally)

  • What would be the best price for a WA customer then?

  • Hey rep, can you make a non-SLI bundle? Hoping for a 270x and don't plan to SLI at all so the Z-series mobo will be a waste of money…

  • This is a really good price for a 970 machine. If the cpu is the unlocked version this will last for quite awhile.

  • Where's that bloke who does the MSY parts comparison when you need him?

  • Not Available in WA = Weak sauce

    The last I checked, WA is still part of 'Straya.

  • Written in haste.

  • "Most specials we run nationally but we cannot do that on this one since it is below cost price."

    Don't understand this statement. I've been a very long term customer of PLE, and I can't understand why this special is made available to every state OTHER than the one that supported the company in its infant stages.

    EDIT: If you want to promote the new Melbourne store, why not have a walk-in special for that store? Why have an online special that excludes the state you originated in? Confusing.

  • Will there be more of these in the near future? I've been looking for more of these deals recently and planning to buy it at the right price.

  • Anyway to get a good deal on the "Samsung U28D590D"?

  • Hi Rep, any plan to open a store in Sydney? I don't live close to a MSY store.

  • Is it only for the asus? looking to buy a g1 gigabyte gtx970 for my system