expired Big W Photos Online - 35% off Hard Cover Photo Books AND 2 for 1 Calendars - until 14 Dec


Hardcover specials are pretty rare so this is a pretty good deal.

8" x 8" $19.37 - [save $10.47]
8" x 11" $25.87 - [save $13.97] (A4 size)
12" x 12" $27.72 - [save $14.92]

FREE Pick-up at your local Big W

Price includes 20 pages which is minimum.
Extra pages $0.98 ea. up to the 100 page maximum
E.g. For 12"x12" 100 page book would be $27.72 + (80x $0.98)= $106.12
100 pages book should comfortably hold 450 photos.

12 month calendar 9.8" x 13.9" $24.84

1. Crop you photo’s using a photo editor - much easier than online. Be brutal with your cropping!
Allow a tiny amount for the photo border.
2. Automatic Sort Order is either by File Name or Photo Date so if your photo’s are way off this order
I’d recommend renaming your photos before uploading to a sort order you are happy with.
You can change it of course…. It’s just much easier if you don’t have to change it much.
3. Upload Medium Quality only for photo-books
4. Take time to customize your album - you can get a great “coffee table book” finish if you put in the time.

You can also stretch photo's beyond a single page like this: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=1yl5xe&s=6
When you have overlapping photos it can get pretty tricky.

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    Maybe my oversight, but I can't find the reference to 2 for 1 calendars anywhere on the website.

    Edit: Sorry, found it… http://www.bigwphotos.com.au/order_digital_photo_gifts_calen...


    On the 2-for-1 calendar page, it mentions:
    "When you place the
    promo code in the review order section,
    the second calendar will be no charge"

    Is there no actual code on the page (or mentioned elsewhere) or is this just a mistake and the cost gets automatically deducted?


      Never mind. Looks like it comes up automatically under the "Promotions available" box in the checkout screen.

      Their system is pretty buggy though - had it crash in the middle of my first calendar and nothing but trouble when I was making up a couple of photo books previously.

      Still, assuming I only have to go through the calendar process once more, it's a good deal for 2-for-1.

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    crap deal. just go to a dollar store.

    • +1 vote

      lol you are such a troll. Where are these dollar stores doing photo books and calendars etc? If you read the deal you would see these are for custom made items with your own pics.

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