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2x 980g Specialty Range Single Origin Coffee Fresh Roasted $59.95 + FREE Shipping @ Manna Beans


This deal includes the following:

1 x 980g Brazil Ruby Cerrado
1 x 980g Nicaragua Maragogype Superior Microlot – Honey Process

Price inclusive of shipping anywhere in Australia. Whole Beans Only.

Brazil Ruby Ceraddo
Screen Size / Grade: SS 18
Bean Appearance: Even clean
Acidity: Light-Medium
Body: Soft-rounded
Flavour: Mellow caramel
Roast: Medium to Dark

Estate coffee with an excellent balance of acidity, medium body and semi-sweet caramel cup. An up-market blender that has great consistency cup-to-cup

Nicaragua Maragogype Superior Microlot – Honey Process
SRegion: Matagalpa
Grade: Strictly High Grown – European Preparation
Screen Size / 20
Process Method: Fully Washed
Packaging: Hessian Sacks
Appearance: Blue/Green

Soft spice, cedar and red currant up front. Hazelnut and cocoa mid palate. Mellow acidity through to a dark, rich and creamy toffee finish.

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  • Hi,
    When is the roast date for these beans?

  • Hi, All coffee is fresh roasted to order. I'll be doing a new batch tomorrow ;-)

    • Thanks! Just placed my order. :)

  • +1

    Ordered Kona beans from here last week. Love the Panamanian varieties too, awesome value considering the exchange rate at the moment

    Our new Lelit machine laps this stuff up. No residue no grind issues.

    The only time we will be buying elsewhere is when we go to Kona in February

  • Is this offer still going? Thanks

  • Thanks! They didn't come up the first time I searched, forgot to put in date order :/

  • Great thank you!
    Funny story - Our 17 yo son decided recently to start drinking coffee, he had never had one, so my husband started making him one each morning too, along with ours. We've been using Manna Beans for a long time - so son had a few over the course of the week and then went to a local well known coffee shop with his girlfriend and had a coffee. He came home to tell us the coffee was terrible and nowhere near as good as Dad's!
    My husband's taking all the credit, of course, however some must go to Manna Beans and 'Miss Sylvia' (Rancilio).

    • That's great to hear, another coffee convert haha Your husband may also be a secret barista champion ;-)

  • Yes, I reckon he is:) - We now just need to make sure our son's first beer isn't a 'fancy one' or he is going to have fussy taste…

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