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My Dan Murphy's Deals for June ($10 Hop Thief 6 Pack & More)


Penfolds koonunga hill Shiraz cab 2010 - 6 for $70
DeBortoli Villages Pinot noir - 2 for $28
Richard Hamilton Shiraz 2 for $20
Meukow xpresso liqueur $25
Sierra tequila silver $35
Chivas 12 & chivas extra $90
Jim beam devils cut 9% 4 pack $12
Hennessy vsop $64
Chang beer 6 pack $10
James squire hop thief 6 pack $10
…. And the singleton 38 year old $1200 online only!


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  • +9

    $10 hop theif…. Bargain

    • Yep, shame it's limited to 3 per day as going to and trying to park at my local DM is a nightmare.

      • +2

        This month for one of the beers I did 2 click and collects right after one another of 3 each and was able to then go pick them up later that day. Could also use CashRewards then as well.

        • Good idea, will give it a go..

        • @Dionysus: I've bought a slab for $10 no problem on the 2 worthwhile deals they've had. White Rabbit and Cricketers.

    • +3

      Hop Thief is a steal at $ 10!

      • +1

        As long as it doesn't make you feel crook !

    • It was FREE at my Dan's. I just hopped the counter and thieved it.

      • -1

        Why the negs?

        • +2

          Probably thought you were JV…

  • +1

    Guessing I will have to wait until Monday for the Hop theif? :(

    • +4

      Are you guessing or are you just reading the deal?

  • +1

    James Squire Hop Thief is usually/currently $21.49/6 pack or $51.95/24 case (equivalent to $12.99/6 pack).

    A pretty good deal…

  • I just cant find in myDan!

    • 1–30 Jun

    • +3

      Keep looking… perhaps on Monday it might turn up.

  • James squire hop thief 6 pack $10 - Now thats what I'm talkin about!

    Bring on June 1st.

  • +1

    Snapped up 2 of the singletons! thanks OP! :)

  • Over drinking the crownies, cheers

  • -2

    Not a deal when you factor the cost of cirrhosis.

    • Oh, c'mon, this is funny. Where is people's sense of humour?

  • I thought I would find out more about the Hop Thief.

    Varietal Craft Beer
    Brand Name James Squire
    Liquor Style Pale Ale
    Size 345mL
    Standard Drinks 1.4
    Country Australia
    Alcohol Volume 5.0%
    State South Australia

    I've never tried it so I am looking forward to giving it a whirl. It seems like people think this is the best beer since White Rabbit?

    • It's better than white Rabbit for sure…

      James squires best beer in their 'ale' range by far

  • Better then the White Rabbit Pale IMO.

    • Both are good I reckon, especially at this price. Looks like it's going to be 6 months between deals on tasty beers, white rabbit was last November. What's the bet my local DM's is out of stock in the 1st week, like they were with the cricketers arms :(

      • Yup - they had stock this morning (couldn't get into paypal) and now - no stock at my local store :(

        • All good, they seem to have some stock again.

  • Still waiting to find out why I've bothered scanning the card so many times with my purchase. No tailored deals, nothing.

    • I used to scan with every purchase, now I just scan it to get the discount.

      • I'm still scanning just incase they do every decide to look at my purchases and offer me something relevant.

  • Finally a decent ten buck sixer (I've only been a Dan's member a few months).

    • This is the first genuinely good $10 sixer by Dan's - White Rabbit was pretty good but this will be definitely worth it

  • +1

    I only buy beer by $10 six pack these days….win!

  • +1

    Should this be country wide? I created a My Dan Murphy's account, seem to be logged in, but the 13 exclusive offers I see don't seem to be the same as whats in this post.

    Edit. Ahhh, I think its because this deal doesn't start until June 1st?

    • same here, I dont see the deals either, how do you see what the June promos are??

      • +1

        Yeah you'll need to wait until Monday

        • thanks Wampus….just wondering how the other people get to see them?

        • +1

          @obiwan: I think they get preview emails from being My Dans members. Though I'm a member and haven't received an email yet

  • +1

    Meh, Give me the Stow Away IPA. On tap preferably.

  • Thanks OP, can't wait to pick up the James Squire's tomorrow :D

  • Nice timing, needed a few VSOP bottles.

  • Bought one for $10 online and only paid $7 for next day delivery. Still a great deal (rather than wasting time getting to a Dan's, parking etc). Can't wait to try them out!

  • Jim beam devils cut 9% 4 pack $12 is a great deal, normally abut $22 !

  • Limit to 3 bottles per day on VSOP bottles ><!

  • drinking my cold James squire hop thief as I type. will be buying some more.

  • Got last 2 @Gabba Brisbane. I'll check tomorrow for moar moar :3

  • +1

    I nabbed three sixers of Hop Thief today. It's not as good as I remember the last Hop Thief being, but it's not bad. It's typically thin and mediocre, as expected from James Squire, but for ten bucks a six pack I'll happily swill it.

    I definitely wouldn't pay $20 a six for it though.

    • If I may ask, does it have the bitterness after taste?

  • tried it and it is very good and considering it comes out to only $1.66/ bottle…will buy more…

  • 5th of the month and hop thief is no longer $10

    • Hmmm, Is not showing in My Offers any more.

  • Looks like Hop thief has been removed from the offer.
    Can anyone else see it?

  • I just called up and they let me order 3 Hop thief's 6 packs for $10 ea

  • On the normal Dan's website it still shows it as being available for $10. Anyone bought any today?

    • Only was able to by phone order

  • Got Hop thief today at Hoppers crossing.

  • +1

    Hop thief still available on my mydan page.

    • Yay, it's back.

  • Any free delivery codes please ?

  • FOUNDER 4.15% cash back @PricePal

  • +1

    Just grabbed another 3 x 6 packs of Hop Thief, thanks OP

  • +1

    back in stock at my local for the first time in a week. ordered, thanks OP

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