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10% off Apple Products @ Qantas Store


Here's some big news for Qantas Frequent Flyers.

Until 30 June 2015, we're giving you 10% off selected Apple products at the Qantas Store.

You can pick up the iPhone, iPad or MacBook you've always wanted with this special mid-year sale discount.

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  • sweet deal on the 13inch macbook 256GB + 25000 POINTS compared to say HN's current prices

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      compared to say HN's current prices

      that's a bit pointless…

    • I don't understand your post. How do you get 25,000 points?

      • I'd like to thank my BMW Goldcard for buying my weekly petrol and groceries, and helping me build more points to get cheap and even free flights every year!

        Ezza: 25,000 points is a random amount of points I entered (achievable amount for most people) to hit a sweet point in price for a fairly stubborn priced laptop range.

        • I think what he means is how is 25k points goint to help, you need at least 60% of the points to use points plus pay, so if the Mac is 160000 points you need 105000 point to use points and pay.

        • @nico: where's the 60% bit?
          I went on last night, entered 25k and it calculated remaining cost at $1015.75, then checkout, free delivery. Never seen 60% rule.
          Same goes with flights, put in your points, get total less those points and pay.

        • @ozy:
          thats what i was thinking, thus why I asked.
          25k points to get maybe $75 off a macbook air 13' - i.e. look at this eBay listing from a proper store $1099:

    • I can only see minimum points of 177900 for macbookpro 13 inch 256gb

  • Got about 130K points to spend. Problem is where can you bring these apple products if they are faulty? Probably better off buying vouchers and getting it at a bricks and mortar store.

  • What a waste of points, can fly around the world in economy with OneWorld airlines for 140K or 2 to HKG return for about 145K.


      But you get years of use out of a MacBook.

      • yeah i don't think i would ever trade my points in for actual physical goods..
        ie i've been eyeing off a return business class Melb - Johberg flight which is around 160k points + $400 of tax…… which sells for around $6k-$7k on their site without points and using real $$$
        Then again if you have no intention to travel then sure why not use it in the QF store I suppose

        • Wow that is good.

          I really want to go to South Africa maybe in September when it isn't too hot but still nice.

    • It's only a "waste" if you had that as a genuine option you're weighing up. I was negged suggesting using my points for a Dyson, but hey, I wasn't weighing up Dyson vs an overseas trip!