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$389 PS4 eBay Group Deals (Delivered) Plus Cashrewards 2% Cashback


All consoles have been SOLD.

As confirmed, the stock is Australian and not grey imports. This deal is powered by Kogan via eBay Group Deals.

No doubt these will be snapped up fairly quickly at this price, especially for those who don't want the game bundles.

Cashrewards 2% Cashback

Boasting super-fast processors, advanced graphics performance and unrivaled system memory, the Sony PS4 offers you bigger, faster gameplay.

With the Sony PS4 Playstation 4 500GB Console, you'll interact with games in a way you never expected. With the ability to learn about your preferences, the new PS4 system is able to personalise and curate your content.

DualShock4 offers complete control, allowing you to interact with games in a way you never expected. Precise dual analog sticks and built-in motion sensors, in combination with touch controls and the innovative SHARE button, enable you to share your gameplay videos and pictures in the blink of an eye.

The PlayStation App for mobile and tablet devices allows you to chat with your friends as well as watch their most recent gameplay and offer tips.

What's in the box:

• Sony Playstation 4 (500GB, Black)
• Wireless Controller (DUALSHOCK®4)
• Mono Headset
• AC Power Cord
• HDMI Cable
• USB Cable

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  • plus cashrewards

  • +1

    Are these grey imports?

    • +1

      Good question, their website states their stock are AU.

    • Yeah I was wondering the same thing …

    • +2

      When ordered, the item comes up as=

      Sony PS4 Playstation 4 500GB Console (Black) - Australian stock (Sony Wty)

  • +2

    great deal, been waiting for one without all the terrible filler games bundled with it.

    • The last target bundle was well worth it for TLOU, Drive club and especially bloodborne for only 80 dollars extra.

      • different bundle games appeal to different people i suppose. some wheeling and dealing with the extra games would have made bloodborne close to free i'll admit, but the time it takes would nullify the benefit for me.

  • Does it work out better value then the bundle packs?

    • see above, andredaazn has identified one of many good value packs but they are totally subjective based on which games you want and would otherwise spend money on, and how much you can get for selling the games you don't want and how much time and effort it takes to shift them.

  • +1

    What's been the best bundle for the PS4 so far? Not sure whether to get this or wait…

    • I'm in the same dilemma!

    • +3

      If you've already waited this far, I'd wait til later in the year.

      • Total agree don't see the point if you got backlog of games.

    • +1

      Depends on your approach, this is a solid price for the console itself, you can plug away at a few deals and pick games up cheaper during sales. Any bundle approaching $600 just seems meh to me for the most part

      • +1

        my thoughts exactly. kogan delivery timeframe should be plenty of time to pick up a cheap game or two i hope!

  • +3

    I don't know whether to wait until E3 as they may be announcing a PS4 Slim and they also might me discounting the price!

    • +1

      Depends how badly you want a PS4. There is nothing really wring with the current model, my advice would be to get it whilst its cheap.

    • +1

      I'm sure the biggest question atm is if you have the console what game you want to play now. Do you have games to last you another 3 months? If not just hold it off Rofl. It is a game console.

    • It's too soon for a hardware revision, maybe during the 'holidays'

  • +4

    There are a few games I'm interested in but E3 is on June 15. Might just wait as they are saying that there may be a slim version with a solid state drive. Call me petty, but I'm one of those idiots that hates having older versions of things!
    Thanks for the advice guys!

    • -1

      Then your wait is forever if you hate older version as there will always be a new gen or version

      • +2

        I think ac83 meant that in the context of "having older versions of things" when newer versions are just around the corner.

        I'm in a similar boat, just waiting to see if there is a compelling reason to get a new-gen console.

    • +4

      Probably not.

  • Good deal with Cashrewards. I already bought one in last time 20% off tech deal.
    I never saw below this price point with PS4.

    Edit:I just noticed it is from Kogan. I don't really mind but I prefer buy from someone who has brick and mortar store. So if I have problem, I simply come to their store. However, the Kogan customer service is quite responsive if there is any issues. Btw, is it from Hong Kong or Australia local stock?

    • How do the cash rewards work?

      • +1

        go to https://www.cashrewards.com.au/

        Register and click link for your destination online store.

        Depends on stores, % back for your purchase varies.

        You will get more detailed information on the site.

  • +9

    Got mine from Kohan on the last ebay 20% off 2 months back, my ps4 was dispatched after a whole month's wait, the Kogan support sucks and finally got back to me about their "back order" after 4 enquiries sent. Left a negative feedback and they promised me a $25 in-store credit which they never delivered, it was a joke!!!! Never buy from kogan again

    Check out this post for the victims who got caught out:

    • Would you buy if they end up giving you the credit?

      • Wouldnt buy from such a poor service provider again

    • Did you end up getting your ps4? I got the same deal and bought a ps4 from them a while ago but I chargebacked hours later after reading the horror stories. I wasn;t able to get a refund directly from them and had to get it through paypal even after they told them they would issue it to me asap. Their customer support is pathetic.

      My main concern is that I would be getting a an unofficial and fake second grade ps4 imported from god knows where, I really hope this didn't happen to you.

      I will never deal with kogan again and I really hope they go out of business, they are a seriously (profanity) up company.

      • Yep i did receive it in the end but the time and effort spent for chasing it up and having to suffer from their crappy customer service who gives you irrelevant answers made the seemingly sweet deal a nightmare. You are lucky to get your money back, i read on some ebay comments that a lot of people did not get a refund from unfulfilled orders from Kogan.

  • +1

    Kogan? No thanks.

    • +1

      What, no love for Ruslan?! lol

      • How good are the PS4 for blur-ray playing and dvd etc., upscaling? Can they play any 4K content? (Edit, I am after actual user experience, not just supposed spec talk./sponsored comment). Thanks.

        • +2

          play it on a kogan lcd and it'll be very blur-ray indeed! :P

          dvd upscaling is pretty on-par with sony dvd/blu ray from what i've read.

          4k output rumours abound, relevant info may be announced at E3 hopefully, or do you mean can they handle the files despite outputting them at 1080p? Someone who already has a ps4 might be better placed to advise

        • +1

          Just found this on Anandtech about the NVIDIA Shield console that is on the way this year with 4K ability…$300 USD for the Pro-version. This media streamer might be something to look at but has no blu-ray player, because it is a set-top box. It does play android games.

        • +1

          @marcozmitch: interesting, thank you!

    • +2

      Yeah.. I was seriously thinking about hitting the buy button, then I had flashbacks of previous deals.. ie, usb sticks, usb3 hubs, micro usb cable that literally took 2 months?

      And then thought.. it's an impulse buy, what if it doesn't turn up for a month..

      if it was anyone else but kogan, i'd have purchased it hours ago.. yeah.. nooo

      • yeah, fair enough. my ps3 came from COTD though, miracles can happen

  • +1

    almost pushed the buy button….going to big w first to see if i can get the $511 4 game deal. worth the extra to not have to wait 2 months to plug the baby in

    • extra 122$ for 4 meh games.. not sure its a better deal.

      • worked well for me….white PS4 with bloodborne,the order,last of us and mortal combat.

        Popped the mortal combat game on a facebook local buy & sell site and gone within the hour for $50.

        So for $361 i got the PS4 and 3 games i really wanted and it was plugged in and working within an hour of leaving Big W

  • not sure why people get in a frenzy to buy consoles when there's very little incentive to buy them. Exclusives are very lack lustre.
    Wait for the ps4 slim which will be in shops in a few months.

    • Wait for the ps4 slim which will be in shops in a few months.


  • +1

    Actually for the $10 difference between Dicksmith C&C eBay. I rather buy off dicksmith. But then again I don't need it. There's no titles I want to play and PS3 still alive and lots of backlog

  • +1

    For those who are waiting for possibly the next ps4 slim, be aware that Sony are nortorious at cutting corners. PS3 is a classic example and even the recent vita could not escape with its newer cheaper display. They generally take functionality out or compromise on quality to save money.

    This is just a joke, but it wouldn't surprise me if it was true. Currently the ps4 only has 2 USB slots. The next revised version may only have one.

    • The first slim was good. Thereafter was all about cutting cost at the expense of hardware. Eg PS3 slim first gen was decent

      • +1

        The original PS3 was ps2 compatible and it had like 6 USB ports.

  • Sold out people..

  • +1

    anyone know if there is any specials on the PSN plus cards for membership?

  • Hello, I bought my first game console. Now I'm looking for games for my two son, both under five. Can anyone please point me where can buy those games cheaply? Thanks

    • +1

      Under 5? Maybe a Wii U or 3DS suits them more.

  • amazing, i already have a tracking receipt from kogan, looks like they are arriving early for a change!

    • Mine is still not shipped. When did you put your order?

      • Sunday. it arrived today.

        • I ordered on sunday as well, just got reply from kogan saying my order shipped on 2/6, so hopefully tomorrow I can get it……..cant wait to see it……….

  • ETA Date Tue 9/06/2015 for Perth.

  • +1

    Hello All, we need votes to create a group deal for the dualshock 4.
    Please go to Can We Create Our Own Group Buy for The PlayStation DualShock 4?