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Beck's Beer $34.00 Per Case (24x330ml) @ Dan Murphy's


Had to find a decent beer or any beer for this price nowadays !! Free pick up in store !!

2 July: Now available for all (not just members), as per this deal

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  • Whoah, that is a good price! Do stores generally carry the brewed in Germany ones or the under license stuff?

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      Looks like its the muck they brew here (not even close to the import) and the price seems like the normal price (no sign of a need for signup).

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        My local (Southern River, WA) only get the imported stuff (cans and stubbies). They won't stock the local brewed under license swill.

    • There is no set rule, just check before you buy. The last time they had this deal it was for the imported stuff that was getting close to expiry dates. Never buy the under licence stuff!

      Another tip is to head into the store and checkout the sale bins near the checkout. I got 4 Becks longnecks for $12.50 since they were expiring that month (13c/L cheaper than this deal).

    • Generally, the 500mL cans are imported and the stubbies are local. The price is for stubbies, though.

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    Better beer for a little bit extra:
    2 * James Squire The Chancer @ $10 ea
    2 * James Squire Hop Thief @ $10 ea
    $40 for a mixed case

    • Possibly. Honestly I've not tried a pale ale I've liked before. The Chancer though I might give a try.

    • I can't help compare last years hop thief to this one and get disappointed. Becks is a better "smash them all in one night" beer in my opinion hehehe


        They're different?

        • yep. That's why you'll see it's Hop Thief 7. 1 through 5 were limited versions available on tap and rarely (if at all) bottled. 6 got a national release last year, with a different hop bill to this years. So each years release will change a little - I think this year is definitely hopped in an American Pale Ale style.

  • Thanks 50cent. Good to see even filthy rich guys use OzBargain.

  • I bought 2 cartons of this last time and the beer was off like it had been left out in the sun. Mixed lots of 6 packs of the imported stuff. I'm gonna take it back.

    • Most imported stuff suffers from some degree of temperature abuse. It spends about eight weeks in a container and its impossible to keep the sun off it all that time.

      Choice did a blind test with beer writers and for the most part the local versions were preferred.

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    I recently had a 6 pack of becks. very so-so. I'm sticking to $10 james squire 6packs for june.

  • If you want real German beer, the oettinger is not bad, and even cheaper:


    Depends how hoppy you like your lager, I suppose.

    • Oettinger is one of the real cheap beers in germany too and has its corresponding reputation.. Becks is quite the middle or higher range, it is better than average and a pretty popular pils I'd say.

  • Guys, make sure you check the date. Some of them have BB jun 2015 and some have jul 2015

  • You can do a sneaky and price match at first choice. I'm sure the attendant wont notice if its imported or local, they'll just see it as becks.

    But it may not be playing by the rules…

  • No more beer deals foe me… have enough stocks for this summer… :)

  • These cartons expire 06/2015. This deal was published 2 or 3 weeks ago. On the 24th May I visited Dan Murphy and they knew nothing about the deal and they scanned at $47. I questioned the expiry date and it was expired 6/2015. The manager said as it would be expired in a week, their normal policy is to sell the product at half the normal price, so I grabbed 2 cartons at $23.50. I am not sure if an expiry of June means by end of June or by the start of the month, but the Manager thought the later. The first carton I drank was OK, but the second, as posted above, didn't taste right, and I actually got a bit of a gut ache after having 3. Who knows, I may have been crook anyway and it didn't stop me drinking the rest in true Ozbargain spirit. :)

    I saw last night that BWS are also doing the same deal. I asked the girl working about the half price policy but she had no clue and said she would ask the manager today, but I haven't been able to get back to check the outcome.

  • $34.90 in SA. 08/2015 expiry at my local store.

  • between $34 becks, and overpriced XXX Gold, VB….I think I will choose the $34 becks

  • Usual price at my local costco is $35 for becks