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Xiaomi 10000mAh Mobile Power Bank US $13.75 Delivered @ GearBest


Original Xiaomi Pocket 10000mAh Mobile Power Bank Portable Charger from Gearbest for $13.75 Delivered

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  • s**t, just bought one from Allbuy for $13.98 :$

    Allbuy reduced the price to beat gearbest, now for $13.74

    looking to see prices fight :D

  • This seems to have 3 cells, whilst the 10400 mAh has 4 cells

    10,000 = 9.1 x 6.04 x 2.7 cm
    10,400 = 9.0 x 7.70 x 2.1 cm

    Is it really an "upgrade" like this picture seems to imply?


    What else - are there silicone covers to suit?

    • I'll know for sure once my 10k arrives, but I believe the "new" model is around 20% lighter, and now contains Panasonic made cells.

      The main reason I want it is for basically the same mAh it is now lighter.

  • +4

    Still filthy after being sent fake torches. Not yet gearbest…


    • +2

      These are probably fake too

  • +1

    How many zeros? Why not make that 10000000micro-Amp hours?
    Or 36000000000 micro-Amp seconds?

    Or .. a really crazy idea … how many kj or watt-hours? Laptop batteries from respectable suppliers are rated in W.hr, not SI, but easy to relate to.

    • Can't answer the why (of one unit of measure vs. another), but isn't it common practice for the capacities of things like rechargeables (eg Eneloops), power banks (ie not just Xiaomi ones), and mobile phone batteries to be quoted in mAh?

      • Computer memory was quotes in kilobytes, but we've moved on as they got bigger. The last battery i bought was labelled as 1.5 AHr.

      • That sounds reasonable. I think the phone batteries were so small that it was just not logical to go with measures like laptop batteries. We are using mAh because that's what was used beforehand, I guess. Phone battery became bigger but we haven't found a reason to change the units yet. It's only 5 digits and that's for the external powerbanks, the phone batteries still are on 4 digits and still well under 10,000mAh.

        I am simply speculating and guessing right now, but that sounds reasonable enough.

  • Still waiting for the one I ordered on the 26th of May…

  • Why such a price drop? Weren't the 10400's about $20 AUD?

  • Picked up a 10400 for 26$ AUD from ebay. Nice unit, so needed.

  • Ordered the 10000, lets see how long it takes to get here…

    • …and it arrived today. Just under 5 weeks. Looks legit. Time to charge it up and give it a go.

      • Legit and it works well, nice!

  • Still waiting for mine too. They said it was posted on the 13 June, it's been 32 days, still hasn't arrived.

    • still waiting for mine. thinking of lodging a paypal claim now. ordered on 13/06/2015 as well.

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