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Aldi Trimat 5kg Washing Powder - $14.99 20/6/15 Specials


Trimat is a good brand of washing powder sold by Aldi. From memory in the Choice tests, it did very well in the cleaning results, up there with OMO and Biozet. If I can get a hold of a copy of the results I'll post.

Comes in Sensitive and normal - suitable for both Top and Front loader.

It goes on sale on the 20th June 2015. Works out to be $3 per kg.

Normally this is sold at Aldi in the smaller packets for $4/kg.

Not a huge bargain, but still better than nothing. It's also paying $3/kg for a soap that will actually clean, rather than getting Earth Choice or Spree or those other ones which when tested by Choice, barely do better than just washing in plain water.

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  • interesting re earth choice?
    although I have found earth choice for woolens to be good.

    • Yeah it's probably okay for woolens. I'll try to get the Choice review and post it. I do remember Earth Choice didn't rate very well

  • Don't know how reliable this is but Canstar have a ratings page that rates these powders quite high:


  • placard: I posted a summary over on the previous Big W Duo deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/196520#comment-2792717

    • Thanks for that. I might try and find one on front loaders as I'd say most people have them now over top loaders. I'll see if it's in the library when I go there next.

      • They're both there.

        Front Loaders:
        #1 Omos (Ultimate -or- with built in pre-treater): 74% score
        #2 Cold Power / Coles / Trimat: 71% score

  • +3

    I'm looking at the review right now, because from what I remembered I know the Aldi DIDN'T score high.

    Sure enough, my old brain hasn't failed me yet.

    For top loaders, Choice rated:

    1st Biozet Attack, 61%, 51c/wash
    5th Coles Ultra Concentrate, 54%, 17c/wash
    11th Aldi Trimat Advanced, 51%, 30c/wash

    There's the usual Omo and Cold Power scattered inbetween, but for cost per wash vs performance the Coles one is actually the best one to get. I know this is surprising news to some… it was to me :). I read this review in April and have been using it ever since- very happy!

    I'll post front loader results in a sec, but if money is no object go Biozet. If cost is important (but performance is still important), then the Coles one is best for top loader.

    Front loader to follow….

    • very interesting.
      How long ago was this review? The reason I ask is the supermarkets' own brand products do change as they source new suppliers.

      • April 2015. 47 Top Loader detergents tested.

    • Good to know for when the Half Priced or better Biozet runs out.

  • +6

    For front loaders….

    1st Omo Ultimate, 74%, 72c/wash
    6th Coles Ultra Concentrate, 71%, 17c/wash
    7th Aldi Trimat, 71%, 29c/wash

    The Aldi is better as a front loader than a top loader, but is still inferior in price and performance to the Coles one.

    So rough sums, unless the Aldi is almost half price (to bring the c/wash down quite a bit), still better to buy Coles.

    Just remember that Coles have different washing products to confuse the meek shopper. Make sure its the blue boxed Coles Ultra Concentrate (7x power or something). Not the other junk.

    • Thanks for sharing the information on the test results. Could you please provide the results for 2 to 5?

      • For front loaders?

        • +2

          For Front Loaders:

          2nd - Omo with built in pre-treaters, 74%, 33c/wash
          3rd - Cold Power, 71%, 29c/wash
          4th - Cold Power Maximum, 71%, 62c/wash
          5th - Cold Power Sensitive, 71%, 32c/wash

          Out of 43 tested!

          Even though some got same %… there's slight variations on performance with different stains etc. So there's a reason for the order, although granted there's not much in it. Highlights the good company the Coles one sits in though!

          I LOVE CHOICE!!! You should all sign up :).

        • @UFO:

          Thank you for doing all the research! The Coles one looks interesting and certainly is a surprise, I haven't read the latest report, but one maybe 12 months before. So things do change!

          Can you tell me for front loaders, where Earth Choice came in at?

        • @placard:

          I didnt do much, I just promoted Choice's results ;).

          Do you really want to know?


          Even the "Orange Power" variants beat it :(.

        • @UFO:

          For the best eco washing powder, Choice reckons "Ecover Universal Washing Powder" is your best bet.

          Came in 13th. Much better than 32nd ;).

        • @UFO:

          did their mentions/reviews just do the powders or also the liquid versions?

        • @SBOB:

          Covered the lot, liquids and powders.
          Best liquid in front loader came 8th (Dynamo Stain Lift), and in top loader came 15th (Cold Power Sensitive).

        • @UFO:
          Did they test Bosistos?

        • @ryangus:

          Allergen or Euco Fresh versions?
          Doesnt really matter… both only a few % points above water on its own, sorry for bad news :).

        • @UFO:

          Covered the lot, liquids and powders.

          Did the aldi liquid score the same as the powder? (they have the same name from memory)

        • @UFO:

          Thanks for the info, any chance you should share top 10 results for top loaders? =D

          thanks in advance

          edit: opps i can see you did it at the top, much appreciated

    • +1

      Choice pricing does not factor in specials, hence no point comparing per wash price. Most of us buy detergents when on special.

      • +1

        I disagree.

        Good to know how much each load costs ticket price vs performance of the product.
        If you know your products (and the rough pricing per wash), then when one goes on special you know if its worth buying (even IF on special).

        If you had access to all the results, you'd see that even products going on special for "half price" still arent worth buying.

        So comparing cost per wash IS very important imo.

        • +2

          I did not put my point clearly, sorry. What I meant was that there is no point comparing per wash price mentioned on choice website. The per wash price with this special price of Trimat is 21.1 cents per wash whereas on Choice website it is 29 cents. That was my point.

        • +2



          But with Choice's review, you can see that even on 'sale' at 21c a wash, the Coles is the better option at 17c.
          Without the cost per wash listed for each one, you wouldnt know that was the case.

          I agree that you shouldnt compare the 'stock pricing' considering most powders go on sale at some point (which I get your point), but you still need to be aware of stock when comparing their 'sale price'… because it may not be that good a sale :).

          Plus vote for your point though… because I agree with most of it!

        • @UFO: I completely agree

        • +2


          I agree. I never buy washing powder unless it's on special, and I have a bit of a benchmark of never paying over $4/kg.

          So of course OMO is expensive per wash, but that's only if you buy it not on special.

          I really only look at cleaning rating.

        • @placard:

          I have the same $4 limit :).

          But looking at these scores, even half price Omo isn't all that great (because even at half price its still double the Coles)

    • Coles Ultra Concentrate is more expensive @ $17/5kg compared to this? Coles

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