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Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends CE Game PS4 $39.88 + Free P&H [20, AU, 24 Hrs] @SellingOutSoon


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Hi fellow Ozbargainers :) As part of our introduction to the Ozbargain community we would like to offer 20 units of Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends Complete Edition game for Sony PlayStation 4, at the best price in the world, brand new, Australian Edition with free delivery.

  • Deal (must use coupon code) saves $43 off our already discounted $82.88 price
  • Under half price, pay just $39.88 including postage
  • Postage is usually $4.90 for orders under $50, but this deal provides free standard shipping

Many of our deals sell out in a few hours, so be quick

Please share if you like it - thanks guys!

(See deal for full product information)

  • Brand new stock
  • Factory-sealed with Y-fold and Sony-branded PS4 strip-seal
  • Authentic Australian edition
  • Deal ships from Sydney to Australian addresses only
  • Total price $39.88 (using coupon code) saves $43
  • 24 hour deal
  • Valid until Wednesday 17th June 2015 (unless sold out prior)
  • 20 units only
  • Maximum one per customer
  • Free off-peak shipping to any Australian address. We also offer Super-fast Priority shipping including extra packaging + shipping insurance at a very reasonable price, which is also much faster. See checkout for to see all packaging and shipping options.
  • sellingoutsoon.com.au reserves the right to change or end this promotion early, for any reason, with no prior notice.

Comparative Pricing

To help with competitive pricing information, this is what we found including cheapest shipping to Australia, total in $AU, current at time of writing:

JB Hi-Fi: $89.99
PlayAsia: $65.60
Ozgameshop: $46.98
GameSeek: $65.16
EBgames: $70.50
Amazon US: $42.02
Amazon UK: $59.23
Dungeon Crwal: $63.91
MightyApe: $74.98
sellingoutsoon.com.au $82.88, now just $39.88 with coupon code (We sell the official Australian product)

Australian version official RRP is $89.95 (Of course, no self-respecting Ozbargainer pays RRP…this just for informational purposes :) Major retail varies in price, best alternative pricing is online as per above, with some stores selling for more than triple our deal price!)

IGN Community: 8.9 “Great” (from 59 ratings)
Metacritic: 7.4 user score (from 21 ratings)
Amazon: 4.5 out of 5 stars (from 47 reviews)

See deal at sellingoutsoon.com.au for full game overview

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of the Ozbargain community.

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  • I have it myself. Really awesome on a 60" plasma. I still miss Dynasty Warriors 4 though :(

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    Also, this price is really amazing. Cheapest is $38.24 for a used copy on Ebay: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Dynasty-Warriors-8-Xtreme-Legends...

  • +1

    Awesome price! Thanks OP, used to love DW back in the PS3 days.

    • +1

      Thank you Dagmar and dead5pur :)

  • +1

    Wow, you guys are so fast!

  • +2

    Thanks for the quick ordering guys! Please share this deal on social media so we can keep doing more deals like these ones …Because through the power of your mates on social media, subscribing (click on the little subscribe button!) and sharing allows us to improve our rating so we can keep doing amazing deals for everybody.

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      allows us to improve our rating so we can keep doing amazing deals for everybody.

      For people that don't know, if a deal posted by a rep doesn't get many +votes, they get limited to a certain amount per week. So if you like their deals and/or buy the deal, please +vote so we can see more. Otherwise the rep's account will be limited to around 2 deals a week.

      • Thanks Dagmar :) That's exactly right, and always better coming from you than us. We're super-keen to do amazing deals, but must rely on the power of OzBargainers to help make it happen!

        • You're most welcome :) I know the pain of having an amazing deal for a limited time and find out I can't post it for another 3 days! Take care.

          :EDIT: My last deal gathered 36 orders from OzBargain with only 9 +votes. I know the feel!

      • +2

        excellent to know thanks!

  • +1

    Just bought one… thanks !!

  • Hi Seller still havent recieved my order 27th of May

    • Hi Donnie :) not able to answer things that specific here, sorry, because I don't have access to customer data. Please contact Service using the form on the site. If you have an issue that cannot be resolved by Service (which to date has never happened, as far as I'm aware) or you haven't heard back within 2 business days (not including weekends or public holidays) please feel free to send me a PM, including your full name, daytime telephone number, and the date of your last email, and I'll have your enquiry is handled professionally by a Senior member of Resolutions, within a defined timeframe, to ensure you're getting excellent service. Thank you.

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    is the sale over? coupon doesn't seem to work anymore

    • Hmmm…may have sold out…and that would be about all gone in less than 2 hours. Let me check with head office.

      • Yes deal is confirmed expired, thank you.

  • Coupon Expired?


    The coupon code you entered has already expired so it can't be used.

    • Yes deal is confirmed expired, thank you.

  • OP only 20 units?
    We have large community here you know..

    • Yes, agreed. But under cost = limited supply :) If you want to avoid missing out on our best deals before everybody OzBargains them… please subscribe to sellingoutsoon on OzBargain: and then click on the little subscribe button :) because then you'll find out the moment we're sellingoutsoon!

      • +1

        Unless I sit by my email account and keep refreshing every 2 minutes I'm probably just as likely to miss out.
        Consider putting the price slightly up but offer a reasonable amount of copies…like just right now at this moment there's more than 4000 people online on this site so 20 copies is way too few

        • And yet there were only 211 clicks in 2 hours. So you could've refreshed every hour and still gotten one

        • @sblash: I don't get your logic, there were 20 copies..not 200

        • Yes I know how you feel. But OzBargainers mainly seem to prefer a lower price. And OzBargain reduces our ability to post deals if we don't make the front page. We usually do though. I know it's obscene to be the lowest price in the world, but OzBargainers seem to like it :) You see, if we wanted to make money on these deals, we'd have to sell for quite close to normal online retailers and that may defeat the purpose of it being the best bargain, and us being sellingoutsoon. Why not just subscribe using your phone to get an instant notification so you can get in first?

        • @tm87: 4000 online, 200 people clicked, only 20 bought. I was pointing out that your 4000 number was meaningless.

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    Hi again OzBargainers! We appreciate your help in sharing and subscribing to make this deal a success. If you want to get our best deals before people OzBargain them… please subscribe now to sellingoutsoon on OzBargain (and then click on the little subscribe button) so you'll get our best deals first, and never miss out.

    Thank you :)

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  • I saw this the first minute it was posted, I'd normally jump on a great game bargain but I know this game will become cheaper very soon so I'll give it a miss. Not as good as your previous PS4 deal.

    • Hi fenetic :) thanks for subscribing. You may actually know more than I do about this one! Personally, I'm not quite as sure, perhaps supply is too low for it to fall like an Ass-Crack (Assassin's Creed)? I'm thinking the main chance of a significantly lower price than this one is a re-release, if that happens. I don't think we'll be doing one though, at least in Australia, in which case prices may even venture north. It's happened before, but as always, time will tell.

  • -2

    great deal, why even bother posting with only 20 units though?

  • +1

    Great game and definitive version of DW8. Includes both the original and Xtreme Legends expansions which amounts to around 150-200 hours of gameplay.

  • +3

    Another psvita deal would be nice rep :)