This was posted 7 years 1 month 24 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Asus Zenfone 2 ZE551ML- (32GB, 4GB RAM, Grey) - $359.25 Delivered + $50 eBay Voucher @ Kogan eBay


Asus Zenfone 2 (32GB, 4GB RAM, Grey) is on sale at Kogan ebay store for $359.25. Part of the 10% off tech sale
Ebay is offering $50 voucher to use in July when you spend $200 or more at Participating retailers. Kogan is on the list. So after getting $50 back this is the cheapest Zenfone 2 551ml with 4gb ram and 32gb internal memory.

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  • Mmm so it's only $309.25 if you have something to buy off ebay worth at least $50 in the month of July?

    • buy any $50 gift card and cash it out

      • +2

        I can't find any $50 cards on ebay..

    • +1

      There's lots of things you can buy next month. It doesn't have to be a single item. Just add to your cart all the stationaries, games, toys, Pringles and that newly released ASUS MG279Q 144Hz IPS monitor :)

  • +3

    Can't believe I spent $369 for the 2GB model. Serves me right for buying a phone that was just released.

    • Should know this already. Android phones drop price very fast. By end of this year still might just be $250-$280 easy

      So you shouldn't buy something straightaway after its released…unless of course you got the extra money or you really "want" it rather than "need" it

      • I didn't need it. I have a perfectly functioning Galaxy S4. lol
        I guess I will wait another 2 years before buying another phone.

  • Is this better than galaxy s6?

  • -1

    i bought 64gb with 2.3ghz processor for $404 delivered via toll from eglobal, this one is 1.8ghz

    • +4

      this one is 2.3ghz


      2.3GHz Quad-Core processor
      4GB of dual-channel DDR3 RAM
      13MP PixelMaster camera with Auto-Focus and f/2.0-aperture
      Ultra-thin design

      • +1

        ya i read after posting comment, its really a good deal but this phone gets marks and scratches very fast on all sides of it which are made of cheap plastic.

        • By any chance you studied in GC?

        • Can this be solved with a good protective case?

          Any good case available for ZenFone 2?

        • +1
        • +2

          @mady123: whats GC and why

        • @OzBen: i think soft gel cover will work but i do not like covers

        • +6


          I am holding the phone in my hand and after 3 months of use I have no idea what the hell this guy is talking about. It's a fantastic phone for the price. No scratches on mine even when I used it without a case. Get this case, you can take advantage of the mini screen which gets displayed after you shut the case.

        • @ravian29:

          I understand why cases are not for some. Kind of negates the effort that goes into making phones slim and look cool.

        • @OzBen: Well that's only if the phone doesn't look amazing.

          I'm pretty loathe to put a case onto a Sony Z Ultra (due to slimness) or a HTC M9 (due to looking spectacular already).

          Granted you risk the resale value if that's important though.

    • +2

      It appears they have the 64gb here too but it will cost about another $100, as expected…
      Have both the 2.3ghz and the 1.8ghz. Both work well on the Telstra network and with Vodafone sims (4g/3G+).
      Would go the 2.3ghz though as it is a slight bit faster (and mainly because it had the 64gb internal storage) though this would be fine and unnoticeable for most people who use a phone.
      Multitasking is where this phone beats out most of the Big Boys in the neighborhood taking out the Note 4 and S6 in this area.
      Screen is fine but can be a bit hard to see in direct sunlight but for most things works well. Pictures are decent quality and low light pictures are pretty good.
      Overall this is a budget phone, but it does go head to head with some of the best currently out there so I think that it is a worthwhile purchase.
      Considering the S6 is down around $900 and this,at around $450 for the 64gb here, is a no-brainer if you are on a budget.
      The support from Asus has been good as they send out updates about 15 - 20 days and try to address any problems quickly.
      And no, not affilliated with Asus, just own a lot of expensive toys..

  • +2

    Is it Hong Kong version as before missing band 28 for Optus.

    If it is really 2.3GHz it is Taiwan version.

  • so the Sim 1 support 4G frequency, and sim 2 support 2G only?

    • yes

      • So follow-on question about this: Telstra have stated their intention to deactivate 2G at the end of 2016, and retain only 3G and 4G. I tend to use phones for 2.5 or 3 years. So if I get this phone, and have a Telstra SIM in the SIM 2 slot after 2016, am I right in saying that it won't work at all?

        • +2

          yes (but sim 1 will still work, so basically becomes a single sim phone).

  • So a 3G sim cannot be used for this phone?

    • 3G/4G both for this phone but only SIM1 for data.

      • pardon my ignorance …
        so I have telstra go casual plan (4G) with 2GB data, and I also have another data prepaid on Telstra too

        How best should I use these 2 sims on this phone?

        • Using two sims at the same time is mainly for people wanting two separate numbers for calls/text, and only one for data. So in your case, best to use your sim with casual plan in the sim slot for data as your 2GB is already paid for.

  • Does this work fine on the Optus network (TPG) in city and country areas

    • +1

      Probably not, You need to get the Taiwanese version which has LTE band 28 (700Mhz) - that's what Telstra & Optus are rolling out nationally. The rest of the older 4G network is a hodge-podge of frequencies.

      • So this is not the Taiwanese version

        • Not very sure because they said the CPU is 2.3GHz which only comes with Taiwan version.

        • +1

          Yeah you need to send a msg via ebay & ask.
          Also note 700Mhz LTE has two Bxx versions B17 & B28. Oz uses B28, B17 doesn't work here.

          According to

          The US version has B17(700Mhz) & it also has

          700 / 800 / 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 / 2100 / 2600

          US 2100MHz(1)/1900MHz(2)/1800MHz(3)/1700MHz AWS(4)/850MHz(5)/2600MHz(7)/900MHz(8)/700MHz(17)/800MHz(20)

          TW 2100MHz(1)/1900MHz(2)/1800MHz(3)/1700MHz AWS(4)/850MHz(5)/900MHz(8)/1800MHz(9)/800MHz(18)/850MHz(19)/700MHz(28)

          So who knows.


        • +1

          This is not the Taiwan version.

    • +1

      Should work fine, the specs. on ebay and Kogan site state;

      2G Network (MHz)850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
      3G Network (MHz)850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100
      4G Network (MHz)700 / 800 / 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 / 2100 / 2600

      I think that covers you pretty well for 3G and 4G Optus and future 4G

      • +1

        No necessarily, it dpeends on whether it's 700Mhz B28 or B17, only B28 works in Oz.

        also I believe Optus uses b40 in Canberra, which isn't covered.

  • As the phone is a grey import is it just as easy as a local phone to set. Pretty much just put your sim in and off you go?

    • Yes

    • You may have to setup data to enter the access point name and settings but you can find this info either on the internet or by calling your provider and asking them.

  • Is this phone better than a LG G2.

    • it compariable to the LG G3 (except for battery).

      • -1

        I wouldn't consider this phone if you want a flagship Android device like the G2 or G3 was since it's Intel based.

        • Don't think there's anything wrong with Intel chips considering this one is better than S801 and on par with S805, it's just that some apps don't support x86, but that's changing.

        • What's wrong with Intel? Do you even know what a processor is or does? The Zenfone 2 is an excellent phone.

        • +2

          If you have never tried one you don't need to comment. Zenfone 2 is a lot smoother and faster than G3.

        • @clse945111: Sure nothing wrong with Intel chips EXCEPT THAT they don't run many apps at the same speed as ARM compiled apps and they don't run other apps at all.

          But sure other than that nothing wrong.

          What is wrong is the person claiming this phone is similar to an ARM device when it is not.

        • @tendollar: It is not comparable to a G3 for the above reason.

        • @Diji1:

        • @superforever: I don't need to use it to know the above things I pointed out.

        • +2


          So you are another guy that "heard" something and misleading others.

          I have no app couldn't run so far.

          Please list out what app you "heard" didn't run and let me try. I agreed some apps couldn't run but that is like 1%?

          But I own it.

        • +1

          I wouldn't classify the G2 and G3 as Android flagship devices now.

          I would take the zenfone 2 over the G2, since the G2 is getting a bit long in the tooth and doesn't support band 28. However I'd take the G2 over the G3 because that it uses a similar power SoC but needs less power because of less pixels to push.

          I would take the zenfone 2 over the G3 because I don't believe the S801 is powerful enough to run a QHD screen smoothly in future. I also believe as Intel is gaining more mobile marketshare this means more app makers are supporting their chips and apps are being optimised for them. I owned an Intel powered tablet before and I found that it out performed similar spec snapdragon devices. Even if the apps aren't optimised for x86 the intel chip performed well.

          @superforever I did noticed in that YouTube video you posted that the Antutu scores are a lot lower on the Note 4 tested than what my Note 4 gets. I score around 52k, and in that video the Note 4 only scored 46k? That's a huge difference, though it is on a different version of Antutu than mine. Just doesn't seem like those tests are accurate.

        • @Ronnnie:

          Yeah, I tried the latest Antutu I got around 48k.

      • and camera, and screen reso

        • I would prefer a lower screen res. The higher res doesn't look any better, just uses more power.

        • @Ronnnie: i ended up getting the ZE550ML 5.5 inch 720 screen so hoping thats the case for mine

        • @shonofear:

          I was referring to the 1080P vs QHD phones. I find I can see a difference between 720P and 1080P on the larger screen phone's.

  • Can we get $50 voucher and 10% tech sale off at once?
    Edit: because that would bring down the price to $270ish.

    • The voucher is issued on 1st July and the price already includes the 10% off.

      • Oh I see. Kogan site has it priced at $359 already. Thank you.

  • +1

    Dilemma. have a black 16g LG G2 on sale for $299. I am assuming the LG can work on all networks where no one has clearly said if the zenfone can. I am looking to replace my gen1 moto g. I just want a great phone with a great camera. This or the G2? Please help

    • -1

      The Taiwan version can work on all networks.

      One thing you have to make sure this one from Kogan is Taiwan version because they sell HK version before.

      But I reckon it is Taiwan version because the CPU is 2.3GHz which the Hong Kong version 4GB/32GB is 1.8GHz and difference CPU.

  • +1

    I want to buy this but only if its the TW version.

    Kogan ebay has disabled questions so gonna be hard to confirm

    • Capture their product page .. buy it if you found that the one arrived got 1.8GHz CPU ask for refund. Keep the $50 voucher buy it from Taiwan.

      • Haha you twisted my arm, I bought one.
        I have a work phone and a personal phone that I want to consolidate. I tried a Moto G but just wasn't good enough.
        The Zenfone camera is a downgrade from the ip5S I use at work but it will hopefully suffice.

  • Are they likely to get any cheaper

  • +2

    So happy I got my 4GB/64GB model with the 20% off eBay voucher last Thursday :) Ended up only costing only $351 from QD_Au and Will be delivered Monday according to DHL.

  • Does the camera in this record in High Definition

    • Yes, 1080p.

  • Seem like t is HK version about people chat with them online.

  • OK finally they removed 700 from their spec on Kogan web site (not eBay). So guys prepare to get it a refund and keep your $50 voucher.

  • gosh , just about to buy it, so its not good? is it mean it is 1.8 not 2.3 ghz? gonna make a big different?

    • +1

      If you don't mind HK version missing band 700 still cheaper than DWI or eGlobal with $50 voucher.

      They took away band 700 but still say 2.3GHz. If HK version should be 1.8GHz.

  • gonna give it to my sister in Malaysia, i guess it shouldn't make much different there. How about the processor?

  • WHat about the ZE550M 2gb ram variantL, is it the taiwan version?
    …only have 30more mins till this deal ends!

    • +1

      Kogan stock HK version before and they also did mix up the spec before.

      So now I really can't be sure.

  • pulled the trigger, finger crossed its 4gb and 2.3ghz
    thanks, superforever

    • Looks like it. They have listed all the versions with different frequencies. I've asked them which version they are selling as it's not clear.

      Edit: Cost is now $419 which is not cheaper.

  • For those on Telstra wanting the Taiwan version with 700MHz (B28). Found following on EBay which seem to be the cheapest 4GB, 2.33Mhz Zenfone 2 ZW551ML:

    32GB: $429 -

    64GB: $439 -

    32GB: $459 -

    64GB: $469 -

    There is one other seller selling the Grey 32GB for same price. Could not find the others cheaper.

  • So basically $70 more expensive for the band 700 and 2.3ghz ya? Everything is the same?

    • Yes and Express delivered from Taiwan.

  • You can get it cheaper now from Kogan.

  • How long it takes to get things posted from Kogan to Wa? 3 weeks? It says expedited post , hopefully is quicker?

  • Has anyone received their phone? I just got mine and the CPU isnt 2.3ghz it is 1.8ghz. I email kogan about the matter as the ordered item clearly says 2.3Ghz.

    Is anyone in the same boat?

    • +1

      That is why I posted here and on another thread regarding Kogan zenfone 2.

      So finally confirmed they didn't what they are doing. Return it and ask for refund and use the $50 and get the Taiwan version from qd_au.

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