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NORTON 360 Multi Device 3 Devices $4 [after $40 Cashback] @ Dick Smith eBay


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NORTON 360 Multi Device 3 User :
Powerful protection against viruses and online threats, online identity theft, dangerous downloads, unsafe websites, plus loss or theft of your mobile device. Secures any combination of up to 3 devices (Windows, Mac, Android and iOS).

Key Features

Protection for any combination of Macs(R),, PCs and Android(TM), smartphones and tablets.
Tracking and recovery for lost or stolen Android mobile devices.
Automatic PC backup for your music, photos and important files.
Manage your protection from anywhere, right over the Internet.

Cashback Here

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  • Even for $4 after the initial outlaw, i wouldn't bother with this resource sucking software, still the worst out there.

    • +16 votes

      When was the last time you used it? I feel like most of the criticism comes from Norton's reputation from at least 5-6 years ago.

      A couple of years ago I compared a few different anti viruses and Norton actually has improved A LOT. For $4 it's better than a lot others out there.

      • Agree with you, I removed Bitdefender and thank God my PC is back to normal again.

        • And btw whatever you think of the software (which again as I've mentioned, haven't come from anyone who's used Norton recently), it's still a good bargain so I don't think the neg is fair at all.

          Now having said that, it's a bit of a gamble as per Thaos' post below but it's still do-able….

        • I have Bitdefender on my surface and I have to say, it annoys me. I use Norton on my other computers and it's not a resource hog at all. (My other computers have between 2GB and 16GB of ram)

      • They definitely turned me away 5-6 years ago, and I've been reluctant to try them again since. They need to be like bitdefender and give people 6 month free codes to get people to try them again, because even if they may have improved and gotten light weight since then, I'm reluctant to put any money down to find out.

        I'm not really sure what to use. I have BD, but have to turn the firewall off and use windows firewall or else I lose all connection to the internet. BD has been very erratic for me. 2012 version was a no go. 2014 was perfect. 2015 bad. Tried going back to 2014, but when I tried to update, the update failed to connect to the server.

        Tried Webroot. Liked the performance, but didn't like the customizability.

        Avast got bad like Norton a few years ago, and I didn't go back.

        • I believe there's a one month trial… that should be enough I reckon for most…?

        • @Yongaz: Yeah I don't know. Whenever I hear the name Norton there's a permanent stigma for me now. And I don't like uninstalling AV/IS suites to try a different one because usually you can't completely 100% remove it. There's some parts that fail to be removed, so I normally only change AV after a fresh format.

          I don't feel like doing that right now.

    • Neg vote for you as you clearly have no idea what Norton software is like today. You a giving a biased, unrealistic opinion on what Norton was like back in the days of Windows 98 / XP / Vista.

      I am currently running Norton Internet Security on my laptop which has 8GB of RAM and it is only using 7,800k right now. My browser (Chrome) is sucking more power than Norton is, Chrome is sucking over 100,000K

      • I thought Norton was fine during the 98/XP/Vista days. I used them for the longest time, until around 2009ish when I started noticing it was thrashing my HDD a lot, so I uninstalled it with about 11 months left on my license. Put Avast on, and it solved all the complaints I had with performance.. for 2 years then it did a Norton and I moved to ESET.

  • "$40 Cashback claims close at 11:59pm AWST on June 30, 2015. Claims received after this time and until 11:59pm AWST on September 30, 2015 inclusive will be paid the $20 cashback."

    Basically, you're reliant on DSE getting this ready for you to pick up by Tuesday or else you lose $20.
    $24 for N360 3U is okay I guess but I don't like the thought of gambling.

  • "Participating retail stores will feature a promotional sticker on eligible product boxes.". I don't see this on the image. Will I still get cashback?

  • Does this one come with a micro SD card? Last year Harvey Norman did something like this and you got a free microSD card with it.

  • Don't forget to add the price of the exorcism if you ever want to get it off your computer.

  • Norton 360 does slow down my PC, but at an acceptable level. The support is good.