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eBay 20% off at 17 Retailers (7am 26th June - 29th June)


The offer entitles you to a 20% discount off the purchase price for up to 3 transactions (excluding postage) at Participating Stores on eBay.com.au during the Offer Period, up to a maximum discount of $300 per transaction. The redemption code requires payment with an Australian PayPal account.


Betta Online
Bing Lee
Brands Exclusive
Catch of the Day
Deals Direct
Dick Smith
Futu Online
Only Online
Supercheap Auto
The Good Guys
Toys R Us

OR use this link to search all 17 stores (replace 'search' with what you are looking for). Thanks to barnetas


  • Use "add to basket" if you are buying more than one item to minimise the number of times you use this coupon, while ensuring your basket holds less than $1,500 of items to avoid the $300 cap.
  • Do your research first. Some retailers/items may be overpriced, certain items will be cheaper elsewhere even without the 20% off.
  • As always don't forget 2% cash back from Cash Rewards. Help
  • Dick Smith is having their own sale on their site. It's always best to compare the prices between DSE eBay and the DSE website.

Items of note from the comments, other deals:

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  • +8

    Chris Kyle reporting in for a 0700 deployment.

    Not revealing my association don't ask

    Is this allowed?

    • +43

      Waiting for jv to comment

      Any Bargains ?

      • +24

        Or a Price in Title

      • +11

        Wait for MM to mention he is waiting for jv

      • -4

        Hahaha, I think JV is a bot and the first word he speaks is "Any Bargains?", second word is "Dose it come in pink?"

      • You got one neg from JV :)

    • +6

      Not revealing my association don't ask

      He is new to ozbargain. He just signed up 20 min ago.

      We really dont know if this deal is true or just pure spam.

      The OP is refusing to reveal his association which is against the posting rules

      I guess the mods are investigating the legitimacy of this deal as we speak to avoid any conflict with ebay if this deal was spam

      • +13

        I tried using the code and it said This voucher code is not yet ready for use. Please try again later.

        When trying a random code, no error message showing or when using an expired code, it says This redemption code has expired

        The code must be in the system, just not valid until later.

        Fingers crossed

        • +82

          Code isn't ready, but we are

        • +3

          @cryptos: Professional are always on their toes…

        • Same here, wheras an old code says "The redemption code can't be used for your purchase. This redemption code has expired"

          So it's looking very likely that the code will work soon.

        • @cryptos:

          Got the permission from missus? I would not say we are ready until we've got the green light.

      • -1

        I guess the mods are investigating the legitimacy of this deal as we speak

        This is indeed true. I sent of an inquiry to the mods and now the "unconfirmed" is in the OP.

      • +1

        Could be a pissed off Brit from the last ebay deal.

      • +1

        Went to sleep.. woke up and its April 1st again?? NOT A DEAL? not yet anyway. It maybe true but anyone can sign up say anything, as its unconfirmed it should go to the forum!

    • Cashrewards is now showing the ebay offer already
      Starts at 7am 26th
      This is most likely confirmed!

      • Kogan ended its 10% offer
        damn…no stack up!

  • +1

    So whats your…

    • Sauce?

      • +3

        the red pill or the blue

        • +15

          Blue if your over 70 and have a young gold digger.
          Red if you have a iron deficiency

        • +2


          The cynicism is real.

        • +3

          But are there any BARGAINS on these pills?

        • -1

          @Hellman109: Get grandpa to go to the dr for you to get the prescription, then have him use pension/seniors card to but it cheap at chemist warehouse!
          Then get him out to the bowls club to tune while you hit up the girl behind the bar for 5 cougars thanks

        • @Hellman109:
          Buy 1 get 1 free

    • +2

      Doubt the 10% Kogan discount will still be around when 20% activates

      • +1

        maybe $128

      • +1

        I doubt they will have stock left, currently 1 in stock

      • $166 now. total waste of time.

    • +2

      Added to cart but then no stock :(

  • Sigh, just bought a new Kindle from DSE at 15% off. Ah well.

  • +20

    Here come the eneloops again. Thanks

    Dick Smith is busy in pushing up his prices by 20%

    • +14


    • +6

      Edit And Kogan as well.

    • +3


    • +17

      We should create a "list of shame" and add retailers to the list when they do it. It might shame them into offering price reductions on the current price instead of the inflated one.

      • +2
        • +2

          I really hope that most of the people who complain to The Checkout are also OzB members. :D

        • @Juddy:
          ABC will soon be ozbargained

    • +2

      This is the truth. They did this last time. Someone compiled the data. I sent a letter to Fair Trading. DSE replied "oh it was an admin error sorry". Case was closed.

      • Wasn't true on last eBay sale.

    • +14

      @monty.melb Believe me.. pushing up prices actually happens in here with even big retailers. Once I saw a deal on a Acer laptop with SSD from HN. They were giving $500 cashback. Deal was on for a Saturday. I took a printout of the web page with laptop and prices in the evening and decided to buy it for $1499 before cashback.
      Next day early morning I woke p and went to HN to see all the prices have gone up by $500. Then I talk to a guy at store show my printout and asked why it shows a different price that their web site. Then he checked HN web site and told me the price in their website is same as the one thy display in store and asked where I got the printout from. I told him that I took it from HN web site but previous night. Then he went and talked to a boss and then another boss for a long time. I was just hanging around looking at the very high prices of the new price tags. After a while the store rep came and gave it for the price mentioned in the printout. They just wanted to send me out from store as quickly as possible and didn't try to argue with me again.
      That was a shameless trick from a big store. They still do this while selling the gadgets for far higher prices than US.

    • whats an eneloop?

      • +12

        Do you even OzBargain?

  • +10

    The 'Papal promotion code'


    • +18

      Must be a pope's special. Is he visiting here anytime soon?

  • has anyone receive their ebay $50 voucher yet ?

    • "The voucher redemption code will be available in the voucher section of your My eBay account from 1 July 2015."

    • july 1st is the date

    • Only to use from 1July.

    • $50 voucher? Do you get this by making a purchase?

  • +15

    0700 26th June, great. Gives the retailers time to up the prices.

    • +9

      will prob get dick-ed as per usual

  • It's on like donkey kong!

  • +5

    Just checked futu online for their master mx mouse and bang price is now 125 instead of 110. When I check sale history gives me a page not found….

    • waiting to get a brand new master mx to replace my performance mx

    • Got one last week from JB for $99 but back to $129 now. Scorptec have them for $99 but you may have to factor delivery in.

  • cap at $300 total savings, (so $1500 spent = $300 saved) or 20% off on items $300 or less?

    • former.

    • +4

      You can spend $100,000 but maximum discount/saving you can get is $300.

      • thanks

  • +12

    Make sure you watch the price and take notice of whether it changes once the sale starts. Some of these retailers have been known to in the past.

  • Gotta love ebay :) Cheers OP

    • +4

      Only as a buyer. Where do you think they're getting the cash for these promotions?

      • Charge sellers outrageous 20% fees every day, then do few promotions in a year giving those 20% to the buyers. No wonder sellers are jacking up the prices just before the deal. No one wants to be left standing in the musical chair game. Lucky for us buyers we sometimes have surprise music playing like CWENTY recently, but even that went like an old scratched vinyl stopping every hour. “Oh, sorry, we did not think you gonna like that tune, we though all of them sucked.”
        /ebay rant off

        • Also, eBay loves buyers than sellers. That's why I've been moving my eBay store to a website gradually.

    • Can you recommend a TV? :3

      • +7

        I can once it starts :)

        • +1

          Can you recommend a Wife/Girlfriend? Once it starts?

        • +53

          @Zylam Marex: No you don't want one of those when a sale starts lol

        • @TRENT86: Hahaha, speaking from experience eh?

        • @TRENT86:

          logged in so i could like this post XD

  • Should change the date to 26th

  • +4

    Watch for prices to rise 15% before hand.

    • really? they do that?

      • +12

        Course not.

        Expect at least 25% since they're not a charity.

  • Is it 20% coupon only valid in the above listed stores?

    • yes

    • +3

      Only stores that jacked up their prices

      • I don't think Betta increase theirs. Last sale I bought a Panasonic bread machine from them. Forget the exact price now, but I know from watching prices for ages, that it was cheaper than it has been anywhere else for a couple of years.

        • +2

          You spent your hard earned dough on a bread machine?

        • @CheapRichGuy:

          Proving you gotta spend bread to make bread bro.

  • +32

    the eBay 20% off code that worked on everything was better

    • Only lasts couple hours though..

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