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Samsung UA55JU6400W 55" UHD 100hz Smart TV $1566 Click & Collect Good Guys eBay


Credit to original poster of the coupon: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/199852

I bought this TV a month ago for $2050 during Dicksmith sale, and now its almost $500 cheaper in the Good Guys eBay store using the coupon code. The worst thing is its 4 days past my price protection guarantee cover from my credit card. It hurts so bad… I feel my world is tumbling down and nothing else in this life matter…… if only there's a helpline for this……

So please someone buy this deal so at least I feel a bit better knowing someone paid for much less than what I paid for.

I think its great price for a UHD TV this size, with good brand name and a recent model.

Ok… Bye…

Click and Collect for free or otherwise about $30 delivery.

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  • Anyone know if there is there any way of buying an extended warranty with this kind of eBay sale?
    Or for that matter if it is recommended/necessary or not. (I usually haggle it into my bargaining when dealing in person.)

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      Products are covered under ACL by default.

      "Under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL), automatic consumer guarantees apply to many products and services you buy regardless of any other warranties suppliers sell or give to you.

      Retailers sometimes offer to sell you an extended warranty or care package to extend the length of time of the manufacturer’s warranty. Some may tell you that an extended warranty provides extra protections you wouldn’t usually get. This isn’t necessarily true, as you automatically have consumer guarantees that suppliers must comply with, regardless of what they say or any warranties they offer."

      • I chased on that for my last TV (1 year warranty). Samsung were willing to fix my TV up to 2 years and 4 months after I contacts Fair Trading. Mine was 2 years and 10 months old. So, wasn't worth while chasing.

    • im not sure if it is worth it or not but regarding the ACL, i recently had a faulty samsung surround sound system after 3 years and 4 months so i rang samsung and spoke to them in regards to getting it fixed under my warranty which had expired 4 months ago (i had 2 years extended 1 year normal) which they replied that i was automatically covered under the ACL and set up a repair shop for me to send it to, $13 postage later it was fixed so im not sure if extended is worth it as the ACL did cover something that i would usually use warranty on.

    • Bought this TV today through eBay picked up from local store & bought extended warranty in the local store.

    • Bought this TV today through eBay picked up from local store & bought extended warranty in the local store.

    • Seems to be the same TV just a significantly smaller model. Good if space is a premium in your place I guess.

  • Yeah thats pretty much the same model but smaller size only 40". Depending on where you going to put it, it could be too small.

  • Which CC you have that price protection is only a month? Both of mine are 6 months.

    • Also doesn't the price protection just cover if the sale was at the same store? i.e. can only claim price protection if Dicksmith drop the price too since that's where he originally bought it.

      • yeah my bad. I read that the price dropped $500 at Dick Smiths. You are correct it has to be from the same store name.

    • Mine is with Westpac. They got 21 days. But yeah, probably have to be the same store.

  • just noticed your spelling of "Dicksmith" in your description, please note its "Dick Smith". Dicksmith would be a maker of dicks.

  • 3D with this would be great, not able to decide whether to get this or wait for price reduction on 60"
    Great price

    • NO 3D on this set plus Samsung uses the crappy Active 3D .. everyone likes passive better .( same as the cinema and those $1 glasses work on your TV at home :)

  • OP can you give us a review of the TV? Thanks

  • is there any 3d glass come with it ?

  • What's the ultra HD content like these days?

    • Unless you have Netflix is a bit rare still (and even then). I did get a UHD TV yesterday though… it is just a matter of time since most (decent) new shows and movies come out with a 4K option anyway.

  • This is a bargain but..
    I'll wait 'till after I get a 4k camera.
    Otherwise there's bugger all 4k content.

  • For the FHD version, would this be a good deal for $1226:

  • Just bought one. really good deal.

  • Just bought one. really good deal.

  • 4k on anything under 65" seems a bit pointless still unless you sit really close to the TV IMO. 200hz should be standard on these TVs too.

    • what takes advantage of 200hz or what voodoo from the TV makes 200 an advantage when its not being fed anywhere near that number of frames? (genuinely curious)

      • Found this article which explains it well.

        You will not be able to see the difference between 60hz and 120hz under ideal display situations.By ideal, I mean if both displays had zero lag. Problem is LCDs have pixel lag, which leaves residual image aka ghosting. Because LCDs are not the ideal display medium, 120hz and 240hz helps address the issue of residual image retention by enhancing the refresh rate. So, in LCDs case you will see a difference, the higher the refresh rate the less ghosting or image retention.

        Also 60hz was always a poor refresh rate for TVs of any kind, considering movies have always been shot at 24fps, and 60 cannot show 24fps signals without altering the frames via pulldown. So, the other reason to get the higher refresh rate is to even distribute 24p signals without using pulldown.

        On a side note,the human eye can see beyond 60hz, far beyond 60hz, reason why you won't see a difference on your TV is because no media created today is actually shot and broadcast at 120hz. But this is all changing as new 3D Cameras are shooting films in 120hz native for 3D effects so, if you want a future proof TV, you should get 120hz and above. Older model TVs won't be able to support 3D.

  • Good deal on Series 7 at Good Guys as well. I paid $2245 for 55 inch, 200hz. As a bonus it has curved screen as well. But mainly for 200hz motion refresh rate.

    • Stop it… ure hurting me…. :(

      • Don't worry. You win and some loose. This might cheer you up.
        I bought dell via UK 20% off last week. I realise I didn't do cashreward. So, being greedy I bought another one, assuming that it will get cancell. It did.
        However, next time around ebay didn't apply that 20% off since code used.
        So, i had to go through hassle.

        Moral of story. You obviously dont know the future. Better to secure now and be happy with what you did :)

        • Haha.. yeah you are right. But I did had an instinct when I bought the TV that somehow price are going to drop again. Being impatient, I bought it anyway as I thought it wouldn't be as bad as $500. I was wrong.. good lesson learnt though.

  • Bought another tv at jbhifi yesterday… haven't evwn picked it up yet. Checked ebay but they didn't have the model I wanted. Then this morning, there it was… and lots cheaper with the 20% + cashrewards. :(

    Anyone know if I can cancel my purchase since I haven't picked it up yet? (Havent received the sms/email saying ready for collection)

    • Go to your JB store showing them the reduced price. If it's the same model they might match the eBay price.

      • Cheers, managed to cancel the order over the phone and bought one from TGG. But I'm so unlucky that now they can't find my order in their system… Grrrrr

  • I also purchased this TV about a month ago (for $1720), and am reasonably happy with it. My wife and I actually went in to buy a $700 cheapy to replace my 9-year-old Rear Projection and she floored me by saying "I want that one"! I would have liked 3D and the motion control remote from the more expensive models, but I'm surviving :)

    I'll just add that the in built Youtube app supports 4k, and there is actually quite a bit of content on there to show off that extra resolution (despite the compression). The Netflix app also supports 4k and the TV currently comes with a 6 month subscription to the 4k tier, although I haven't upgraded my own subscription yet to be able to comment the quality. I have also been able to find some of the demo loops from Samsung and others online, which work fine from a USB flash drive and obviously look spectacular.

    Note that this TV uses Tizen for it's OS, and the number of currently available (in Australia at least) is pretty woeful. Hopefully that will improve in future. I am most looking forward to proper support for Plex, although in the last few weeks people have managed to run the version for the older Samsung TVs (with a few bugs).

    • Bought this TV yesterday, everything is great except the Australian store doesn't even have apps like Plex (my main usage) and spotify. A little disappointed to be honest…

      Tried changing the region to US


      Still without any luck.

      • As I said, people on the Plex forums have managed to run the pre-Tizen version in emulation mode by installing it manually from a USB stick. Read the last few pages in this thread. The developer of the Samsung app is working on a Tizen version.

        I am still hopeful that more apps will be released eventually; given that the platform is so new, it's not surprising that the offering is currently limited.

  • Is it any "smarter" than my $500 Kogan HD with a $37 MK808b+ attached? (;

    • This is a really good comment.

      Just today I mentioned to the guys at work I was in the market for a bigger tv and one of them said "Have you seen the one at Aldi" and I said "Nah, its not a smart tv" and they virtually all said just get an Apple TV.

      I wouldn't go the apple route, but I'm surprised it hadn't occurred to me that you could probably end up with a "smarter" tv by combining an android stick and a dumb tv.

      So I've got bit more research to do, not sure how polished the android sticks are for user experience, this deal looks tempting because I can just give my partner the remote and let her work it out - if I Frankenstein a dumb tv and an android stick it will be my fault if it doesn't work :P

      We have a chromecast, but have limited devices that play nice with it - not so easy to pause, rewind etc.

  • how does the price protection work? since we are only paying $1566 of the total $1866, the receipt will show $1866 but the CC statement will show $1566

    • Price protection is a bit of fail. For Citibank credit card, which I assume you have, you need to show the cheaper price in Printed catalogue. Which you will never find. So, its a bit useless.

      • have got Coles 2 yrs price protection..no need for printed catalogue..online is fine too..same store…

        but wondering if it matters if the amount is different in receipt and CC transaction

  • Juyst bought the 40inch, thanks!

  • couldn't resist anymore and purchase the 55". Then wife saw the ebay coupon deal and decided to also buy a fridge afterwards so saved about $600 between the 2 deals thanks for the great find :)

  • How long does it take to process a click and collect order normally, I want the TV now!

    • I ordered one for my mum yesterday about 1pm and it was ready just after 5pm. Picking it up later today. Usually with C&C orders, if you ring through and luck is on your side, they can process it quite quickly if you ask nicely.

    • that's what i'm thinking right now. Placed order at 8am, phoned store at 9.15am to see if i could change my fridge order to delivery and both still hadn't showed up on their system. Just don't want to hear next they are out of stock.

      • Guessing maybe the person who does the ebay store doesn't work on the weekend. Store still cant see order and their IT people reckon it's not on the system. Pretty annoying as when i placed the order it reckoned 12pm pickip its now 1pm and no emails

        • I purchased one and the salesman in store told me the click and collect email comes through within about 5 minutes. 3 Hours later………… still waiting.

          If you call the store and ask to speak with "admin" they are the people you need to speak with.

        • Ok spoke to customer care who got me to email across the paypal reciepts and have a response now:

          Due to the end of financial year promotions on our website and the ebay promotion, our web team are currently inundated with web sales.

          They are currently working to allocate all the online orders to the Good Guys stores.

          You should receive an email shortly letting you know which store your order has been allocated to within 24 hours.

          Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

        • Just bought one and within 30 mins TGG confirmed goods available for pick up. Can't complain about that turn around time.

    • I revieved a call at around 11.00am although they had oversold them so I am waiting on the backorder. :(

      • On Friday I bought the 55JU7500 and selected click and collect from Auburn store (close to work) then called in to check if it was ready for pick up. Well, what do you know… order went missing in the system. Then they found it but all of a sudden "Auburn store doesn't do click and collect, plus they have no stock anyway" and that's despite me calling the store and confirming they had stock.

        Long story a little shorter, after trying multiple stores, had to go to Alexandria to pick it up on Saturday.Nearly 40km from where I live.

  • just saw the samsung tizen smart tv interface vs. sonys new android - sony noticeably faster overall to launch and switch, samsung still very good though compared to their old system. sony comes at a premium price atm, so samsung wins for value.

  • Great deal but i was able to buy this for
    $1394 from Harvey norman PLUS 3 years extended warranty.

    This is how I did it. It was a bit lucky as well.

    Firstly I paid a deposit using 2 x amex cards (used Harvey norman AMEX deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/192897) on Thursday night (as i didn't have enough AMEX card)

    The original price was this on Thursday night $2050 but you get 10% cash back in harvey norman gift cards ($205). I used that to get 3 years extended warranty.

    I then saw this good guys deal and thought thats it, I'm going to go back and get it price matched. They wouldn't but the guy went to the manager to ask.

    I eventually agreed on $1849 (as i thought I would get around $300 cash back from amex deals ) it would work out the same.

    Funnily enough they counted my 10% in gift cards $205 in my original deposit as well. So ended paying $1044 today. So used 3 x AMEX cards = $150 cash back today.

    All up $250 cash back.

    So breaking it down

    Cost of TV - $1849 with 3 years warranty
    Cash back with AMEX - $250
    Minus the 10% harvey norman gift cards used for warranty - $205 (Deal was only on Thursday night)
    = $1394.00

  • Is this suitable as a PC monitor? I cannot find much information about it. Does it have chroma 4:4:4? It seems to have hdmi 2.

  • Thanks very much for the post! I bought the 40" version.


    I got the UA65JU6400W on 12 months interest free for 2380 about a month back from JB. I am so happy with this T.V. Watching Netflix some stuff is so clear it kinda makes you lose that suspension of disbelief because it looks like a studio set rather than a scene..

  • For those who bought this, don't forget to claim your Netflix bonus https://www.samsung.com.au/tv/netflix

  • Does anyone know if the 2015 models have the same latency upscalling 1080p content as last years UHD models? I ended up with a series 7 HD model last year as gaming with huge lag is painful.

  • bought one sunday morning, for an afternoon pickup. they called me to say they had no stock, have to wait 2-3 weeks now..

  • Fwah, every store in Sydney sold out…
    2 week wait on order.

    • i was told 2 weeks, then 6 weeks, then i got a call today and it was ready for collection \o/

  • Did anyone else have problems tightening the dock screws?
    Mine aren't tight enough 😐

    • Absolutely did. Tried undoing and redoing multiple times. The only thing that worked was to tighten the screws in the holes without the dock, and then undo and reattach dock. Stand is now tight.

      • Thanks for the info I may give it a try, support was useless.. And told me the screws I had should of been m8 rather than m4 and said they would send them out 😐