This was posted 8 years 6 months 29 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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AmEx New Statement Credits - David Jones, Harvey Norman, 7-Eleven, McDonald's, Liquorland & More


David Jones Online: Spend $200 or more, get $40 back…

Harvey Norman: Spend $300 or more, get $50 back…

McDonald's: Spend $15 or more, get $5 back…

Liquorland:Spend $100 once, get $15 back…

7-Eleven:Spend $15 or more, get $5 back…

Trenery: Spend $100 or more, get $20 back…

Supabarn: Spend $50 four times, get $50 back…

Country Road: Spend $100 or more, get $20 back…

If your Amex issued card does not show these under Offers tab, try direct links and manually register.

Harvey Norman…
Country Road…

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AmEx Statement Offers
AmEx Statement Offers

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  • +7

    About time! Some decent offers this month.

    • +2

      Looking at the number of + votes. People have been waiting!

    • +4

      Not much use for me. Stores that are of interest are too expensive to be worth shopping at and have high minimum spend. Otherwise, it's women's clothes. Oh well.


      Don't suppose you have a direct link for the 20%/$100min Target deal (or was that expired / last month?)

      • DJs can be good as some stuff they sell rarely go on sale elsewhere.. May be good value to some..

        Nudie jeans thin Finn if you like raw denim (some people might argue they're overpriced but to me they have been one of the only few pairs that seem to last for 2 years and fit well)

        Branded cosmetics for the miss if you feel like spoiling her.. Channel..Dior etc etc..

        Everyone's different.. I'd have a quick look as they there might be promos overlapping.. Nespresso.. Etc…

  • +3

    Thanks OP! Finally giving us bank issued amex holders some good deals again.

  • +9

    $20 Opal top up from 7 eleven should do the trick and hopefully we can buy Coles myer gift card from liquor land

    • Terms on the Liquorland statement credit state that gift card purchases are excluded.

    • says gift card purchases excluded. Or cant they tell the difference?

      • +11

        They always say that but it usually works as they don't have a way of knowing what you bought in store. I bought gift cards for myer and Dan Murphy promotion last year and got the credit so it's worth a punt

        • +1

          I've heard that the trick is to buy something else (pack of gum?) in the same transaction, but who knows whether that's true.

        • +3


          That trick's for when you want to buy gift cards using another gift card.

        • +4

          Update - just went to world square liquor land and bought a $100 Coles myer gift card and got email from amex straight away. Looks like it worked

        • +6

          Just bought a $100 Coles/Myer Group gc at Liquorland & got email from Amex almost instantly:

          "Congratulations, a statement credit is on its way. Thank you for making and eligible purchase and qualifying for our Amex Offer. Your $15 statement credit for spending $100 at Liquorland will be issued to your registered Card account. Statement credits are generally issued within 5 business days upon completion of your eligible transaction."

        • +1

          @spacecowboy: mate did you buy just the gift card or something else along with it too

        • +1

          @Niel: I just bought the gift card and got the email immediately

        • +1

          @Niel: $100 gift card only

        • @spacecowboy:
          Damn, I bought one this morning in the Hyperdome Liquorland (Canberra) and I have not gotten any emails yet.

        • @danielh: same here…no email

        • +1

          you can even request a refund for the pack of gum afterwards

  • +7

    Hmm, so that 7-11 deal includes fuel?

    • +1

      seems to…

      • Not bad then, it's like filling up 91 and getting premium 98 for free. Might chuck that in my car to clean out the fuel lines

    • Going to get $15 worth of fuel.

      • +10

        ..just enough to get back home

      • why the down vote?

        I was just implying the deal is not sweet enough for me and trying to highlight the expiration to other people?

        • +3

          I was just implying the deal is not sweet enough for me

          Are you aware it costs you nothing to register?

        • You can only use it once anyway so you've got a whole 2 months to make 1 purchase…

        • +4

          If free money isn't a deal for you, you're on the wrong website. You want the one with the meerkats.
          These amex offers usually only have a few months before they expire, then other offers come out.

      • We were able to register our supplementary cards for the deals.

    • nvm

  • Saved a few and get ready for end of year sale!!!

    • -3

      ready for end of year sale!!!

      That would be great if the year finished in July then….

      • +1

        I think he meant end of financial year, which finishes end of June.

  • strange i have trouble enrolling to the offers listed. didnt show up in my account,both via pc and amex app on fone ;(

    • +3

      Log out then log in for each individual offer.

    • +2

      Same problem. I opened up in an incognito window, logged in, saved offer, closed window <- repeated for each offer to get it to work.

    • +1

      I found out that if I opened more than one offer in the window, it failed to enrol. I saved one then clicked on another deal further down the page.

  • +2

    Great thanks, my platinum edge finally got some offers. Been waiting for ages

    • +2

      Have the edge too. Thought it was just me being given no offers…

  • Does anyone know if offers stack for the same business?

    I have a David Jones spend $50 receive 15 dollars welcome and the spend 200 get 50 offers.

    • Wondering the same… I've got $199/$50 and $79/$25 for the iconic

      • +4

        Got both my iconic cashback in one purchase :)

        • Nice, cheers.

        • Great, now to decide what to buy :/

    • As long as you spend the required amount with amex other offers willb still apply.

  • good deals but David Jones Online doesnt have what i want.

    • +4

      The Chadstone store still has some Bondage equipment left…

      • +1

        bit far to go for Bondage equipment jv, pretty sure i could find some better stuff in st kilda.

  • Thanks, good deals!

  • some of them are good deals! thanks OP

  • Great deals!

  • I have a BMW gold Amex Card and I can't use these, I don't have any offers at all on my card to choose from

    Anyone else with this?

    • +3

      Are you able to register from the direct links? I updated the post and added those links at the end. One of my cards hardly show any offer but I could register from those links.

      • +1

        Thanks worked

  • Does anyone why these offers don't show up on your card when you login but you have use the manual links and they will work?

    Is there a reason for this? Or is it because only primary holders get it not supplementary?

    • Is yours a supplementary amex-issued card? I find my supp card doesn't really get any offers, but the primary one does.
      These links also allow non amex-issued cards to participate in the offers.

  • +1

    Platinum Edge here. None of them is listed in my account.

    When I use the links given above and click register, nothing happens. Strange.

    • Plat edge here, I got all offers in my account under Offers & Places

      • +1

        I often didn't get the offers in previous rounds on my Platinum Edge card, but I did this time around.

  • Yep save to card does not nothing

    We're Sorry
    The system is not responding at this time. Please try again by hitting the back or refresh buttons. We apologise for any inconvenience.

  • +3

    for those who unable "save to card" for the second time,
    repeat this process for each deal
    Safari, go to file, new private window, enter the url and login
    Chrome, go to file, new incognito window, enter the url and login

    • deleted

    • Thank you! This worked.

      Had to login again every time, but better than it not working.

      AMEX needs to hire better IT staff.

  • Did anyone received a confirmation e-mail after registration?

    • Yes. I signed up for both Maccas and 7-11 and got the confirmation email pretty quickly.

      • There was a bit of a delay yesterday morning, I suspect there must've been a whole heap of people registering at the same time.

  • +1

    It seems they have upgraded their system, you no longer need to input all the info every time your register, in your profile you can save as many cards as you want, once you click save to card, it appears in my offers

    To register more than one card for each offer you need to click "switch card" and save the offer for each card.

    • Thanks! I was trying to work that out :)

    • +1

      I'm wondering if I should put my 2nd card into the same account.
      Say I have a Westpac Amex and the QANTAS Amex.
      If I register both under the same account

      Will clicking switch card, still allow you to register the same offers onto 2 cards owned by me.

      Wouldn't it be better to register my QANTAS Amex under a separate account?

    • Lol if only I read this before entering in all my card details for each of my bloody 13 cards (including supplementary). At least I know for next time thanks!!

  • I have ACS Gold AmEx. Does anyone know if I register the supplementary card, it would give the statement credit? Sorry the T&Cs are a bit tricky? Has anyone tried before?

  • -3


    here I am to create..
    here I am to chow down…
    here I am to say that you are my dinner…

  • +4

    What a shame………cancelled my ANZ black amex last week. Should have waited…….

  • -1

    Can you do this?
    1. Buy something from DJ online
    2. Return in store - get refund into a DJ gift card

    • Maybe?

      Payment Method

      For all purchases made via Membership Rewards points, purchases made with PayPal and purchases made with David Jones Gift Cards we will provide refunds to a David Jones Returns Card that can be used instore and Online For all other purchases, David Jones will refund using your original payment method, or, where appropriate and at David Jones’ sole discretion, on a David Jones Returns Card.

      • thanks, I might do that

        • Yeah, just say it was on your partner that bought it on their card and you didn't bring it with you. Can't imagine they'd complain about locking you in to a future purchase with a store-only gift card for money that's already spent with them.

    • I did something similar when there was an amex offer for Myer Online. Returned something in store and they gave me credit back to a gift card. Not a pretty one that you would give as a present though.

  • -1

    Could we get multiple statement credits. For example, you spend $20 in 5 separate transactions before the promotion date, do we get the $5 statement credits 5 times?

    • NO . Only for ONCE!

  • Just signed up for a amex card so was wondering how I go about redemning these offers, do I need to sign up for a online amex account first?

    • Read above you about doing it manually. But after awhile it will be in 'my offers' in the card account…. This took about 5months with my plat edge.

  • David Jones cashback is available online only. Just a heads up.

    • How do you get cashback?

      • You need to sign up for the offer through your online account. Once you've made the spend, the cashback amount is automatically credited to your account.

        • @em, I have to sign up to DJ online, is that right?

        • +1

          @boozler: I assume if you shop at and pay with the amex card that has the deal saved to it, the cashback will come through. It's only for DJs online, not in store.

  • Has anyone had any success getting cash-back for purchasing an eGift Card from David Jones Online?

    • Yeah, I got last time.

      • +4

        I wouldn't think it would work for e cards as different cart to rest of dj. It Does work for physical cards which go to same cart.

        • T&C: "Offer is not valid on Gift Card purchases."

          But have they enforced that technologically now?

        • @blahman: you're right, i can only say it has worked in the past

    • T&C says all gift cards excluded for DJ offer

  • +1

    Thanks OP! I feel an RSI coming from having to enter 11 Amex cards for each deal :)

    • Auto fill on iPhone works a treat!

  • +4

    Don't forget 7% cashback for DJ's via cashrewards. Also free delivery for orders over $100.

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