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$10.00 --- 12V Battery Charger - Clearance - Kmart Merrylands NSW


I was browsing at BigW, Target and Kmart and came across this item at this price at Kmart. Hopefully this charger will work :)

Also found a diary (it's an Any Year Diary) with a "$0.01" price tag at Target, asked the cashier if it's free to take but she had no idea and still scan the barcode and asked me for 5c but give me back the 5c eventually as that's what the "change" shows on the receipt…haha..

Sorry, it's a bit off topic but just curious that has anyone found any item in a shop that costs 1 cent? Did you take it for free?

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    all I can say is … it's working! I remember buying it a couple of years ago for an emergency and I still use it occasionally to top up our cars' batteries. I paid $20 back then

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      Yes, confirmed. Was stuck at Mel airport and their service tiny jump starter didn't have enough juice to jump the V6.

      Totally flat battery, after two hours it was finally ready to crank. Better than signing up for RACV on the spot for $280. (Now with Toyota roadside for $80/year).

      • Wow, where did you get a power socket for two hours?

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          Lol, there was one just in a corner on level 3. Section E at the T1 sky bridge

          Edit: kinda helped that I landed 10pm to my surprise the boot button didn't work lol

  • oops

    • Ok, thanks. But can you actually charge your car's battery through the cigarette socket from the car??

      • Thought you were talking about the tire inflater, which is also on sale - hence deleted.

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    I bought a Galaxy Note flip cover from DSE that was 1c. The guy at the counter had a look and just gave it to me. The receipt says I gave 5c and was returned 5c.

    Just the other day I bought a pepper from Coles that was 3c. I paid with eftpos so … got charged 3c. Next time I should try get a 2c pepper and pay with cash at the self checkout. :)

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      Sounds like this charger is out of your price range, then.

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      Just the other day I bought a pepper from Coles that was 3c.

      You buy pepper by the corn?

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        You buy pepper by the corn?

        Yeah. I can't take spicy food, so one corn will last me months! :)

        I was actually looking for something to spice up my lunch. I only needed enough for one meal, so I bought a single habanero pepper.

  • Why didn't you get two diaries hombre? Two cents would also have 'rounded down' to a goose-egg, thus you would have still got your 5 cents back. And don't get me started on 'multiple transactions'… ;)

    • Haha, good idea!

      No, that "Clearance Zone" was so messy i just don't bother to find another one or another 1 cent item :)

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    ANyone seen the battery chargers in other stores ?

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    Not sure how much cheaper this is than the Aldi charger they have occasionally, I think it's 15. The Aldi charger has some extra features like motorcycle battery support and automatically changing charging modes when the battery is full

    • Can you buy the aldi one atm?

      • No but its been for sale at least every 6 months and has been for a few years

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    These are pulse chargers that reduce the chance of overheating.. but at only 2amps these chargers will take AGES to charge a standard 60ah car battery (12-24 hours) depending on how flat it is.

    Normal price at my local store is $15

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      Slower the better for a dumb car charger….

  • A number of years ago i tried to buy one notebook at officeworks for 2cents using cash. The lady refused to put it through…

    • Ok, but why??

    • 2cents notebook? paper notebook or led notebook?

      • paper notebook lol.

  • liked the diary story

  • Not valid in QLD.

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