This was posted 8 years 5 months ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Costco Catalogue 3 July - 18 July 2015 (Membership Required)


Long time OzBargain lurker and this is my first deal posting.

Seems like a great deal on Vitamix aspire blender($649) and kitchenaid KPM5 mixer($629).

I'll visit Costco tomorrow to see the price on PS4 Bloodborn bundle kit($60 off) and Sony 40" LED TV($100 off).

Costco membership is $60 per year.

click the link for the other promotions(PNG image file).

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  • If you have ABN then it's $55 per year. I paid $679.99 early this year but this is a great price.

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      I paid $679.99 early this year but this is a great price

      You got ripped off. If you have an ABN then it's only $55 per year.


    • With a business membership, only one person can have a card.
      Where as a family membership ($60) allows two people from the same address to have membership cards.

      • +2

        This wasn't the case when I signed up. I have a business account and have myself + wife with cards.

        • I two have a business one with two cards,

          Its standard across the range, each account has upto two cards

      • Have a business membership also and its 2 cards per membership. I have one so does the wife

      • +2

        Sorry guys I was wrong,

        I asked the difference when I signed & was told that it was only a single card
        But their website confirm what you guys said & there's a free additional card available…

  • Put an example deal in the title :)

  • Both the Kirkland cookware and the memory foam pillow are great prices.

    • IKEA have a Memory Foam Pillow to compare to CostCo's. it may even be cost-competitive.

      • +1

        I much prefer the quality of the products sold at costco over Ikea but thats personal preference.

      • Ikea had a memory pillow for $10 earlier this week. It's those contoured ones (can't tell if the costco one is). I don't think it's on anymore.

    • I have the memory foam pillow, mrs has one thats nearly $200 RRP FROM HN.

      Small difference but its 4x the price when we got it at discount. At 26 for the costco one its a good deal esp if youre a side sleeper.

  • What's the advantage of a memory down pillow over a normal pillow?

    • +72

      As you sleep, antibodies from your hair gradually impregnate the memory foam.
      Over time, they are assimilated into the micro-pores of the foam structure, and the pillow learns who you are.

      If a stranger then tries to use your pillow, natural enzymes are released from the patented nano-capsules, and they gradually dissolve the hair, skin, flesh and eventually the entire head of the interloper.

      Normal pillow is normal.

      • Thanks dude. I will buy one.

      • Logged in just to vote up this.

        and this comment, "they gradually dissolve the hair, skin, flesh and eventually the entire head of the interloper."

        Are you suggesting the stranger will go bald? :-)

        • No He is suggesting that they will run around the next morning like Headless Chooks.

      • haha classic

      • When can we catch your next stand-up gig at Comedy Cellars? Or do you publish humorous books? if so, titles?

      • So not good if you're Tinder regular then?

  • Great price on the vitamix aspire. Sorry to hijack the post. I'm torn between the vitamix vs optimum 9400? Any recommendations?

    • +2

      I have the optimum 9400 and it's a great piece of kit. Use it everyday since i bought it a year ago and still going strong

      • Where is it made? the Vitamix is US made which I personally prefer over a Chinese made product.

        • Its made in taiwan but australian owned

  • Pls let me know the modelnumber and price of the TV.I am also thinking to buy

  • How much is the tv?

  • Arrrrr, keep forgetting Costco requires membership. Thank you for a reminder.

    • +1

      You can get the membership and buy your stuff and then get your membership feee refunded… even after a month…

  • +2

    Does anyone know the price of the PS4 bundle ? Thx ..

    • anyone? i'm also interested as missed out on the bigw deal

    • +1

      It was $429 at the Adelaide store.

    • +1

      for those who missed out on the bigw deal. just picked up one from auburn nsw it's $419 and has plenty stock on both black or white

  • thanks op

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    A shitty thing to do but just wondering if someone buys a PS4 and return it when PS5 launches, would Costco accept the refund?

    • "On Merchandise: We guarantee your satisfaction on every product we sell, and will refund your purchase price. This is in addition to your rights under the Australian Consumer Law. "

      I assume would be at the discretion of the manager. but if people keep on doing this, im sure they'll change their policy

    • +8

      Probably but you'd have to be a pretty big scumbag to do that. People who abuse the system for their own benefit are the reason why most places don't have such a generous policy in the first place.

      • +2

        When you return the item, they ask for your reason of return. They then give back your money. Nothing more, nothing less.
        You have to maintain your membership over this time for this generous warranty. (I agree heartily with the scumbag comment).

    • They changed their policy already in the US in regards to this.…

    • Ps5?? U mean like in 6 years time or something LOL

  • +1

    "Only" $679.99 for the 2011 Chateau Margaux…. [not as good as, say, the 2010, but would make a good BBQ red] :-p

    • yeah not a bad marinade, if ony they sold it in a flagon or cask, I'd be interested.

  • $100 off michelin is good. It was only $70 earlier this year

    Edit: Oh wait it still is $70 :P

  • Just got back from the US - KitchenAid is only US$240 at CostCo… Stupid AU pricing.

    • And here's a photo to rub it in. :)

      It's $279.99 but there's an instant manufacturer rebate of $40. Such a huge price difference. Pity about the voltage!

      • Very expensive to ship to Australia

  • ps4 is $479

    so $419 after sale

    • Just check from ringwood costco. The price for bloodborn bundle is 439 after discount.

    • Is that a good price?

    • +1

      ^ I was at Auburn NSW $419

  • Anyone know about the TV ?

  • $60 for membership to save $60 is counter productive no?

    • If you buy 2 of those items, you'll save $60 in the end.

    • +3

      You don't just go to Costco to buy 1 item trust me

      • Is that so? I have seen people buying single item. Must be the people living nearby.

  • Anyone going to costco today, please post the prices and model numbers of fridges on sale.

    I need to buy one the one at home stopped working just after the 20% sale on ebay :(

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