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EA SPORTS UFC for PS4 - US $9.90 ~ AU $13.36 @ US PlayStation Store


You need US ps account to purchase this game. You can get ps credit from Amazon, redeem on the ps wallet and then make the purchase.

Bruce Lee bundle $3


The creators of the critically-acclaimed Fight Night franchise bring you into the next-generation of fighting. Step into the Octagon™ with EA SPORTS UFC and make your opponent feel every strike, takedown and submission

PS4 Saints Row Re-Elected & Gat Out of Hell US$25 (US$20 with plus)

SUPERHERO SALES (save extra 10% with plus)

You need US billing address to buy ps credit from Amazon


Billing address
OZ Bargain
608 NW Couch St Portland,
Oregon 97045 United States
Phone: 15032225721

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  • Worth it for the glitches :)

  • I can't use PayPal?
    Also how do you use your Australian c/c? Do you just put a faux US address?

    • Buy PSN credit from Amazon. Use a US postal address from a state that has no tax such as Oregon (use Eugene as a city) Digital delivery is instant.

      This is a good deal, gonna pass on it though. Ten bucks more towards my new PS4 steering wheel.

      • It'd be awesome if every US PSN ozbargain post had that as auto text.

      • I'm sorry to be a noob here.. but how do I get amazon credit?

        Can't i just use an AUS credit card on the ps store and use Oregon as my city and put a fake address?

        • Unfortunately not. Can't use Aus credit card (as far as I know) and can't use Aus PayPal.
          That's why you gotta buy it via Amazon, then enter the code on your US PSN account.

        • You go to a website called http://amazon.com and purchase a $10 PSN card from them. It is a digital purchase and they give you a PSN redeem code. This code gets you US$10 PSN credit on your US PSN account.

          You can use your credit card on the PS Store if you have an American Express.

        • First thing first,

          You need US ps account.

          Set it up with address in description.

          Go to amazon. Set billing address as in description.

          Buy $10 credit

          You will get a code straight away (1-2 mins) on screen and email (after agreeing T&Cs)

          Copy code

          Open Login page

          Go to account, you will see redeem codes

          Paste the code there, and you will see $10 in your wallet

          Buy your game now.

          Let me know if you have any question.

        • @GravyNanna: Thanks guys…
          @Where's_That_Cake: …this is why…
          @varunsic: …I love OzBargin!!

        • @varunsic: Hey sorry to annoy you again.. i purchased the card on amazon but got this instead..

          Sorry, processing is taking longer than expected.
          Please do not reorder this item.
          Some Game and Software downloads go through extra verification that may take up to 2 hours.
          This process is in place to prevent unauthorized orders on your account.

          I went to 'Your Orders' on amazon and can see the item but can't view the code

        • @Da dpG: Never had this before. May be it's the first time your making such a purchase. Was your money deducted?

        • @varunsic: No it doesn't look like it..

          I just saw this.. maybe they will deduct the money later??

          This is a duplicate order.
          You have an order for this product in process. For your protection we are performing security checks which may take up to 4 hours. View this order

        • @Da dpG: how come duplicate? Did you make more than one purchase?

          You can contact amazon to clear it up.

        • @varunsic: Awesome man it worked :) had to wait for verification!

      • Saving for the wheel. haha. I couldn't resist, been waiting for nearly a year for a bargain price for this.

        • Yeah I have to admit I'm off my gaming a bit at the moment. I have a massive backlog of games I've not played yet but bought at launch (inc Batman, Aliens, Ass Unit, PCars) so I'm trying to be sensible. It's difficult.

        • @Where's_That_Cake: I've got Sleeping dogs,Farcry 4,Watch dogs,Lego Marvel Super Heroes,pCars(from yesterday) and ufc (today) to finish. Been playing little bit of each and shifting over to new purchases without finishing. Oh, and all the plus games as well.

          The one game i play whenever i turn on the ps4 is PES2015.

          Need to finish my backlog as well but can't say no to a bargain. Hehe