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Samsung Tab S 8.4 & 10.5 Bluetooth Keyboard Case Cover $99 & $139.99 Pick up Syd or Free Ship @ Personal Digital


Genuine Australian Stock with Manufacturer's Warranty.

Brand new sealed packaging.

Sydney pick up available from the CBD call prior 02 9191 9439 to arrange

Until Stocks Last

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    I love the look, size and functions of these and it's better than the Logitech one I bought, but dat price is so high.

    Normal price is $99 for the 8.4" on Ebay from genuine sellers.


      That our sister-company so same price :)

    • I bought the logitech one. Quite happy with it. Out of curiosity what makes the Samsung one better?

      • Basically design and sleekness of the keyboard. All about looks.
        Functionally it is no better. lol

      • +1 vote

        When I say functions, I am exclusively talking about this one. It's better than the Logitech one in terms of size, appearance, and weight.

    • Coming up as $99.95 for me.

  • Lol, I thought that was the tablet for that price … Got really excited for a minute

  • I wish Samsung have backlit version of this keyboard…

  • Does this protect the tablet in anyway? I'm looking for a case for my Tab S 8.4 but can't find a nice looking functional one…

    • +1 vote

      When its closed the Screen is face down and clipped in like closing a book and have a latch to keep it shut.
      I dont know how to explain in perfectly
      but see some the 3rd to last picture on our site here

      i hope this helps

    • I don't think it protects the tablet per se.
      It does protect the screen from scratches, but it doesn't have any additional padding which would protect it from a fall from a height.

      Basically it is 2 tablets folded together, both sides are ridged and will scratch.

      • Based on your description, probably not what I'm looking for. I have a tempered glass on the front, it's the back I'm more worried about.

        Thanks! =)

  • Very nice - has the Australian stock version of the 8.4 keyboard only just been released?

    I was searching for this product the past month or two and could only find Korean (eBay) and UK versions (mobile-zap - bought this one for a higher price!)… If I'd seen this one I'd have bought it straight away.

    Nonetheless, I've found it to be a great product - the build quality is superb and it matches perfectly with the tablet. Based on my searching $99 is pretty good!


    Same price on ebay surely you can reduce price by 10% as you don't have to pay sellers fees?