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Ducky Shine 4 Dual LED Mechanical Keyboard $149 Pick-up / $167 Delivered @ PCCaseGear


This week's bargain - $50 off!

All Ducky Shine 4 Mechanical Keyboards

Cheapest by about $45 (according to a quick search on static ice).

A few different colour combinations available:

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  • Blue/Green/Brown/Red keyswitches available.

    If you want to save some money and don't really need backlighting:
    http://www.staticice.com.au/cgi-bin/search.cgi?q=cherry+mx+b... or $69+Delivery http://evatech.com.au/mechanical/1971-cherry-mxboard-20-mech... (Brown/Blue)

    • I got white one with back lighting for my mother. She likes purple. Hard to find that combination anywhere for any price, really. I personally own a logitech g710+

  • I bought a DK2108 (LEDless version) for $99 at PCCG about a year ago, ask yourself is the backlighting worth that much money.

  • serious question: apart from the 100 dollar difference, how are mechanical keyboards better than my $10 logitech keyboard?

    • Dont fink… feel~~~

    • try one brah

    • I'm a programmer and have used a variety of keyboards and I've never understood the fascination. My personal favourite is the Microsoft Digital Media Pro keyboard. No longer made. I bought 2 at one stage and 4 more of them when they were being cleared out for $35 each. Couldn't be happier. I'm onto my second one, and the kids have one upstairs. I have 3 left. Should last me beyond 2020.

      Each to their own though. If you really enjoy them and think it's worth an extra $100+ it's your money to burn.

    • Haven't you seend the awesome things these keyboards can do?

      Wave mode and rain mode !! [email protected]!

    • more for novelty and bragging rights really… kinda like cars. You can get any old one that goes from A to B or you can get something does the same, but looks and feels awesome, adding to your general satisfaction, until you need to get the next best thing out there AKA consumerism.

      Don't quote me but I'm fairly sure mech keyboards have relatively longer lifespan due to their better build quality and single parts can be repaired/replaced if anyhthing should go wrong without having to change the entire keyboard (not that you would for something cheap)

    • If you look at cheaper mechanical keyboards, they are below $100, I've got mine for $70. My old membrane keyboard costed around $30, so for me, the price difference wasn't that massive.

      I personally like mine and I think the price difference is justifiable. I like how it types, yaddi yadda. I frankly think it feels more solid as well. That said, it's all relating to preferences. I think it is worth giving a try (there are places that show those keyboards on display).

  • They're also very loud, so no good if you want to share your computer area or want to be quiet

  • I still have my G15 and still serving its purpose. $167 is overkill for me. Good job with the post.

  • I suspect these models are discounted because the new Ducky 5 keyboards with Cherry RGB switches will be coming out soon. One of the benefits of a mechanical keyboard is that you can choose which switches suit you, like if you want them loud or quiet. You have the choice.