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Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 4/5/6 $1.40 Delivered @ MobileAcc


FREE Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 4/5/6

  • $1.4 postage fee required for per Glass Screen Protector,

Offer is limited to 1 Glass Screen Protector for per head.

iPhone 6:

iPhone 5/5S:

iPhone 4/4S:

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  • +2

    Not for 6 plus?

    • +1

      I can see a 6 Plus in the title… :)

      • but…

        can you see the people sing

    • 6 Plus version comes up as $24.95 :(
      No love for us OP?

      • no love for android at all….

        • True, although I'm ok without one for my GS5. My gf is quite accident-prone though and i just got her a new 6+. So I'm just thinking of my potential future headaches.

    • +1

      if you dont mind aliexpress

      I ordered one before and they are good.

  • thanks OP. ordered place for 1 x ip6

  • Thanks o/p. What is shipping time to Melbourne Metro

  • please change the title from Fee to Free

    • :)thanks

  • I can't checkout, resource limit reached?

    • +1

      I got that too, keep hitting Continue and eventually it gets there.

      EDIT: Though mine was in a popup message, might be different if yours is full screen like the one I just got when I tried to return to the website.

      • I got stuck even before that point, but after a lot of refreshing and hitting continue I finally got there, thanks.

        • +1

          No worries, the process from start to end took me 12 minutes (to essentially just click "continue" 5 times) lol

          But the price was right :)

  • +2

    Anddd…. the site has crashed!

  • +2

    we should have a ticketed queue system at ozbargain … go there one by one :)

  • What is premium about it compared to other glass protectors?
    Any chance for an Lg G3?

  • +2

    Ozbargained. Site is not letting me in….

    Will up this deal if/when I can get the deal. :-)

    • Got in…went to complete order…C-R-A-S-H.


      • +1

        Got one. All done.

      • Got mine 5s. All done.

  • Resource Limit Is Reached

    The website is temporarily unable to service your request as it exceeded resource limit. Please try again later.

    • +2

      Why neg him? I got the same problem. Cannot place order. When the page does load, nothing happens when I clicked add to cart.

      • I finally got through and managed to placed an order by using Safari on iPhone. The Add to Cart button responded and put me to the next stage. There were a lot of "Resource Limit is Reached" errors, but keep on hammering it refresh and it eventually limped through the whole check out process.

  • Got one for 6, thanks!

    • Ditto.

  • Got one of each :) thanks

  • -3

    got 3 for each… ^$&

  • Can't seem to access the website. Have an error….=(

  • Any deal on samsung s5?

  • Resource Limit Is reached error :-(

  • Maybe take the deal offline? give the OP's website time to recover… it's not doing him any good at the moment!

  • Hi OP,
    Can you offer any deal for iPad Air?

  • Thanks OP It took a while of realoading Resource Limit Reached pages to work. But eventually got there. Also when I paid by paypal it took 5 login attemps to work.

  • @OP

    No love for Note 4?

  • Thanks Op, got a 6 and 5s.

  • No 6+ protector :(

  • VERY SLOW site.

  • Getting this error after Paypal payment. But I'm getting confirmation email.
    Resource Limit Is Reached,
    The website is temporarily unable to service your request as it exceeded resource limit. Please try again later.

  • Cheers op.cgot one.just keep trying folks. Got it on the forth try.

  • Got one. Pain free quick order process for the early bird :)

  • Thanks OP

  • Great, hopefully these are as good as the $5 -$6 ones I get from eBay

  • Any indication on when it will be shipped?

    • For the $1.40 shipping option, it states:

      "… shipped in 2-14 days"

  • Got one, thanks OP!

    I wonder if it means I can get one each of these per person without using my other family member's contacts, like 4/5/6 one each… Anyone tried?

    • Similarly, has anyone tried getting two delivered to the same address, ordered by different people/names/payment methods? It should technically be allowed because it says 'per head' (chuckle), but I'm thinking perhaps they actually meant 'per delivery address'?

  • Mine was just delivered today. Great screen protector, oelophobic coating is good and the pack included some wet wipes to clean the screen first. 10/10 thanks op!

    • Just to confirm, there's no "second clear mask"?

      • whats a second clear mask?

        • normally have 2 layers of clear mask, one for peel then fit to screen, then second for final peel of the actual side of screen protector.

      • No, the instructions don't match the actual product at all. And it's full of typos and grammatical errors. But the screen protector itself works fine, thanks Mobileacc

  • Received today. Good quality and fast delivery.

  • Thanks again received yesterday and is awesome quality and easy to put on.

  • I haven't received mine yet… I'm wondering if its because I used the same address? My sister already received hers.

  • Offer is limited to 1 Glass Screen Protector for per head.

    My phone doesn't have a head. Am I doing it wrong?

  • I received mine in the mail last week. Looks to be good quality and packaging. Havn't put it on yet as I have a screen protector that will be okay for a few more weeks.

    I shall try and use this seller for any other mobile products that I need!

    The two 70cent stamps were also unmarked by Aus Post.. SO I will be re-using those, effectively getting my $1.40 postage back!

  • Mine arrived too, and 'got the postage back too'. When the sticky cover comes off the glass after installing, a lot of fluff is sticking to it. Did any one else have this problem of stickiness and how did you clean it, or did I do something wrong?

  • OK, I guess I must have done something wrong. Did you put the side on the phone with no thin film cover? and then peal it away?

  • Anything for the iPhone 5c?