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Intel NUC i5 (NUC5i5RYH) Mini PC Kit + 8GB RAM $529 Delivered @ Shopping Express


Shopping Express has packaged up this i5 NUC with 8GB of Kingston RAM to give us a fantastic price. Just order via the main link, but feel free to take a look at the individual components below. And it's obviously a great time to grab an SSD as well. Have a great night :)

Individual Items:


Sale is limited to one per customer. Apply coupon barearse at checkout and select your preferred delivery option, which will be deducted from the final price. All stock is shipped from Australia and will be dispatched the same or next business day. See FAQ here.

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  • Thanks ta

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    Thought that said bargearse

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      It's like Charles Bronson ate Charles Bronson.

    • CHIPS!

      • BLUEY aka. Lucky Grills

  • if you didn't have to make an account id be all over this

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      We make it a requirement a while back so we can make more specific promotions for all our customers and do targeted promotions (including rewards for loyal customer etc) too. Having an account with us also gives you easy access to your past transaction/invoice whenever you want.


  • Any I7 nucs (gen5) … I need a matching one :D

  • even though i don't doubt this is a bargain, not willing to drop half my life savings for it!

    • +3

      Dude, I wouldn't be on OzBargain if my life savings was $1k…. Save your money for a rainy day

      • xEnt only has $1000 because they spent the rest of their life savings on unmissable OzBargain deals.

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          But don't worry, he has eneloops stored away as currency when the nuclear war begins.

        • +1

          @definitive: i think the direction of nuclear currency is micro sd cards!

  • Thanks you, ordering.

  • Gen5 Broadwell NUCs don't look too bad… don't completely suck for performance like the previous

    • I have an i7 nuc with windows 10 pro and it flys.

      • which i7?

        • The latest one!

        • +1

          @Damonator84: which is?

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          @The Land of Smeg: NUC5i7RYB, 16gb Kingston 1833Mhz Ram, Sammy 500gb Evo m.2 SSD, Sammy 1tb Pro SSD.

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          @Damonator84: Thanks for that, I thought you were referring to the 4th Gen i7, you have 5th Gen i7 kit. Look it's no Desktop i7 in performance more like a Desktop i3 (4th Gen) but for the size and power use it's still very decent performance and a good piece of kit. I bet you are VERY happy with it.

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    Lol these codes…

    • At least they have a sense of humor.

      Anyone know what the delivery time a like with Shopping Express?

  • fighting urge to buy… must save money!

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      Do it man.

      • Which?

        • Both. It's on sale. Win-win

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    RRP $911.00

    lol don't think so SE

  • Please have a deal on gtx 970 soon.

  • How long does this run for?

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      For as long as it's connected to power.

  • I never did understand the point of these NUCs, but I guess customers disagree.

    • Me too.

      Nice machine but once you add RAM, SSD and Windows you are looking at $800+ with nothing else. A Dell at the outlet is $600 with everything.

      They do use less power though.

      • I would love one as a media PC if it could do big storage + SSD (i don't have a media server).

        Like being able to browse the net and run other windows programs when i need to from lounge room.

        Steam stream is great too

      • Passive Case —>
        Buy just the board kit.
        Install OpenElec
        You then have an awsome media centre player that can handle 3d, all codecs and sound format, if you get the mSata version it will also boot in about 4 sec.

      • 6 Watts at idle, and 33 watts at max, whilst about 10 watts streaming.

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    Just curious about these little pc's.

    Does anyone use them, for anything other than as a htpc?

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      Hackintosh, power-efficient desktop, low-noise desktop, VESA mounted NUC, etc.

    • why only htpc? what do you use your desktop pc for - this should be able to do it too

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        I have the NUC5i7RYB… and that's exactly what it did… replaced my desktop, mounted on vesa behind a 32"

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      I use mine as a portable party/gaming machine. I own the Alienware Alpha mini PC. Installed co-op games on it, and take it to friends places for parties. Hook it up to their TVs and boom, always a hit.

      • +1

        graphics card?

    • We have a Celeron one at work that we use for SQL monitoring. Cost $300 in total including RAM and SSD

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    Bargain. But can't be arsed

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    $449 at Centrecom for the unit (in store only) & if you want ram $69 for 8gb crucial ram, works out the same unless you don't need the ram

    • Instore only mate.

  • Overkill for streaming Steam?

  • First thing I thought of when I saw the coupon code. :)

  • Does it good for daily use to replace my old desktop, I normally use two browser (Chrome & Firefox) at same time, and MS Office (normally Excel) with wireless KB & Mouse, sometime use for video play, that's all, cheers,

    • +1

      With a hard drive yes, easily.

      • yes, with HDD :-) thanks,

  • This is nice but don't think you can play decent games on it. A cheap mATX board and a cheap GTX 960 card is way better.

    • +2

      I don't play at all for computer games, I just want replacement desktop with small space and less power.

  • thanks tightass & shopping express…

    Now, I just need a 2nd stick of memory ….. or find 2x 4GB AAARRGGH shouldn't be this hard haha

  • Sold out!

  • +1

    Dammit REP…are you trying to make me regret getting that i3 NUC? Seriously good bargain!

  • damn missed out. waiting for another deal like this to come around again :(

  • Anyone know if they will restock just got paid today was going to get it :c

  • Thanks ta ordered!

  • Damn, missed out :(

  • anyone replacing their 8GB RAM with something different? or want to buy an extra 8GB? I'd like to have 2 pieces of memory in mine…

  • anyone recommend me a laptop with similar specs for under 600?

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