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PS4 Game - Project Cars $54.95 @ PlayStation Store AU


Project Cars for PS4 appears to be down to $54.95 for download in the AU PlayStation Store. Last I checked there it was $99.95 and currently $69.99 in JB Hifi.

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  • This is part of the Winter Sales for those wondering.


    I've played this on PC and it wasn't that good imho. Graphics were great, the but the sense of speed felt all wrong eg driving at 100km/h felt like you could crawl faster. Ultimately this meant I was taking corners way to fast and crashing into walls, driving 'properly' meant I was going to have to drive at what felt like a snails pace just to get around the track.

    Personally I much prefer Driveclub which (to me) has a more accurate sense of speed.

  • Similar price at target, $57 or $59

  • Still not as good as the $3 deal. :D

  • I bought this last week and was going to post a deal but when I saw Target selling it for $59 I didn't bother. Wish my G27 worked on the PS4 :( can't play with a controller.